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Archive for March 13th, 2014


All New Alien: Isolation Video – Creating the Alien

Alien: Isolation

Terrifying, unstoppable and totally unique, this is an enemy you need to avoid at all costs. He’s hunting you, using his senses, his instincts, to hunt you down and kill you. He’s intelligent, unpredictable and extremely dangerous, and nowhere is safe. The latest Alien: Isolation trailer goes behind-the-scenes in the studio, talking to the team creating the Alien, creating your ultimate nightmare…

YouTube Preview Image

This is an enemy like no other – a real, intense, and scary threat that you won’t soon forget. Are you ready? Are you afraid? Let us know in the comments, or don’t, we understand. It’s cool.


Total War: Rome II – Hannibal at the Gates Campaign Pack Announced.

Total War: Rome II - Enemy at the Gates

Total War: ROME II’s second major Campaign DLC is incoming on March 27th! Dropping players into the Western Mediterranean at the outbreak of the 2nd Punic War, Hannibal at the Gates features a new campaign map focused on the tinderbox geopolitical situation that brought two ancient world superpowers to all-out war; with sworn rivals Scipio and Hannibal at the very heart of the conflict.

Five playable factions will feature a wealth of new units. Main protagonists Rome and Carthage will benefit from a new civil tech tree based around diplomacy, while the challenge in the shadow of these mighty empires for newcomers Syacuse, the Arevaci and the Lusitani will be formidable.

YouTube Preview Image

“ROME II was hugely ambitious for our studio,” said Mike Simpson, Creative Director at CA, “We do regret that some reviewers and core fans didn’t get everything they wanted from it. We are committed to improving and adding to the game over the coming months; we very much want ROME II to be remembered as one of our best.”

Total War: ROME II – Hannibal at the Gates is available for pre-order now, priced £9.99/$14.99/€14.99. For more information check