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Archive for June 1st, 2015


Kellie’s Last Day at SEGA

My name is Kellie. You may not know my face or my name, but I’ve been the social media admin for Sonic the Hedgehog for nearly 7 years.

me sonic selfie

In 2008, I joined SEGA with only a little knowledge of the game industry or Sonic, and today I walk out with a ton of professional and life experiences that I will be forever grateful for.

sega id badge

(They made me a new one with the correct spelling of my name, but I kept this one because the error is hilarious!)

It sounds cheesy, but SEGA was not just another job for me. My co-workers weren’t just that, and many weren’t just my friends — this has been my family.

annie marj kellie 2010

We spent all day working together, eating lunch together, and often hanging out together in the evenings or on the weekends. We traveled around the world together for conventions and business meetings. We laughed hard, and we worked harder.

aaron desk

Like the time that we turned Aaron’s desk into Green Hill Zone when he went on vacation.

jun japan

From London, Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City, to all over the US, I have had an opportunity to see the world and meet some of Sonic’s biggest celebrities. I have fond memories of meeting Yuji Naka backstage at Sonic Boom 2011, of working closely with Takashi Iizuka, and Jun Senoue showing me around Joypolis in Tokyo before having some ramen.

sonic speed

I also once got a speeding ticket while on a SEGA road trip to see venues for the 2013 Sonic Boom event. Sonic’s gotta go fast, but apparently I went TOO fast.

sega by fabian

It has been my honor to “be” Sonic the Hedgehog on social media, and to serve Sonic fans around the world. Although I will no longer be at SEGA, I leave you in capable, and perhaps familiar hands. Aaron Webber, known to many Sonic fans as RubyEclipse (and the same Aaron whose desk we made into Green Hill Zone) will be taking over social media and community relations for Sonic.

Farewell and best wishes!