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Archive for November 21st, 2011


Movember Mo Cap Update

Movember is in full swing, so we thought we’d drop in a pre-holiday update for those tracking our progress. Here in Mo-merica, the moustaches are coming in great and we’re destroying our European counterparts in the donation department – so our moustaches feel doubly good. Part of this event was to not only raise some money for charity, but also to build on a healthy rivalry amongst our two regions. With Mo-merica currently at $2,500, our top Mo Bro Chris F has more money than the entire European team! And they are paying in pounds with a high exchange rate… shameful!

Chris F
Chris is our top Mo Bro, pictured here calling in yet another big donation. Chris is all business, all the time and of our entire Mo Bro group, he gets some extra recognition! Good job Chris!

David B
Donate to David!

Ken B
Donate to Ken and also give him some guff about not actually having a moustache!

Darren W
Donate to Darren!

Ben H
Donate to Ben!

Carl S
Donate to Carl!

Greg A
Donate to Greg!

Don’t worry Europe, you can still come back! I mean, it’s not likely and I write the blog and therefore can change history, but even against these odds, there’s still a chance!

General Bryant of Renegade Ops

General Bryant is outdoing us all in the moustache department, but as a fictional character that commands a group of badass mercs, that’s completely ok!

General Bryant

General Bryant

Luckily we’re not competing with this man, else we’d all lose and lose badly! Still more updates to come, we hope you’ve enjoyed this release and keep those donations coming in!


SEGA Selected as Finalist in the Mashable Awards!

Vote for Us!

Thanks to your votes, SEGA has been selected as a finalist for “Must-Follow Brand on Social Media” in the Mashable Awards! This is a great honor and something I know that myself and the rest of the community team are very, very excited about. As the winners are selected by community votes, we’d love it if you’d vote for us!

Once you’re on the voting page, you can select SEGA by first selecting “Must-Follow Brand on Social Media” in the box that says “Choose One” and then selecting “SEGA” in the second box, labeled “Select an Option.”

Once again, thanks so much to all of our fans who have helped us become finalists. We’ve got our fingers crossed that we become winners now!


Happy Thanksgiving from Super Monkey Ball

Here in the states, we’re gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving this week! While we know not everyone celebrates, we still thought we’d share some Super Monkey Ballgoodies with you. If you hop on over to our Flickr, you’ll find wallpaper featuring AiAi, MeeMee, Gon Gon and Baby for your phone, tablet or computer!

(1024×1024)ThanksGiving_enWe’re also pleased to announce that “Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz” will be the official title of the forthcoming game for PlayStation Vita! With Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz coming in early 2012, is there anything you’re most looking forward to or hope to see in the new game?