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Archive for June 7th, 2012


Spiral Knights: Wild Side Accessories

Spiral Knights

We have a new promo for this weekend, featuring all new accessories! Purchase a $9.95 energy pack and receive a brand new Wild Side accessory, from now through June 11th!

Do your noble knightly instincts need some bounce in their step? Do you find rabbiting about for treasure to be the height of fashion? When a Rocket Puppy reveals itself do you stamp your armored foot to alert your fellows of imminent danger? Then perhaps you will enjoy the Vertical Vent accessory added to your armor – stylish rabbit ears for the knightly lords and ladies of Cradle!

If slinking down the alleyways and through the tall grasses of the many Clockwork haunts as you stalk your prey is more your style, then perhaps you are missing that certain telltale something: some feline grace, creeping through the fog on little cat feet, with a stylish (and fully animated!) cat tail attached to your armor. Impress friends and foes alike with your feline grace!

The promo is available from now through June 11th. One random accessory is provided, free, with the purchase of any $9.95 energy pack. Please note that all accessories are delivered unbound!

Click here to see a full list of the available accessories and the odds of receiving each!


Alexandria Bloodshow Launches on iOS


Alexandria Bloodshow — the tower defense game that mixes bloody action with fast-paced strategy — is available now for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!

Inspired by the artwork of the ancients, take on the role of civilizations past in this tower defense game, the follow-up to SEGA’s Samurai Bloodshow. Step into the role of two ancient powerhouses — Egypt and Ancient Greece — and fight for civilization supremacy.

Additionally, through launch weekend (now through June 10th) the game is available at a special discounted price at the App Store: just USD$0.99 / €0.79 EURO/ £0.69GBP/ AUD$0.99. 

You can buy the game and check out more at the App Store, here:

Alexandria Bloodshow is part real-time tower defense game and part collectible card game: build and customize your armies and then do battle across the ancient world. Here are some of the game’s features:

Take command of two ancient forces: the Egyptians and the Greeks.
Extensive single-player campaign to conquer with the empire of your choosing.
Two-player battles via Bluetooth and WiFi.
Over 120 cards to collect, ranging from lowly soldiers to mighty gods and mummies.
• A total of 170 stages (2 armies x 17 stages x 5 difficulties) available.
Colorful art style inspired by ancient hieroglyphics and Greek pottery and architecture.

YouTube Preview Image

For more information please visit the game sites, listed by region:     (English)      (French)     (Spanish)    (Traditional Chinese – Trailer is in English)


#SegaE3 – Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio is a hit at E3! We’re featuring the Vita version on the floor at both the SEGA and Sony Booth and it’s packed all day long. The first thing you notice when playing the Vita version is the crispness – the game looks fantastic.

Jet Set Radio

You’ll be happy to know the full soundtrack from our recently announced list is fully implemented into the game. Dropping in and playing in one of the three available stages puts me right back on my Dreamcast – it’s a beautiful version of the original and fans are going to love it.

We’re getting a lot of good coverage on the game and everyone agrees – Jet Set Radio is a faithful re-release:

– Destructoid

Straight up, this is Jet Set Radio Director’s Cut, featuring all the levels and music from the various versions of the Dreamcast original. Other than that, it looks just like you remember it, only sharper and in widescreen.

– The Escapist

If you love the original as much as I do, this just may be your incentive to finally pick up a Vita.


The upres’d cell-shaded visuals look great on the Vita, and the pounding beats in my headphones drive me forward to land that next sweet trick and put my mark on the city of Tokyo.