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Archive for November 23rd, 2011


What’s Going On, What’s Coming Up: Spiral Knights

In the wake of some pretty big news in realm of Three Rings, you might ask: what’s the story with Spiral Knights — and what’s on tap for this game?

Spiral Thanksgiving Sale: First off, there’s a sale going on, including 25% off Shadow Keys and the Energy Pack!

Who’s Going Down With the Elevator Man? Recently, Spiral Knights introduced the limited-time Elevator Pass: from the in-game Energy Depot you can now purchase, for a limited time, a 30-day pass which will give you unlimited access to elevators: no elevator energy fees at all to pay, so ride all you want for 30 days!

Shadow Keys: You can now directly purchase keys to the Shadow Lairs, the extra-challenging and elite boss encounters added recently to Spiral Knights!

Spiral Knights

For more on recent updates, check out this information at the Spiral Knights site!

But wait there’s more: Sprinkled through Clockworks levels are now Arsenal Stations, allowing you to swap out weapons and armor as you make your way through the levels. Maximize your strategy! Also now in-game: Knights who find themselves temporarily felled in battle, needing just a small injection of energy to revive but surrounded by monsters: Rejoice! Knight armor now features the technology to execute Energy Blasts, a shockwave that repulses nearby enemies, allowing the Knight to regain their footing and rejoin the battle.

Emerging Soon from the Clockworks

Spiral Knights

As to an earlier line, what’s the story with Spiral Knights: what, indeed, is the story with this game? Those who have followed regularly know that there is much more to all this than just a band of knight; the Clockworks itself is a riddle wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside a churning world of gears and monsters. Three Rings has hinted at more in various updates, and now we get the next step: some of it direct narrative, some of it cryptic.

That would be the Scenario Rooms: tucked away throughout regular levels of the Clockworks, you may find a special bonus, a unique story, or hints of an even larger story …

Much more is falling into place in the future, as well, including servers for our European friends (which should greatly improve the play experience there), Featured Auctions, and a nefarious and sinister-sounding new enemy-type: Drone Class Monsters, recalling the mechanized patrol-bots from video games (and sci-fi serials) of yore.

Like all things not yet emerged from the Clockworks, this information is subject to change — be forewarned, and be prepared!


Sonic Generations 3DS Launch Trailer

Sonic Generations 3DS is out now! Check out our launch trailer for a look at 3DS features, including street pass content!

YouTube Preview Image

Have you already played Sonic Generations 3DS? What did you think?


See Sonic in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy's Poster

In the US, Thanksgiving day is almost here! If you’re looking for something to do while your turkey is cooking, look no further… Sonic will be flying down the streets of New York City in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! Sonic will be the first giant balloon to float down the streets, kicking off the parade (If you’re watching from home, he should be on television at 10:01 a.m.).  This is actually Sonic’s second time in the parade — he was the first video game character to be in the parade back in 1993, and now he’s back for his 20th anniversary. Over the past 20 years, Sonic has evolved as one of gaming’s greatest icons, with his blue body and unforgettable spikes being recognized worldwide as a symbol of speed, adventure and fun.

Sonic Balloon Test Flight

On Thanksgiving, the Sonic balloon will sky rocket into the atmosphere with massive blue spikes, his signature white gloves and red shoes, shining in the sun. For his parade return, Sonic will measure approximately 48-feet tall, 60-feet long, and 26-feet wide, solidifying his presence, once again, as a historic character in the 2011 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade line-up.

The 85th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade airs across the United States on NBC-TV, Thursday, November 24, 2011 from 9:00 am – Noon, in all time zones.

See more photos of the Sonic balloon on our Flickr.


ChuChu Rocket! Blasts Off into the Android Orbit

chuchu rocket

The classic SEGA Dreamcast title ChuChu Rocket!, is now available for you to own on Android mobiles — click here to download!

Once again players have to guide the adorable ChuChus to a waiting rocket ship while avoiding bottomless pits and an army of evil cats. Test your skills over 500 unique single-player puzzles or match wits against up to three computer opponents.

ChuChu Rocket! is priced at $0.99/£0.69/€0.79/AUD$0.99. To download ChuChu Rocket! for Android today, zoom straight to the Android Marketplace.

ChuChu Rocket! screens-android-2

ChuChu Rocket! screens-android-5

ChuChu Rocket! screens-android-8