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Archive for August 29th, 2012


Aliens: Colonial Marines Xbox 360 Avatars Now Available!

Aliens: Colonial Marines avatar items are now available on Xbox 360! Time to suit up and show your support for the game, all before the February 12, 2013 release date. What’s on sale? See below for images and costs on all items. Or you can just click this link here and go straight to them.

Colonial Marine Costume

Aliens: Colonial Marines Xbox 360 Avatars

If you’re going to live the life of a Colonial Marine, soldier, you better look the part! This wardrobe not just protects you from the wear and tear of intense combat, it also makes you look like one hell of a bad-ass fighter.
Cost: 240 Microsoft Points

Motion Tracker Prop

Aliens: Colonial Marines Xbox 360 Avatars

When you’re flanked on all sides by enemies, you’ll be grateful you’ve lugged one of these things along into battle. The motion tracker will ensure that anyone within a few meters from your position never goes undetected.
Cost: 240 Microsoft Points

Colonial Marines Helmet

Aliens: Colonial Marines Xbox 360 Avatars

Listen up, marine: never charge out into battle without your head gear. Protect that gray matter, because in the heat of the fight you never know when that brain of yours is gonna come in handy.
Cost: 160 Microsoft Points

Colonial Marine T-shirts

Aliens: Colonial Marines Xbox 360 Avatars

Aliens: Colonial Marines Xbox 360 Avatars

At ease, soldier. Even out of uniform and in your skivvies you can still show off that you’re proud to be in the Corps. Even Colonial Marines deserve a bit of comfort back in the barracks.
Cost: 80 Microsoft Points


PlayStation Network Sale for Space Channel 5: Part 2

Space Channel 5 Part 2

Good news for fans of dancing … in space!

We have a PlayStation Network sale for you — Space Channel 5: Part 2 is on sale for 50% off (60% off for Playstation Plus members).  This sale lasts from now until September 11th. In case you are unfamiliar with the zany, rhythm/dance Dreamcast title, here’s a quick Q&A:

Q: Is Space Channel 5, Part 2 the infectiously fun action rhythm game that follows fan-favorite Ulala as she uses the power of dance to fight off the rhythm rogues?

A: Why, yes it is!

Space Channel 5-0002

Q: Why would she fight the Rhythm Rogues? What’d they ever do to her?

A: Glad you asked – the Rhythm Rogues kidnapped Space President Peace, beloved for his policies of non-aggression, along with thousands of other people, and forced them to dance until there is literally no tomorrow.

Q: Wow, that’s messed up. So why did you release part 2 instead of part 1?

A: Because Part 2 has Space Michael, that’s why.

Space Channel 5-0108

Q: Oh wow, that is awesome, and kind of crazy. Wait, I forgot. What’s happening again?

A: Space Channel 5, Part 2! On sale! 50% off on PlayStation Network (60% for PlayStation Plus members)! From now until September 11th!

Q: Dance?

A: Dance!

Space Channel 5 Part 2