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Archive for March 14th, 2014


SEGA Announce Massive Humble Bundle Deal with Proceeds Going to Charity

SEGA Humble Bundle Sale

A SEGA themed Humble Bundle is now available! For the next week, gamers can grab four classic SEGA titles for donations of less than $5.99 while larger donations will reap bigger benefits in a three tiered system. How does it work? We’re glad you asked, it’s super easy…

Three Different Packs

Donate less than $5.99 for a Steam key to download the first tier of games which include Alpha Protocol, Company of Heroes, Rome: Total War, and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

Typing of the Dead: Overkill

Donate $5.99 or more to access the second tier and SEGA will throw in another Steam key which will download Typing of the Dead: OVERKILL, Binary Domain, Medieval II: Total War, SEGA Genesis Collection, and Renegade Ops.

Shogun 2: Total War - Campaign 1
If you are feeling particularly generous and donate $14.99 or more, you will access the third tier and receive a third Steam key for the critically acclaimed strategy epic, Total War: Shogun II.

Give to SEGA, Give to Charity

Proceeds donated to charity will be split amongst the following five extremely worthwhile organisations: Make-A-Wish, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Willow Foundation, Special Effect, and GamesAid .

All packs contain some really amazing SEGA games that are worth playing, or gifting to a friend!


Crazy Taxi: City Rush Is Coming to Mobile!

Crazy Taxi Mobile

One of SEGA’s most iconic franchises is returning with a brand new game: Crazy Taxi: City Rush. The creator of the original Crazy Taxi arcade hit, Kenji Kanno, and one of SEGA’s top mobile developers, Hardlight Studios, are teaming up to reimagine Crazy Taxi for a new generation of mobile gamers.

Crazy Taxi Mobile

Crazy Taxi: City Rush captures the Crazy Taxi spirit with one-touch, intuitive controls that let everyone enjoy a fun and frantic ride through an all-new big city setting. No mission is too crazy, no stunt too dangerous, and no passenger too outrageous… everything goes! Swipe to quickly change lanes, whip around corners, and launch off sidewalks and ramps to send your cab soaring through the air.

YouTube Preview Image

“I’m very excited to finally be able to share with you the first news of Crazy Taxi: City Rush,” said Executive Producer and creator of the arcade original, Kenji Kanno. “We are delivering a truly fun game that captures everything our fans love about the original and infusing it with several new features to create an even more fantastic and memorable experience.”

Crazy Taxi Mobile

Free to download and play for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, Crazy Taxi: City Rush was designed exclusively for mobile and will release globally later this year.