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Archive for June 14th, 2013


Kingdom Conquest II’s 2nd Season Begins

As of 2013/6/14 6:00pm (JST), SEGA Networks, Inc. is proud to announce the start of the “2nd Season” for its mobile RPG title, “Kingdom Conquest II”.

With the launch of the “2nd Season”, a brand new dueling system between armies allow players to pit their own monsters in the “Battle Arena” to become the best in “Kingdom Conquest II”. Other new additions include the “Demon Race” with its powerful Attack attributes, and the mighty “Dragon Race” with high Attack, Defense, and Siege stats. Along with the release of these new Races, powerful “Commanders” will continually be introduced to lead the battle throughout Magna.

There are also new features such as “Orbs” that will strengthen monsters. Balance adjustments are also made to facility capabilities and constructible military outposts. Furthermore, abilities of the “Commanders” have been adjusted to offer players deeper levels of strategic choices.

We hope everyone is just as excited for the battles that will unfold in “Kingdom Conquest II”.

Orbs (Skill Enhancement Item)

Demon Race (New Race Addition)

Dragon Race (New Race Addition)

About “Kingdom Conquest II”
This title is the successor of “Kingdom Conquest”; the online mobile RPG game, known for its 5 million global downloads (as of May. 2013), and featured in Japan’s App Store “Rewind 2011” in the “Yearly Top Sales” category. “Kingdom Conquest II” launched in Dec. 2012 and achieved 1st rank in the iOS App Store’s “Free Ranking” category.

Title: Kingdom Conquest II
Launch Timing: Available Now
Distribution Sites:
[iOS App Store]
[Google Play]
Supported Devices: iPhone / iPad / iPod touch & Android Smart Devices
Price: Basic Free to Play (In-App Purchases Available)
Copyright: ©SEGA/©SEGA Networks
Official Twitter Account: @KingdomConqGame