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Archive for August 27th, 2012


Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Gameplay Tips from Producer Jun Tokuhara


Hello everyone. And to those who saw me at E3, long time no see! I’m Jun Tokuhara, the producer of Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz. For the next few updates, I’d like to introduce the fun factors of Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz and tips to play the game.

Let me start from the original concept of the Monkey Ball world.

A time machine has finally been made. However…!?


Doctor, a monkey good at making machines, has invented a time machine and the development has finally finished! Above is an image of AiAi trying it out right after the development was completed.

They were supposed to warp into the dinosaur age, however….what they saw instead was a world of tin plate toys, with trees and rocks made of papier-mâché, and dinosaurs moving with spring gimmicks.

Yes – the time machine made by Doctor was actually a toy time machine and that seems to be the reason why they have warped into a world of toys. Travel beyond time, and step into an adventurous journey you have never seen before!


Introduction of the Worlds

World 1 “Tinny Jungle”



An ancient jungle set in the age of dinosaurs. The world is made of tin plates, and it moves by using spring gimmicks. The level design of the beginner course is somewhat “old style” and you can play the good old stages you may have seen before in the past. In the final stages of the intermediate course and over, a battle against a dinosaur awaits you!




World 2 “Clay Civilization”


An ancient civilized world with a symbolic giant monkey statue. The texture of the clay seems very realistic, but the floor is made of timber so the ball will roll just fine. lol





World 3  “Block Kingdom”



A middle age kingdom, of swords and magic, formed with wooden blocks.

The world may look cute, but the difficulty is pretty hard!




World 4 “Cardboard Canyon”


An age of Western settlement, but the world is made by cardboard, creating a somewhat warm atmosphere. The final stage requires hard actions such as jumping across running trains. …hey, I have a feeling I’ve seen that monkey on the driver’s seat before?! lol





World 5 “Polygon Galaxy”


In the future, the world is right in the middle of a space war. The world feels like a good old video game. Unfortunately you won’t be able to control planes, but later on, you will be boarding a mother ship awaiting far away, so be aware!





World ? “Super Monkey Hall”


This is the interspace of time, during time travel. You won’t be able to play this world from the start, so go for it!  The path to become a Monkey Ball master is long and tough!



If you have any questions or comments towards the article, please comment below.

OK then, see you next time!