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Archive for February 17th, 2015


3D Fantasy Zone – Secrets & Unlockables

SEGA  3D Classics - Fantasy Zone

Are you having trouble with 3D Fantasy Zone? Are you trying to enter our contest, or are just having trouble getting through the game? We’ve got you covered! We pulled together a few quick tips and tricks that well help you out, as a few secrets you might not have known about!

Hidden Rapid Shot Speed

3D Fantasy Zone - Hidden Rapid Shot Speed Upgrade

One of the best features of 3D Fantasy Zone is the Rapid Shot option for your primary and secondary weapons. No more button mashing, no more hand cramps, defeat enemies and bosses with ease! But wait, there’s more …

By default, you can select two different speeds of Rapid Shot, but there’s a hidden third speed that you may not know about. To unlock, press and hold down the “A” button while on the fastest shot speed, then wait for 5 seconds while continuing to hold “A”, and pow – three speeds of auto fire!

Earn One Million Coins and Upgrade!

3D Fantasy Zone - 1 Million Coin Unlock

If you are still having trouble reaching the one million coins in our SEGA Classic Contest, then this is the section for you. Earning one million coins not only adds a second entry into our contest, it also unlocks a new feature – extended usage of weapon upgrades. This means more Wide Beam, Laser Beam, or 7 Way Shot while playing in any level in the game!

3D Fantasy Zone - 1 Million Strategy

1. Take only $6000 into the round (or less if you prefer), reduce your Number of Lives to 1, and activate Base Markers in the options.
2. As soon as you load into Round 7, quickly buy the Jet Engine and 7 Way Shot.
3. Then rush as fast as you can to destroy all of the bases and earn up to $10,000 per base.
4. Fight and defeat the boss and you should walk away with around $1,000,000 in coins.
5. Die and repeat until you hit 1 Million

New Unlocks at Two Million and Three Million Coins

3D Fantasy Zone - Unlimited Weapon Usage at 3 Million

While the extended weapon time is nice at one million coins, the upgrades at two million and three million are even better. At two million coins you’ll unlock ‘Gold Rush’, which will give you double money for each enemy or base destroyed. This makes it much easier to reach one of the all new hidden bosses in the game, but we’ll get to that in another post …

At three million coins you’ll unlock the Unlimited Weapon Time upgrade. Now you’ll never run out of your primary weapon and can use 7 way shot forever. This can make the game a little easy, but it can also increase your chances of beating the last level and unlocking Upa-Upa mode!

Have a Strategy? Share it!

We hope these quick tips help you get through the game and see all the features within 3D Fantasy Zone! If you have a strategy or special tip that you’d like to highlight, let us know in the comments below.


The Apocalypse is Upon Us as Total War: ATTILA Ships Worldwide

Total War: ATTILA

The Dark Ages approach. A time of famine, disease and war, where refugees in their thousands flee from a sweeping tide of destruction and death. Desperate barbaric tribes rally against the ailing might of a dying and divided Roman empire; the light of civilization gutters and dims. In the great steppes of Scythia, a vast and terrifying force gathers, led by a warrior king whose thirst for conquest is utterly unequaled.

The Scourge of God, the very herald of the apocalypse, Attila the Hun.

In the next installment in the multi award-winning Total War series of strategy games, Total War: ATTILA introduces exciting new gameplay mechanics which improve and add to numerous core turn-based and real-time Total War systems. The world will darken around you as Attila’s forces descend on your homeland creating a unique vision of survival strategy.

Total War: ATTILA is available for PC now.