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Archive for February 13th, 2013


Nyko Playpad and Nyko’s Game of the Week: Get Jet Set Radio for Super Cheap!


Jet Set Radio on the App Store and Google Play is on sale this week for just 99 cents (prices may vary slightly by region, but the sale is global).

Additionally, Nyko is featuring Jet Set Radio as their Game of the Week: Nyko, maker of the Nyko Playpad for Android devices, is also offering you a chance to enter and win a free Playpad!

The Nyko Playpad works on all Android 3.0 devices with Bluetooth, and give you the chance to upgrade your control and finesse for Jet Set Radio (as well as many other compatible games).

Thanks to Nyko for helping make gaming-on-the-go that much more awesome — you can check out their own Facebook page for more info on the Playpad, including information on other featured games.


Jet Set Radio Mobile


Price Drop on Selection of PlayStation Portable Games

Tank in action

Love is in the air and prices are — on the ground? Yes, perhaps it is the headiness of love; perhaps it is symbolic of the sometimes heavy heart that also falls.

Whatever the case: a selection of SEGA’s offering for the PlayStation Portable are having their prices permanently slashed! — here’s the selection:

Alien Syndrome: $9.99………$4.99
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars: $9.99………$4.99
Crush: $9.99………$6.99
Sonic Rivals: $9.99………$6.99
Sonic Rivals 2: $9.99………$6.99
Super Monkey Ball Adventure: $9.99………$4.99
Valkyria Chronicles II: $19.99………$9.99