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Archive for February 9th, 2016


Sonic Runners OST Vol. 2 released!

The fast among you will have already seen this, but the Sonic Runners Original Soundtrack Volume 2 has released on iTunes Store and Amazon! (And, if you haven’t already heard the music for this mobile game, it’s pretty fantastic!)

This second volume features seven songs from Sonic Runners, including songs used in Timed Mode and special holiday events, like Christmas and Halloween. Here’s the full track list:

1. Going My Way
2. Go Quickly!
3. Fiery Passion
4. End Of The Summer
5. Strange Parade
6. Magical Snow Day
7. Ambition

Just like the first soundtrack, these songs were created by Tomoya Ohtani, the sound director of Sonic.

You can speed over to pick up the soundtrack at any of the links below. Happy listening!


・iTunes Store Download
・Amazon MP3 Download


・iTunes Store Download 
・Amazon MP3 Download