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Archive for June 20th, 2013


Enter to Win a Kingdom Conquest II Dwarf Viking Card

Kingdom Conquest II's 2nd Season Dwarf Viking R Card Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win One of 200 Dwarf Viking R Cards on Kingdom Conquest II’s Facebook and Twitter!

Dwarf Viking

Two Ways to Enter, Two Chances to Win

1. Facebook – Enter to Win One of 200 Dwarf Viking R Codes!
i. Go to the Kingdom Conquest II Facebook page and ‘Like’ us.
ii. Once you have ‘Liked’ the page, access the ‘2nd Season Dwarf Viking Giveaway’ entry form here.
iii. Fill out the form and submit your entry.

2. Twitter – Tweet Using #KC2DV for Another Chance to Win!
i. Follow @KingdomConqGame.
ii. Post a tweet using #KC2DV to enter.

•Facebook and Twitter registration (Free) is required participate in the giveaway.
•Please be sure to double check the proper usage of #KC2DV when Tweeting.
•If you ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ during winner selection at the end of the giveaway, you will not be eligible to receive a prize code.
•Only users who Tweet the specified hashtag will be eligible for this giveaway on Twitter. Please be aware that “Private Tweets” will not be eligible.
•Once the giveaway winners are selected, winners will be contacted via email (Facebook) and Direct Message (Twitter). If the giveaway winner cannot be contacted, the winner will not be eligible for the reward. We will not be able to answer any personal inquiries regarding these instances or the outcome of the giveaway itself.
•You may enter on both Facebook and Twitter to double your chances.
•If selected as a winner, you can only win once.
•Please do not disclose any personal information that may identify yourself or other players within the game.
•All entries will be properly accounted for before rewards are fulfilled.
•Announcements will be made if any changes are made to the giveaway details.

Kingdom Conquest II is Available for:
iOS on AppStore
Android on Google Play

Official Website


Game Gear in Nintendo 3DS eShop: Three New Titles!

Another three Game Gear titles are now live in the Nintendo 3DS eShop!

After last week’s selection, we move further into the mighty 90s handheld catalog — featured this week are:

Read on for more info on these games, or follow the above links directly to the eShop. Stay tuned for more titles on the way SOON!

Sonic Blast

Sonic Blast

Sonic Blast

Blast off with Sonic and Knuckles!

In this fully rendered Game Gear classic, Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr. Robotnik) has stolen the Chaos Emeralds and it’s up to Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna to stop him. Guide Sonic and Knuckles through mazelike Zones and defeat Dr. Eggman’s mechanical menaces to show him that there’s nothing a determined Hedgehog or Echidna can’t overcome. Play as Sonic or Knuckles as you race through 14 levels in search of hidden Power-ups. Use Sonic’s new Double Jump to access hard-to-reach areas. Take advantage of Knuckles’ climbing skills to gain extra points. Look out for Big Rings to enter Bonus Stages where there are extra lives and Chaos Emeralds to be found.

Defenders of Oasis

Defenders of Oasis

Defenders of Oasis

Save your kingdom from destruction!

Once captured by heroes of a bygone era, the foul wizard Ahriman has been summoned by dark forces and his armies now threaten to ravage the peaceful land of Shanadar. As the prince of the kingdom, rally powerful allies to your side and lead them onward to repel Ahriman’s forces throughout the kingdom in this classic Japanese role playing adventure. Recruit unique allies such as a princess, genie, and thief! Fight enemies to gain strength and upgrade your heroes’ weapons and armor in order to fight Ahriman.

Tails Adventure

Tails Adventure

Tails Adventure

Fly solo in Tails Adventure!

Sonic’s trusty sidekick flies solo in his very own adventure! When Tails stumbles upon a small part of what looks to be a very large machine, he decides to embark on a journey to find its source! As Tails, fly through 12 action packed stages on a quest to gather all the mechanical parts and discover the secret of their origin. Gather items to augment Tails’ various abilities! Use your wits to defeat enemies across 12 stages in order to discover the origin of the mysterious machines!


Puzzle Pirates Sails Onto iPad!

Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates — the pioneering high-seas sailing puzzle MMO from Spiral Knights developer Three Rings — is now live on iPad!

That’s the big news — you can download it from iTunes for your iPad right now, here:

Puzzle Pirates is not betrayed by its name: it is a game where you do combat via puzzles and sail the high seas in mighty pirate vessels.

Multiplayer High Seas Adventure

Puzzle Pirates

Hoist your anchor and prepare to puzzle — join Puzzle Pirates and become part of a thriving pirate world!

Puzzle with crews of other players to loot and pillage — customize your garb, home and ship! Adventure in a vast world filled with pirates, treasure and puzzles!

Puzzle Like a Pirate

Puzzle Pirates

Enjoy and master 20+ puzzle games, from sailing to sword fighting.

Whether manning the sails, loading cannons, or hauling treasure: your puzzle playing prowess determines success!

Puzzle With Your Crew

Puzzle Pirates

Experience exciting cooperative puzzling with other pirates — work together as the crew of a pirate ship as you sail for treasure and adventure or go ashore to show off your loot and swap tall tales!

A Puzzle Pirate’s Life For You

Puzzle Pirates

Adventure in a huge world: islands, towns, oceans, sea monsters, taverns for multiplayer puzzles and more! Upgrade your home, your ship and your wardrobe on your way from bilge rat to pirate king in one of the deepest games available on iPad!

Already a fan of Puzzle Pirates? The tablet version is completely connected to the PC oceans you know and love, now play anywhere and anytime.

Join a crew, adventure and socialize, solve puzzles together to acquire more plunder, customize your pirate and your ship — become a Captain, own a shop, or even govern an island! Hunt for Sea Monsters and participate in epic sea battles as you buy & trade your plunder … Oceans of experience await in a deep MMO world where the pirate’s life is yours!

Yarr! Behold our scurvy trailer on ye olde youtubes:

YouTube Preview Image

Announcing Sonic Boom and Summer of Sonic 2013

Sonic fans… get ready for an amazing August!

Summer of Sonic

Summer of Sonic

We’re back, and this time we’re all powered up! We are pleased to officially announce the Summer of Sonic 2013 event. SoS 2013 will be held on Saturday 3rd August 2013, and will take place at the Westminster Central Hall in London, UK. Expect a full day’s worth of Sonic-based fun and entertainment… with a twist!

You might have noticed that Sonic is sharing the spotlight with another character on the Summer of Sonic website. That’s because, to mix things up a bit, we’ve decided to introduce a theme to this year’s convention. And the theme is – you guessed it – Metal Sonic & Badniks. The robotic doppelgänger of our speedy blue hero, and the collective metallic minions of Dr Eggman, have the spotlight to themselves for 2013. But what does that mean? Well, while we can’t give too much away at the moment, suffice it to say that many of our events and activities will be Metal Sonic or Badnik related.

Budding artists and cosplayers will be pleased to know our contests will be making a return, and we will reveal more details in the coming weeks…so get started on those costumes! Don’t worry, though, you won’t necessarily need a Metal Sonic or Badnik themed costume to enter the cosplay this year… although it might help!

We will soon release details on how you can snag yourself tickets for the convention, so until then, stay excited, and let’s enjoy the Road to Summer of Sonic 2013 together!

Sonic Boom


We’re so excited to announce details for Sonic Boom 2013!

Who: You!
What: Sonic Boom 2013
Where: The Pageant, St. Louis, MO
When: Saturday, August 10, 2013, doors 5pm
Why: Because you love Sonic!

That’s right — Sonic Boom is changing cities again, and we’re coming to the midwest this year! One of the things we hear from a lot of fans is that the cool stuff always happens in San Francisco, LA, and New York, and never close to them. As someone who grew up in the midwest, I totally remember how that feels. So we decided to have Sonic Boom in a different city this year, and we hope that you’ll join us there!

Many of the things you loved about last year’s event will be back, including the trivia contest and the costume contest. So get to memorizing Sonic facts and start making your amazing costumes!

We’ll have more details on tickets (cost, on-sale date, etc), hotels, event activities, and more in the weeks to come. For now, mark your calendars, get excited about Sonic Boom 2013, and keep checking here for more information.