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Archive for July 2nd, 2015


Heroki Now Available On App Store


Meet Heroki, the colorful and kind propellor-headed hero! Join him on his aeronautical adventure to save the land of Levantia. You play as the lovable Heroki who you move by controlling the wind, making him fly, fall and fight his way through the sky.


There are four worlds for you to explore and discover with all of your senses.

Ok, maybe not smell or taste (please don’t lick your phone), but do keep the sound on. While many game soundtracks become repetitive after the first minute, Heroki is a wonderful exception. As you make your way past ships you will hear the men onboard whistling the soundtrack and flying over a farm will be accompanied by the expert strum of a banjo.


But what might be more impressive than Heroki, is the story of how it was made. Heroki was born from the imagination of Picomy, an indie development team made up of four developers in the Netherlands. For the past five years, all of them have been working full jobs and building Heroki during their free time.


They not only created a lovable character, but created an entire environment from scratch where he lives — built a game engine from scratch, hand crafted each level so no two levels would be the same, and composed the soundtrack and sound effects. This game is a work of love and a work of art.


Heroki is available today on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for $7.99.
Developed by Picomy and published by SEGA.

Find out more about Picomy and Heroki on Facebook, Twitter and their Website.