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Archive for January 30th, 2013


Spiral Knights: Kataclysmic Confrontation

Spiral Knights

Of Knights And Kats

Thousands of Kats. Millions of Kats! A horde of cursed black kats swarming the clockworks. Haunting corners, spooking the unwary, knocking things off shelves, asking to go out and then wanting to come right back in … and what-not.

The Story: Some unknown nefarious something/something has released an absolutely insane number of Kats into the Clockworks.

Awesome! Now what? Actually this is kind of a problem. A – wait for it — katastrophe. Now that we have that out of the way: seriously though it’s kind of bad down there. The Kat spooks are drawn to arcane energy, of the sort that Moorcroft Manor is just absolutely brimming with.

Like most Manors, Moorcroft keeps their arcane energy safely ensconced within magical grimoires. A grimoire is a type of book for people who wear robes. Just trust us that this is important.

Okay, Then: Advanced scouts have determined that a) Kats cannot read (that’s good!) and b) they are just eating the freaking things instead (that’s bad). Look, don’t ask us to explain how cats, let alone mystical undead ghost Kat versions, go about problem solving.

Spiral Knights

Event Overview

What: Kataclysmic Confrontation is a new event for Spiral Knights – it will run for a limited time, and, as with all invasions of phantom felines, will return in the future! Due to the excessive danger of the Black Kat invasion, these missions are only available for Knights who have achieved rank 4-1 and up.

Event Goals: The object of the event: to collect Ancient Page tokens from Black Kats. Ancient Page tokens will be awarded either as daily Prestige Mission rewards, or as drops from individual Black Kat monsters via missions from the Arcade.

Meow? The villain of this event – the Black Kat! This is a new monster type equipped with a power ability to snub any food you offer it … and curse your immortal soul! Seriously though, the Black Kats deliver curse damage, so watch out for that. They can be randomly found in place of any Spookat-type monster in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 level of the Clockworks.

Meow! Indeed! The Kataclysmic Confrontation event is scheduled to end on February 13th.

Moorcroft Manor: Going to Katmandu

Knights are now able to explore the Archives, a newly accessible area of Moorcroft Manor. Therein, you will find the Ancient Grimoires … and also the Black Kats who ate them. So there’s that.


  • Pembrooke, the Spookat caretaker of the Moorcroft Archives
  • Montague, the Historic Preservation Motivator. Montague is a token trader that exchanges rewards for Ancient Page tokens.
  • Moorcroft Alchemy Station, where Kat Gear can be crafted!
  • The mysterious Konjuring Kat. What koncerns this kitty? Perhaps if you had the right item …

Spiral Knights

New Gear and New Guild Hall Features

In addition to a veritable ocean of phantom Black Kats choking the gears of the Clockworks and devouring ancient books, there is also: New Stuff! and… New Furniture!

Many new Kat-themed helms of high quality are available from Montague, within the Moorcroft Manor addition.

For guild-minded Knights, there are also a variety of new themes available with which to decorate your Guild Halls – whole decoration schemes, as well as Environment themes, allowing you to have actual weather conditions inside your Guild Hall! Which is crazy. Crazy awesome.

Please see the official patch notes for additional information, changes, and details on new STUFF!

Spiral Knights


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