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Archive for May 29th, 2015


My Last Day at SEGA

The Events

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I wanted to exit SEGA on my last blog update. This is my second time around at the company, with 11 years under my belt all total. Two SEGA buildings, shipped over sixty titles, and five different job titles. I’ve seen and done a lot. I’ve met some amazing people and forged lifelong friendships. I’ve worked on some outstanding projects, truly some of the best games in the industry. I’ve had a ton of fun.

I figured the best way was to celebrate the fun we had over the years, so I’ve pulled together a few moments that will always make me smile.

Remember that Time We Recreated Green Hill Zone Inside the Office?

Aaron in the Sonic Cubicle

We had a rule at SEGA – when you take a vacation for at least two weeks, you are fair game for pranking. We take a lot of pride in making a prank have a lasting impression. With Aaron away on a European vacation, we carved out a little time each day to dress his cubicle up like Green Hill Zone. Because of course we did.

Built with a budget of $100 and a lot of love, the results were fantastic.

Remember That Time We Grew Mustaches for Charity?


I don’t remember exactly how or why we decided to do Movember, but I’m pretty sure one of the reasons was so we could look back on us all having mustaches. We also raised a lot of money for a good cause and had a good time doing it. We even got the internet to vote on my boss’s mustache style, and Avalanche Studios chipped in to support along with us. Oh and Kate was there, hi Kate!

Remember that Hoodie? Or that Poster? Or those Lanyards?

The Giveaways / MerchThe Giveaways / Merch
Our posters are a huge hit!Free Stuff Friday - May 16th 2014

The Community Team has made a lot of cool stuff over the years. For events, or promotions, or just for fun. I’m just as much a fan of SEGA as you are, so getting a chance to make some official merch – totally awesome. If nothing else, I’ll always be warm with one of the various SEGA hoodies!

Remember That Time When I Ended my Ice Skating Career?

Kellie does. She made sure to show everyone in the office. She posted it to our official YouTube account. The video even aired at our holiday company meeting, which was hosted that year in a movie theater. I’ll play myself out…

Remember that time, at that event, where that thing happened?

The Events

I love events. I’m a big fan of all things gaming and I nerd out for E3, for PAX, for in-game events, or for local stuff in our office. How can I not though? Working to build these big programs, lots of stuff to reveal, activities planned, merch created, developers on the floor, and a ton of fans to meet. Walking on the floor in your team colors, seeing the unexpected, the travel, the food; it’s like nothing else. Here’s a random selection from some of my favorite moments at SEGA:

The EventsThe Events
The EventsThe Events
Wouter and Tokuhara-san

The EventsThe Events
The EventsThe Events
The Events

The EventsThe Events
Our friends from Australia, with a very special E3 delivery.The Events
The Events

Sally Acorn and Eggman with Sonic at San Diego Comic ConSonic fans came from all over to check out GenerationsTotal War: Rome II at San Diego Comic ConSan Diego Comic-con 2013

Remember That Time, in That Game, what was it called?

I’ve had the good fortune of working on a ton of titles. There’s too many to count and too many to list here. So I’m picking a few titles that may have slipped under your radar over the years. Not really a top 5, just a solid group of awesome SEGA titles that you might have missed out on.

Alpha Protocol
Obsidian Entertainment makes some of the best RPGs in the industry and they created the absolute best choice-based RPG to date. Yes, I know you are thinking of that other game, but no, this is the one that actually has player choice as the centerpiece. It’s not good / bad / neutral; instead a branching storyline with every conversation choice. Play it once, then play it again and make the opposite choices for everything you did previously – I promise you’ll be surprised by the outcome!

Shinobi 3DS
Shinobi 3DS
Do you like 2D old school games, hard as nails gameplay, unlockable challenge maps that are nearly impossible? This is totally the game for you. Shinobi 3DS is a massive throwback to classic titles, something that every SEGA fan should check out. Can you beat it at the hardest difficulty? I can’t, but there’s a surprise unlock if you can make it through.

SEGA 3D Classics
3D Sonic the Hedgehog
Calling these ports is doing them a massive disservice. These 3D Classics are some of the best versions of SEGA titles every released, often besting the arcade or console versions with new features. Don’t believe me? Check out our interviews! The 3D effect is not a gimmick, it completely enhances all of the games and brings in some cool features. Play Galaxy Force II or Outrun and marvel at how fantastic they run, how still completely impressive the games are after 20 years.

Alien: Isolation
Alien: Isolation DLC - The Trigger

Consider that the Alien has been seen in movies, TV, as cartoons, toys, and more. You know what the creature is, you know what it can do, and yet Alien: Isolation will scare you silly. That’s a pretty big feat and an incredible achievement. Play with the lights off, headphones on, hardest difficulty, don’t kill any humans, and don’t die. Not impossible, I did it on my 2nd playthrough and it was insanely challenging and fun!

PlatinumGames makes some awesome titles, but Vanquish is my personal favorite. Arcade-style gameplay, fast and extremely tight combat, and a total adrenaline rush; it really is the essence of classic SEGA titles. Master the speed of dashing around the battlefield, then hone your skills with the slowdown mechanic. If you can beat each of the challenges, you have my ultimate respect!

Thank you!

To the fans of SEGA, on the blog, social media, the forums, at events, on email, anywhere at all – thank you. One of my primary goals has always been to help surface your words, concerns, and excitement into every area of the SEGA company. I’ve met some amazing people, carried out some intense conversations, and built some lifelong friendships. The SEGA community is awesome, I’m sad most of all to not have the opportunity to work within it.

If you had a special memory or fun experience with SEGA social, with me personally, or anything related to SEGA – I’d be honored if you’d share it in the comments. Thank you!