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Archive for February 1st, 2013


Godsrule: War of Mortals: Closed Beta and Combat Guide

Godsrule: War of Mortals

If you haven’t heard, we have a new game in development with the fine creative minds of Icelandic developer Gogogic — Godsrule: War of Mortals. The game is currently in Closed Beta and you can sign up over at the site.

For those of you who are part of the game, you’ll see that Gogogic have worked hard to give depth and strategy to the game, both in building your village and crafting your army for waging war in real-time combat. It’s easy enough to pick up the basics, but there’s a lot going on … so, behold! Gogogic have put together a guide covering the basics of how to wage war, detailed the flow of combat, and provided some insight into advanced strategies you can use to swing the struggle in your favor.

Check it out here on the official game site: