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Archive for August 28th, 2015


The Sonic Showdown heats up!

Welcome back to another round of the Sonic Showdown, folks!

This week, you were faced with a hard choice between the Evil Dr. Eggman and the sweet Amy Rose. By our closest margin yet, Eggman took the win with only an 8% gap! Huge props to fans of both Amy and Eggman for coming out to make the voting so close.

This weekend, and next week, you’re deciding two more heated matches: Blaze the Cat VS. Metal Sonic, and Rouge the Bat VS. Vector the Crocodile!

Blaze VS. Metal Sonic

– Vote for Metal Sonic VS. Blaze here! –

Rouge VS. Vector

– Vote for Rouge VS. Vector here! –


Who are you voting for in each match-up, and why? Let us know, as you always do, in the comments below! Also, let us know your favorite kind of dessert. Because, you know, desserts are awesome, and we’re hungry.

Have a great weekend, everyone!