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Archive for December 17th, 2012


NiGHTS into Steam

NiGHTS into Dreams...

Our favorite loop-the-looping purple guy flies his way — today, now! — onto PC Digital Download via Steam!

You can go right now to check out the game’s download page:

The digital download of NiGHTS into Dreams has enhanced HD graphics and widescreen capability, along with online leaderboards — there’s also an option to play the game in its original SEGA Saturn form!

And, as it is a glorious conjunction of reason and season, we are please to remind you that NiGHTS comes equipped with the “Christmas NiGHTS” playable content featured from the classic bonus content bundled with yuletide Saturns of yore.

A merry Christmas to all, and to all a good …NiGHTS!

NiGHTS into dreams...