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Archive for May 5th, 2014


Submit your Sonic Fan Art for Fan Art Friday

Sonic CD Fan Art Contest Winner - Europe

One of the best things about working with the Sonic community is all the fan art that’s out there. It’s amazing to see all the passion that people have for Sonic, the Sonic universe, and Sonic characters. In the years I’ve been at SEGA, I’ve seen all sorts of awesome art creations, and it’s found its way onto our office walls, on our internet channels, and even in Sonic games!

When we announced Sonic Boom, we instantly saw all sorts of fan art celebrating this new branch of the Sonic series and the new character designs we had revealed. It was really exciting for the entire team to see such an outpouring for something we’d been working so much on.

Sonic CD Fan Art Contest Winner - Mexico

We want to celebrate all the Sonic fan artists out there, so we’re creating Fan Art Fridays on our Sonic Facebook and Twitter accounts! All you need to do is send us your artwork, the name you’d like to be credited as, the title or description of your art, and any other info about you or your art that you think we should know! All artwork submitted should be your own original work, and should be related to the Sonic universe in some way.

There are three ways to get your art and information to us:

1. Email – You can email your art as an attachment (or if it’s online already, you can send us a link to it) to Please make sure to put “Fan Art Friday” in the subject line.

2. Facebook – You can inbox us your art on the Sonic Facebook page.

3. Twitter – You can tweet your art to us! Make sure you include @sonic_hedgehog and #fanartfriday in your tweet so we’ll see it.

Remember to include how you’d like to be credited, the art’s title/description, and the artwork itself!

Sonic CD Fan Art Contest Winner - North America
We’ll post a new piece of fan art each Friday to the Sonic Facebook and Twitter accounts!