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Archive for February 12th, 2015


Total War: ROME II and Company of Heroes 2 go Head to Head in ‘Make War, Not Love’

Make War, Not Love 2015

The rematch of the heavyweight strategy gaming contest they said could never happen is back for 2015! Total War: ROME II and Company of Heroes 2 communities go head to head in the second annual ‘Make War Not Love’ competition. This Valentine’s Day weekend, the two communities will compete in consecutive three hour rounds. Every in-game victory will count towards that side’s tally for the round and the community that wins the most rounds will earn some free DLC for players of the respective game.

Battle commences at 18:00GMT/10:00PST today and blows will be traded until 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 15. During this time, both games will be available to play for free via Steam! Get involved in the pre-match trash talking on Twitter by following @totalwar and @companyheroes using the hashtag – “#mwnl”.

If Company of Heroes 2 Wins …

Company of Heroes 2

If Company of Heroes 2 wins, an assortment of premium skins and commanders worth around $20 will become available to download for free from 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 16 until 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 18.

If Total War: ROME II Wins …

Total War: Rome II - Logo

If Total War: ROME II lands the knockout blow, the Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack will be made available for free from 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 15 until 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 17. The previously unannounced Longbeards Culture Pack for Total War: ATTILA will also be free for a day when it launches in late February.

Wait, There’s More Things and They Explode!

YouTube Preview Image

To add some extra spice to proceedings, the winning team in each round will see their community manager take a shot on the ‘Make War Not Love’ Shooting Range, choosing from a selection of random historical weaponry and taking aim at offensive Valentine’s trinkets. Make sure you catch all the carnage in merciless slo-mo! There will even be exclusive Steam achievements to pick up throughout the promotion! Look out for “Company of Zeroes, more like…” and “Snore, snore, Total Bore!” along with several more.

“We beat them last year. We’ll beat them again,” said Cynthia Griffiths, Associate Community Manager for Company of Heroes 2, while picking bits of Centurion out of the tread of an M4 Sherman. “We’re confident that spears and shields will continue to be no match for our heavy artillery and automatic weapons. To arms! ”
“We’ve met in the war room and our plans for domination are almost complete,” said Craig Laycock, Lead Community Manager for Total War. “Our plans are dark and impenetrable as night, and when we move we will fall like a thunderbolt. We will show Relic the true Art of War.”
For more information regarding the ‘Make War Not Love’ promotion, including full details on the scoring system and how to get involved, log on to


The Official Nominees for the British Academy Games Awards in 2015 Have Been Announced

Congratulations to Alien: Isolation for 6 BAFTA nominations!

This year’s British Academy Games Awards will take place on 12 March, showcasing and rewarding the very best games of the past 12 months. A total of 51 games have been recognised across 17 categories, with Alien: Isolation from Creative Assembly the most nominated game at this year’s awards with an incredible six nominations, across the following categories:

• Audio Achievement
• Best Game
• British Game
• Game Design
• Game Innovation
• Music

Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2015 has also been nominated in the Sport category.

Congratulations to the teams at Creative Assembly and Sports Interactive for their nominations in these prestigious awards and best of luck at the awards next month!

More info can be found here.


3D Fantasy Zone: The Opa-Opa Bros is Available Today!

SEGA  3D Classics - Fantasy Zone

3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Bros is available today on the Nintendo 3DS eShop!

3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Bros. is the popular side-scrolling shooter, first released for the SEGA System-16 board in 1986, in which players control a sentient spaceship named Opa-Opa to fight bizarre invader enemies. The re-mastered version combines stereoscopic 3D visuals with a host of additional features to deliver cutting edge gameplay with a classic feel. 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Bros. also introduces a new feature called the “coin stock” system that allows players to accumulate coins for use across play sessions and to unlock in-game abilities. Furthermore, the game features an unlockable mode in which players are able to play as Upa-Upa, the little brother of Opa-Opa, upon completion of the game.

Read the Interview!

SEGA 3D Classics - Fantasy Zone

We’ve also released an incredibly in depth interview detailing the creation of the game by developer M2. You can find it in two parts here:
3D Fantasy Zone interview part 1

3D Fantasy Zone interview part 2

Enter the Contest!

SEGA 3D Classics - Classic Contest - 3D Fantasy Zone

We’re also running a special contest with a chance to win a classic SEGA hoodie for performing a few challenges in game. Play the game, beat a few challenges, take some photos, submit them online, and you could be one of our 10 winners in this month’s contest.

Enter today!