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Archive for August 21st, 2015


Amy battles Eggman in the Sonic Showdown!

Happy Friday, guys and gals!

With the weekend upon us, it’s time to take a quick look at our progress thus far in the Tournament, and open the voting for our newest match-up!

In the first round, Tails defeated Jet with a healthy margin, moving forward to the next match.

Cream the Rabbit fought hard against Silver, but ultimately, it was simply no use – Silver won out and also advanced forward.

And finally, everyone’s favorite friend and compatriot, Big the Cat, went toe to toe with the Chao. In one of our most surprising matches yet, even the support of Froggy wasn’t enough to save him, and the Chao triumphed onto another round.* I cried a little at this one, but they both deserved to win, so at least one strong candidate moves forward to take on Tails soon.

This weekend, you’ll determine another powerful match-up:


In one corner: Dr. Eggman, the world’s most diabolical evil genius. His plans may often go awry, but he’s had some very impressive creations in the past – and in at least a few cases, has been just moments away from defeating Sonic.

In the other: Amy Rose, a female hedgehog who first appeared in the Classic Sonic games, and has grown much more independent since then. She used to fangirl over Sonic quite a bit, but as the years have gone on, she’s also matured up… mostly. Her trusty hammer is surprisingly strong, and she’s always there to listen when the team needs help.

This one is going to be an interesting vote, and it’s probably bound to get more competitive from here on in! Good luck to both Amy and Dr. Eggman, and to all you readers out there – have a great weekend!

*Please note that Big losing in round 1 has no effect on our plans to release Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3 on 4/1 of 2016.