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Archive for October 2nd, 2014


Crazy Taxi: City Rush Hulkamania Takeover

Hulkamania has come to Crazy Taxi: City Rush!

Speed around Bay City with Hulk Hogan and his 24” pythons all month long.



You can hire Hulk Hogan to drive your taxi which grants you bonus fare for every crazy turn, cab bumper car and passenger delivery.



Each day the Hulkster is available for a free ride and with each ride you will fill up a bit of the Hulkameter! Once it’s full you unlock unique Hulk Hogan themed customizations for your cab!



In addition to the Hulkamania Takeover event, Crazy Taxi City Rush also adds new features including full controller support, the ability to share in-game stills of your pimped-up taxi, and video-sharing abilities using Kamcord.

Play the game on the App Store or the Google Play Store today!