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Archive for December 4th, 2015


Sonic Runners 2.0 arrives, and the Spike wall is gone!

(This isn't a real screenshot, but man, we wish it was.)

Long time no see, everyone!

Aaron from SEGA here. Normally, I don’t work on the mobile titles, but today is a special exception – I get to tell you all about the Sonic Runners 2.0 update, as well as talk about your feedback as fans, and what it means going forward!

Oh, and today is National Cookie Day (no joke), so to get us started, please enjoy this picture of  a delicious chocolate chip cookie:


Are you hungry yet? Good. Grab yourself a cookie of your own, and do your civic duty to your country.


Alright, so this update is pretty huge.


We’re talking Big the Cat levels of huge – you’ll see when we get to the patch notes in just a minute. As Sonic Runners evolves and changes with 2.0, it’s worth noting that already, the team made some improvements and fixes based on feedback from you guys. Take, for example, this beautiful (not actually beautiful) spike wall that started appearing when the update first hit:

RIP in Pepperonis, spike wall

R.i.p. in pepperonis, evil spike wall

A ton of you guys reached out to us on Twitter asking about it, so I sent a quick line in to Sonic Team. Within days, a maintenance was being completed and the Spike Wall was gone.

Huge thanks to all of you out there for letting us know! If you guys spot any other key issues, or have feedback you want to share with us, we encourage you – please send it our way! You can comment here on the blogs, you can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. We read the internets. We’re watching you right now, even, taking note of that cookie you just finished eating. You’ve got a crumb on your cheek. No, the other side – yeah, there you go.

Alright, ready for the full patch notes? They’re lengthy, so let’s get started!


Sonic Runners 2.0 – Update details


’Quick Mode’ Added.

Challenge stages for the best score within the time limit.



’Daily Battle’ Added.

Challenge new rivals daily for the best score.



Runners’ League/Ranking Parameters Adjusted.

Increased chance of winning an SR Buddy in each League Division.

Promotion/demotion parameters for A and S-League Divisions adjusted.

Rewards updated.

Past ranking scores reset.


Login Bonus Added

Log in daily to receive a bonus (one per day).


Limit Break Added to Playable Characters.

Combine doubles of the same character to limit break.

The resulting character will have an added score bonus and,

when limit-broken, the ‘Quick Mode’ time limit will be extended.


Buddy Max Level Increased.

Buddy Max-Level increased to Lv.10.


Premium Roulette Updated.

Roulette Tickets added.

Drop rate of rare items increased.

Multiple spin roulette (x3 & x5) added.

Adjustments made to no. of special eggs awarded when double Buddies or Characters land.


Item Roulette Updated.

Roulette Tickets added.

Multiple spin roulette (x3 & x5) added.

Adjustments made to no. of special eggs awarded when double Buddies land.

Drop rate of N (Normal) Buddies increased.


No. of Lives Increased & Life Recharge Time Reduced.

No. of lives increased from 3 to 5.

Life recharge time reduced from 30mins to 15mins.


Friend Invite Rewards Updated.

Invite Reward character changed.


Tutorial Simplified.



Other/Bug Fixes:

UI Updated.


Various Parameters Adjusted.

The following parameters were adjusted in accordance with newly added game modes.

Overall scoring.

Playable character abilities.

Buddy abilities.

Scores needed to progress on the Episode Map.

Are you still reading these? Good. Just checking.


Various Performance Improvements.

Fixed forced shutdown issue.

Adjusted data load times and data load volumes.


Misc./Minor bug fixes.



Characters /Buddies 

Along with our 2.0.0 version update,

we’re also revising the way scoring is calculated.

As a result, we also revised the skills of each character and Buddy.

Changes were made to the following effects:


– Characters –

Shadow: Score Bonus

Rouge: Score Bonus

Blaze: Animals Rescued

Omega: Enemy Bonus

Metal Sonic: Enemy/Obstacle Bonus

Classic Sonic: Distance Bonus

Tikal: Distance Bonus/Animals Rescued

Silver: Total Score Reduction

Big: Total Score Reduction

Cream: Total Score Reduction

Espio: Rings Collected

Charmy: Rings Collected

Vector: Rings Collected

Amitie-Style Amy: Animals Rescued

Halloween Shadow: Score Bonus

Halloween Rouge: Score Bonus

Halloween Omega: Enemy Bonus


– SR Buddies –

Light Chaos: Bonus Effect (Score/Distance/Rings/Animals)

Hero Chaos: Ring Bonus

Dark Chaos: Score from Enemies Destroyed

Chip: Last Dash Effect Duration

Shahra: Activation Combo Amount

Caliburn: Number of Attacks

King Arthur’s Ghost: Time Limit Increased/Number of Attacks

RC Tornado: Collectible Ring Amount

RC Battle Cruiser: Red Star Ring Drop Rate

Merlina: Activation Combo Amount

Erazor Djinn: Activation Combo Amount

RC Moon Mech: Additional Attack Rate

Carbuncle: Activation Combo Amount

Kuna: Item Activation Rate

Chaos: Activation Rate

Death Egg: Continue Activation Rate

Red Crystal Monster (S): Activation Combo Amount

Red Crystal Monster (L): Activation Combo Amount

Golden Goose: Activation Combo Amount

Mother Wisp: Score Boost Amount

RC Pirate Spaceship: Ring Appearance Rate

Golden Angel: Golden Enemy Appearance Rate

NiGHTS: Effect Duration

Reala: Effect Duration

RC Tornado 2: Bonus Rate

King Boom Boo: Activation Rate

O-Papa: Activation Combo Amount

Opa-Opa: Activation Combo Amount


– R Buddies –

Egg Chao: Distance Bonus

Pumpkin Chao: Score Bonus

Skull Chao: Animal Bonus

Yacker: Effect Duration

RC Golden Piggy Bank: Rings Restored

Wizard Chao: Effect Duration

RC Turtle: Activation Combo Amount

RC UFO: Activation Combo Amount

Easter Bunny: Activation Combo Amount

Magic Lamp: Flicky Appearance Rate

Star-Shaped Missile: Effect Area

Suketoudara: Activation Rate

Rappy: Gold Rappy Appearance Rate

Blowfish Transporter: Activation Combo Amount

Genesis: Time Before Combo Reset

Cartridge: Starting Combo Amount

Green Crystal Monster (S): Activation Combo Amount

Green Crystal Monster (L): Activation Combo Amount

RC Airship: Combo Boost Amount

Desert Chao: Activation Rate

RC Satellite: Activation Rate

Marine Chao: Activation Rate

Nightopian: Activation Rate

Orca: Activation Combo Amount

Sonic Omochao: Activation Rate

Tails Omochao: Activation Rate

Knuckles Omochao: Activation Rate

Boo: Activation Combo Amount

Halloween Chao: Activation Rate

Heavy Bomb: Enemies Destroyed


– N Buddies –

Hero Chao: Bonus Effect (Score/Distance/Rings/Animals)

Gold Chao: Ring Bonus

Dark Chao: Enemy Bonus

Jewel Chao: Distance Bonus

Normal Chao: Score Bonus

Omochao: Animal Bonus

RC Monkey: Combo Bonus Duration

RC Spring: Trampoline Effect Duration

RC Electromagnet: Magnet Effect Duration

Baby Cyan Wisp: Cyan Laser Effect Duration

Baby Indigo Wisp: Indigo Asteroid Effect Duration

Baby Yellow Wisp: Yellow Drill Effect Duration

RC Pinwheel: Activation Rate

RC Piggy Bank: Rings Restored

Easter Chao: Activation Rate

Purple Papurisu: Activation Combo Amount

Mag Lv. 1: Activation Combo Amount



You still with us? Hey, don’t you doze off!

Alright, so that covers pretty much all the major items from the 2.0 Update, and we hope that you guys will enjoy them! As always, we welcome your feedback and I’ll be here to help offer a direct line into Sonic Team, at least for a little while!

Happy Friday everyone, and Happy National Cookie day, too!

Om nom nom.