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Archive for April 4th, 2013


Spiral Knights: U.I. Overhaul and Birthday Celebration

Spiral Knights

Hail, Knights!

Preamble: In which news is delivered to our Knights, of improvements and a celebration!

Part I: In Which A Caketastrophe is Baked

Happy Birthday to Spiral Knights: it was two years ago that Knights first crash-landed on the planet Cradle! First and foremost, thank you to all our players for joining us in this adventure. We will be celebrating with a special birthday event that runs through April 16th.

Second, we have made cakes! But, oh dear. Something is wrong.

What’s that? Oh. Nothing is wrong! Everything is fine. We’re fine, how are you? There are no monstrous “Creep Cakes” of any kind. Please do proceed to the Haven town square at your earliest convenience, though, and meet Skylark’s Head Chef, Biscotti.

It’s not an emergency or anything but seriously, do head there post-haste?

Spiral Knights

The totally everything’s fine situation / celebration includes:

  • A Prestige Mission: ‘Total Caketastrophe’
  • Creep Cake nests can be found randomly throughout the clockworks
  • Earn Cake Slice Tokens
  • Special NPCs Biscotti, Maskwell, and Bulky can be found in the Haven town square…
  • Maskwell now trades Cake Helms and Anniversary Prize boxes for the cake corpses – er, slices
  • Bulky now sells confetti and Cake Slice tokens

(Please note, the Frosted Helm and Foiled Frosted Helm will expire on April 30th 2013, however the Prismatic Frosted Helm lasts forever!)

For a full list of prizes and odds of winning them in the Anniversary Prize Box, please check here.

Part II: Spectacular Optics

Spiral Knights

With age comes wisdom, and in this case, the ripe old age of two brings about a whole new User Interface! As you will no doubt notice immediately upon logging in, Spiral Knights has a new and – we hope you will feel – improved UI, overhauling the interface we have been using since Beta.

Here’s the major changes:

  • A visible character portrait
  • A new way of viewing health: health pips now change from red to silver and finally gold as more health is accrued. Additionally, a percentage health display is present.
  • A shield power meter under health.
  • A weapon selection ‘wheel’ that allows you to see the name and icon of your weapons.
  • A much more detailed mini map, featuring enemy locations, NPCs and more.
  • A new Targeting UI that displays information about whatever you are targeting. For monsters this includes health, attack types and weaknesses.
  • An Activities Panel that contains all the various activities that you can perform in a given zone!
  • A zoom button that allows you to zoom in when in Haven…
  • A general layer of shine and je ne sais quoi across all the other interfaces.

Part III: Sundry Changes

A handful of other updates have been made to go along with the updated UI. And here they are:

– Monster and player damage flash effects have been revamped for better clarity in combat.
– Vials and Capsule pickups have had their icons updated.
– Art for unbreakable blocks in the Clockworks has been updated.
– A player’s rank will now be shown with their name above their heads.
– Items will now show a message when they cannot be picked up.
– Player names are now white, green if a guildmate and blue if a friend. This color scheme is also used on the mini map.
– Vitapods can no longer be dropped, only replaced by superior versions.
– Bugfix: Dusky Long Feather added to the Iron Lockbox drop table.

For complete notes and prize box info, please check the official release notes at: