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Archive for April 1st, 2012


APRIL FOOLS: Introducing Bass Fishing of the Dead

We’re not trollin’… SEGA is excited to premiere the world exclusive trailer for our upcoming cross-over game, Bass Fishing of the Dead!

YouTube Preview Image


Special thanks to our friends at Random Encounters Entertainment for creating this video.


APRIL FOOLS: Experience the Exciting World of Viniculture in SEGA’s New “Virtua Vineyard”

People all around the world have been enjoying a glass of wine since the ancient times, and it’s played crucial roles in many ceremonial and social occasions since then. Some people make their own wine at home, but it’s an expensive and laborious process, and therefore not available to the average person. Even fewer people are able to experience the joy of growing their own grapes due to cost, lack of land, or not living in a grapevine-friendly growing environment. That’s not the way it was ferment to be! You may have already heard this through the grapevine, but to fill this void, we’re proud to announce an addition to our “Virtua” series with Virtua Vineyard. Virtua Vineyard   Just like Virtua Cop, Virtua Tennis, Virtua Racing, and Virtua Fighter, Virtua Vineyard allows you to experience an exciting sport, activity, or profession in a simulated and hassle-free environment. Virtua Vineyard takes this one step further with our new GrapeTime system that allows you to reisling to the challenge of starting your own vineyard in real time! Once you download the game to your PC or mobile device, you can begin building your vineyard and planting your grapes. In just three short years, you’ll be able to come back and enjoy your bountiful harvest!


Virtua Vineyard Virtua Vineyard Virtua Vineyard

With your crop of grapes in hand, you’re ready to start the winemaking process. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of oenology to make a best-selling batch of wine! The game will guide you through the fermentation periods, and in just a few short months, you’ll have a Coppola bottles to sell at the Virtua Market. Or, opt to make top-shelf wine that you can sell for more, and it will be ready in about 5 years. If you go for the ExtremeVintage bonus, you’ll be able to crush it with profits in just 20 years! Reinvest that money into your vineyard, and keep the cycle going. Just hope your vineyard doesn’t go Sideways!

Virtua Vineyard Virtua Vineyard Marketplace Enjoy the thrill of being a vineyard owner and winemaker, without the mess and cost! No need to confess your zins… all you need is time, and you can build your own Napa or Sonoma with Virtua Vineyard. Get in on the fun for the merlot price of 99 cents!


Special thanks to kateburning for creating all of the Virtua Vineyard graphics.