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Archive for December 13th, 2012


Hands on Previews of The Cave

Curious what The Cave is like, how it plays, and what secrets it holds inside? Well look no further as we have a ton of previews up from a recent press tour across the US and Europe! Ron Gilbert was on hand to discuss his latest game with Double Fine and impart some knowledge on the game. Read on for details and enjoy even more screens across our flickr page!


The Cave

Each puzzle in the carnival is themed after events that will appear familiar to anyone who’s ever visited a county fair. For example, a water dunking tank hides one of the tickets, but in order to recover it you need to send one of your characters into the depths below the tank. Luckily, the Hillbilly comes equipped with a special power allowing him to hold his breath indefinitely.

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PlayStation Blog

The Cave

It’s shaping up to be a charming, challenging and wonderfully eccentric title that will both delight his core fans while being accessible enough to win plenty of new ones

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Rock Paper Shotgun

The Cave

As ever, Double Fine’s trademark charm and wit is on full display here – albeit with a decidedly darker tinge to the proceedings. For every glorious sun-kissed kingdom or foliage-dappled forest, there’s a macabre (and also hilarious) mention of murder or poison or mad science death lasers. It is, in other words, definitely a Ron Gilbert game at heart.

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The Cave

It’s a subtle mental shift, but it’s an absolutely brilliant way of thinking about a co-op game. When playing, the two of us were seamlessly shifting between characters as we constantly discussed possible solutions to each puzzle. The specific character under control became irrelevant. There were no individual scores or custom goals that pushed us in opposite directions. We were two complete strangers, and we were playing as one integrated team because that’s how the design of the game encouraged us to play.

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Official Xbox Magazine

The Cave

“The hillbilly carries a torch for the Amazing Two-Legged Lady,” the cave informed us as we tumble into a subterranean carnival, where the hillbilly’s story begins. He wants to earn the love of the Two-Legged Lady by gathering enough tickets to buy her a pink, stuffed bear. Our first ticket is stolen right out of the hands of a child. It’s not the nicest thing to do, but it’s all in the name of love.

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Outside Xbox

YouTube Preview Image

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Official PlayStation Magazine

The Cave

This looks like being another beautifully styled, craftily designed and delightfully wallet-friendly offering from Double Fine

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And more!

PC Gamer
Digital Spy

There’s even more previews and information to read through, so check out all the updates and let us know what you think in the comments below!