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Archive for January 28th, 2013


The Cave Review Round Up

The Cave Wallpaper - 1920x1080

Ron Gilbert & Double Fine’s newest adventure game is here! The Cave launched last week and now that reviewers have seen, played, and enjoyed the game we’re happy to post some articles from their travels. Take a look and be sure to post your own feedback from your experiences in the comments below…

The Cave

“Delightfully, The Cave is, in fact, a pure, puzzle-solving adventure game rife with funny lines and chuckle-inducing non sequiturs despite trying to disguise itself as a side-scrolling platformer.”

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The Cave

The Cave is a classic PC-style adventure game in which you choose between seven characters and take a group of three into a mysterious talking cave. Once there, platforming, puzzles, and hilarity ensue.

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The Cave

“The Cave’s puzzles are challenging, its story is well constructed and narrated, and its cartoon-like visuals and sprawling, morphing tunnels are pleasant to look at.”

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The Cave

“The feeling I’m left with after having played the game several times over is that I’m reminded by how much I love adventure games with clever puzzles. Because it reminds me that gamers can be smart problem-solvers. We can be resourceful and thoughtful. We can make the best of a situation. We can look at our set of tools and piece seemingly uncooperative items together to create something to our advantage. Even if all the while we’re being taught a lesson about the narrow-viewed goal seeking we often take up when we pick up a controller.”

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The Cave

Ron Gilbert has created another memorable adventure – a dark, twisted and decidedly moist spelunking adventure.

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What about you?

We’ve heard from the critics, but we haven’t heard from you! Have you played The Cave, do you have a favorite moment or character? Let us know in the comments.