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Archive for April 5th, 2013


Godsrule: War of Mortals – Chantress Concept Art

Meet your armies — and your opponents: this week, we feature concept art and information on the Keeper of the Ancient who makes the bars go up, the healing-spec Chantress.

Godsrule: War of Mortals - Chantress concept art

From Director of Game Design Egill Arnarsson:

The Chantress is the first Temple Keepers of the Ancient unit players unlock. She was always supposed to be a majestic healer, wrapped in fluttering garments and clutching a staff. Interestingly enough, the most puzzling bit was deciding if the unit should be a male or female – a Chanter or Chantress. In the end, ‘Chantress’ just felt right.

Strategy: More Healers, More Godsruling

While the Chantress’ heal ability is not especially powerful on its own, it can turn battles, particularly prolonged ones.

  • They are an incredibly cheap unit: with a population of only 8 you can easily cluster a large number onto your boat, and their healing is more effective in groups.
  • Likewise they present a targeting problem for your opponents: the Chantresses will go down easily, but opponents who target the Chantresses leave your other units free to react.
  • In stand-off battles, you can force your opponent’s hand — cluster the Chantresses to heal up your units and Souls of Ascension, who have much fewer options for healing, may be forced to act.

chantress ingame

Godsrule: War of Mortals – Follow Updates and Play Now

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