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Archive for March 27th, 2014


‘Hannibal at the Gates’ and free ‘Seasons & Wonders’ Update out now for Total War: ROME II

Total War: Rome II - Hannibal at the Gates DLC Now Available

Thrusting Total War ROME II players into the swirling conflict of the Second Punic War, Hannibal at the Gates brings the Western Mediterranean into sharp relief as the Republic of Rome and the trading empire of Carthage fight for their very survival. Including new playable factions, this dramatic downloadable campaign pack is available for purchase now.

Alongside the pack, a new free Seasons & Wonders update has been rolled out to all ROME II users. This update includes a unit-roster expansion for Carthage, Twitch.TV streaming support, new great wonders for battlefields, touchscreen support, and introduces seasons into the ROME II Grand Campaign. The update also brings a host of new technical, AI and gameplay improvements in both battle and campaign. You can view some of the new Wonders and ROME II campaign map seasons in this video:

YouTube Preview Image

Please visit the Total War Wiki For full details on Hannibal at the Gates and the free ROME II content update.


Link Up with the New DLC for Sonic Lost World – The Legend of Zelda Zone

Sonic Lost World - Zelda DLC

The latest DLC for Sonic Lost World is here and it’s LEGENDARY! In The Legend of Zelda Zone,  Sonic takes on a new quest, wears a new outfit, and explores a world inspired by one of Nintendo’s greatest characters. Available now to download for FREE on Wii U, Sonic will speed across the land wearing Link’s iconic green tunic while the hero himself flies on his Loftwing from Skyward Sword.  Classic Zelda locations, such as Hyrule Field and Dodongo’s Cavern, were the inspiration for this downloadable content. Players are able to use Black Bomb Color Powers to uncover secret rooms, find hidden chests, and gain exciting rewards. There’s plenty of surprises in store for even the biggest Zelda fans (including Cuccos!).

YouTube Preview Image