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Archive for July 3rd, 2013


Total War: Rome II Wins Big at E3 2013!

Total War: Rome II - Logo

Congratulations to Total War: Rome II for picking up the Best Strategy Game of E3 2013 from the Game Critic Awards! The official show awards are pulled from an independent group of 30 leading North American journalists that cover the entire gaming industry. Way to go Creative Assembly & Total War!

Rome II Total War E3 Awards - Game Critics Awards

Game Critics Awards

But Wait, There’s More …

Total War: Rome II E3 2013

Total War: Rome II impressed the togas off the critics, earning top honors from individual sites like Game Informer, Destructoid, IGN, and more. Take a look for yourself and see the high praise the game received from the show floor.

Game Informer – Best Strategy Game & Best PC Exclusive

Rome II Total War E3 Awards - Game Informer
Rome II Total War E3 Awards -Game Informer

The short hands-on demo of The Battle of the Nile between Egyptian and Roman forces demonstrated the impressive marriage of scale and attention to detail found in Rome II’s battles. Pulling out to a bird’s eye view gave us a quick way to issue several troop orders, but zooming in on the clashes gave the battles a sense of drama these massive encounters deserve.

Best Strategy Game Award
Best PC Exclusive Award

RTSGuru – Best of Show

Rome II Total War E3 Awards - RTS Guru

The map we were able to play on at E3 looked great, from river to hill and across the terrain, animals and soldiers felt realistic, and time for battle went down in a certain chaos that felt both familiar and new and shiny. Have I mentioned that everything looks great? The physics on the battlefield, the painstaking attention to detail, and shades of the quality The Creative Assembly is known for have led us to choose Total War: Rome II as the best of E3.

Best of Show Award

PC Gamer – Best of PC & Best of E3 2013

Rome II Total War E3 Awards - PC Gamer

Best of PC & Best of E3 2013 Awards

EGM – Best PC Game


Rome II Total War E3 Awards - EGM

The epic, sprawling, historical Roman-era battles—complete with trampling elephants!—span from modern-day Spain to Afghanistan, and any strategy fan or history buff should put this one at the top of their list.

Best PC Exclusive Award

IGN – Best PC Exclusive & Best Strategy Game

Rome II Total War E3 Awards - IGN

To this day, grand strategy and real-time strategy games are a big part of what defines PC gaming as a unique platform. Rome II continues that tradition by bringing back pretty much everything we love about the classic 2004 original and pairs it with magnificent scale and detail that take advantage of PC hardware and the mouse and keyboard interface.

Best of PC Awards
Best of E3 Awards

Destructoid – Best Strategy & Best of PC

Rome II Total War E3 Awards - Destructoid

Rome II Total War E3 Awards - Destructoid

A better-looking Rome: Total War would have been enough for some, myself included — have you seen how crazy some of the battles look? “Epic” is not a word that frequently leaves my mouth (or fingers, in this case) but it’s all too fitting for the skirmishes of Total War: Rome II.

Best Strategy & Best of PC Awards

Hold on … There’s Even More!

Total War: Rome II E3 2013

Armchair General – Top Ten Military and War-Themed Games of E3, 2013
Escapist Magazine – E3 2013 We Love It Awards
Laptop Mag – Best PC Exclusive

Whew! Major congratulations to everyone on the Total War teams for their hard work, we’re looking forward to showing your more of Total War: Rome II as we get closer to launch. Feel free to let us know your own opinions on the E3 2013 showing for Total War, we love the feedback.