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Archive for November 8th, 2013


Get 25% off Total War: ROME II this weekend on Steam!

Total War: Rome II - Logo

With the recently announced Steam OS looming large, this weekend Steam are highlighting one of the forthcoming titles for the new operating system when it launches – 25% off Total War: ROME II.

Total War: ROME II Panorama preview

To mark this fantastic discount, we’ve taken another colossal ROME II panoramic screenshot, this time featuring the exotic mounted warriors of the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack. The Tribes of Scythia, the Massagetae and the Roxolani offer a distinctly different style of play, as they focus almost exclusively on mounted warriors. Born in the saddle to ride the wild, hardy steeds of The Steppes to war, they are poised to rain havoc on the ‘civilized’ peoples of the ancient world. You can see them in formation-shattering action against the forces of Rome by clicking the image above or visiting this link.

The Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack is available now alongside the recently released Blood & Gore Pack.