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Archive for March 11th, 2012


Play for Japan: 1 Year Later, You Can Still Help


Today marks the one- year anniversary of the 9.0 earthquake, and subsequent tsunami, that devastated Japan and left many without power, water, or even a place to call home.  Last year, Aaron Webber (known to many fans as RubyEclipse) was in Japan with the winners of our Sonic’s 19th Birthday contest when the earthquake hit. When asked to describe his experience, he said:

We were there as tourists at the time. We left anything but; witnesses firsthand to the panic and chaos caused that day. Yet we also witnessed something remarkable: the determination and the kindness of the human soul, shining both within the Japanese people, and in others across the world.

Thanks to the efforts and donations of so many, much has been rebuilt in Japan. But the damage caused is far from fully healed, and the support of people just like you is just as crucial now as it was a year ago.

SEGA is once again proud to donate an item to raise money for relief in Japan. We’ll soon be putting a super-rare, exclusive “Yakuza” game jacket (valued at $1600)  for charity auction to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross. We hope that it will make one Yakuza fan very proud to own – and even moreso knowing that the money they spent earning it went to help people in Japan who need it the most.