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Archive for August 17th, 2015


The Sonic Showdown continues!

Hey everyone!

With a pretty amazing response to our initial pairing in the Sonic Showdown, we’ve moved on now to the second and third match-ups! First, ending soon, be sure to vote on your favorite between Silver the Hedgehog and Cream the Rabbit:

It's no use



And in today’s new match, which has just gone live, we’ll ask you to choose between two other fan favorites: Big the Cat and the Chao!


I must save Froggy!



I’ll be honest: I’m torn on this one. I spent so many hours raising Chao in SA1 and SA2… and then you have Big the Cat, the epitome of character depth, growth, and valiance in a Sonic game.

I saw a few few of you in the comments on the first blog asking: “Why are the Chao on there? Is it strange to rep an entire species?” — to which the response is: If you like the Chao Gardens, or really liked the Chao in general, then vote for them! Or if you happened to like a certain purple feline and his quest to save his frog pal more, please vote for him!

Oh, and I did notice all the fan love for characters like Fang, Wave, Gamma, and others – don’t think they’ve been forgotten or ignored. :) Thanks for posting your support of them in the comments on the original bracket!

Good luck to our latest competitors, and thanks all for helping determine who our winners will be!