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Archive for February 6th, 2012


Behind the Scenes of Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

As a long-time Doctor Who fan, I’m really excited to share a gigantic update on Doctor Who: Worlds in Time with you guys. As you may know, the beta version has been open to play for a bit now at, and now I’m happy to share enough goodies to make both of any Time Lord’s hearts grow three sizes today.

Behind the Scenes Footage!

First up is a behind-the-scenes video with Daniel James of Three Rings. You’ll get the inside scoop on DW:WIT, and a sneak peek at their super awesome office (which has a full size Tardis!).

YouTube Preview Image

Wallpapers and Screenshots and Artwork, Oh My!

For my next trick, I’d like to point you in the direction of our Flickr account, where we’ve got lots of goodies hanging out, including screen shots and wallpapers! My personal favorite is this lovely desktop wallpaper featuring the Doctor and a slew of other characters from DW:WIT:

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time Wallpaper

We’ll have more DW:WIT updates as new worlds open for exploration. Until then, feel free to follow @DoctorWhoWIT on Twitter for updates.