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Conduit 2 – Ask a Drudge parts 3 & 4!

Straight from the good folks at High Voltage Software, we have a two new videos to share from their super secret insider source. The title might also be a dead giveaway – Ask a Drudge is a new series of videos that help answer questions no else dare answer; today’s topics include Invasion Mode and controller preferences!

Ask a Drudge Part 3

YouTube Preview Image

Ask a Drudge Part 4

YouTube Preview Image

Got your own question for a Drudge? Ask away at: and you might find your email featured in a video!


Conduit 2 – Ask a Drudge!

Straight from the good folks at High Voltage Software, we have a collection of videos to share from a super secret insider source. The title might also be a dead giveaway – Ask a Drudge is a new series of videos that help answer questions no else dare answer, such as pesky shadows, spelling errors, and what’s up with crosshairs? Check the videos below and see what we mean!

Ask a Drudge Part 1

YouTube Preview Image

Ask a Drudge Part 2

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Got your own question for a Drudge? Ask away at: and you might find your email featured in a video!


Conduit 2 Interview with High Voltage Software!

Conduit 2 White Logo

Conduit 2 is out and loaded with features, updates, and improvements from the original! Conduit 2 is the sweetness, tons of updates, tons of features – but don’t just take my word for it, here to tell you all about the improvements is Eric Nofsinger and Matt Corso of High Voltage Software!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Conduit 2 can be grabbed right now! Don’t delay on picking up the best


Build Your Own Papercraft Conduit 2 Portal

Conduit 2 Papercraft

Calling all crafty types and Conduit 2 fans! High Voltage Software has just released this awesome Conduit portal papercraft for you to print, cut, and assemble! You can download the PDF from their website.

I am not nearly crafty enough to build this myself, but we want to see your creations! If you build this, email us a photo to (please put “Conduit 2 Papercraft” in the subject line) or post a link to a photo in the comments!


Conduit 2 Launch Trailer

Conduit 2 is here and we’ve got a new trailer to show off the game and tease you a bit at what you’ll encounter with the newest from SEGA and High Voltage Software. Bigger firefights, more intense enemies with that will keep you guessing, and a story that spans the entire globe – Conduit 2 is THE shooter to own on the Wii!

Story not your thing? Perfectly fine – we know what you want and have it with the robust Multiplayer. Over 10 multiplayer modes, countless upgrades, achievements, improvements, and battles across top notch maps!

YouTube Preview Image

Conduit 2 is awesome and if you are playing it – you know this already. If you aren’t, we’re waiting for you. Bring it.


Conduit 2 Blasts onto Retail Shelves in North America!

Conduit 2 White Logo

SEGA of America, Inc. today announced that Conduit 2, the latest collaboration with High Voltage Software, Inc., is available now on retail shelves for the Wii™ system from Nintendo. The highly anticipated first person shooter picks up right where its critically acclaimed predecessor left off, and will place players on the embattled frontlines of the war to save humanity from an alien onslaught and from The Trust, a corrupt government force bent on power and control.

“We are incredibly proud of the product we’re delivering with Conduit 2,” said Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer of High Voltage Software. “We have listened to feedback from fans and our critics throughout the game’s development and have used it to create a shooter experience unlike anything else we think you will find on the Wii. It has been a labor of love and we are excited to jump online and play some Conduit 2 multiplayer with everyone.”

Conduit 2 - Darkstar

In Conduit 2, players once again assume the role of former Secret Service agent Michael Ford, a tormented man who barely escaped the alien invasion of Washington D.C. with his life. As Ford, players will use alien Conduits to travel to the far ends of the earth in effort to put an end to this ongoing struggle. Players can turn the tide of war and bring the alien menace to its knees with an arsenal of more than 20 weapons, including wall-penetrating sniper rifles, remotely-controlled deployable turrets, and alien technology that captures incoming fire and unleashes it back on the enemy.

Conduit 2

Conduit 2 features a multitude of new gameplay modes, including the all-new co-op mode, Invasion, where up to four players battle side-by-side against waves of enemies via split screen. Designed to be the best online multiplayer experience on Wii, players can also battle each other online with up to 12-players. Each player can create and modify their character’s unique look with the modular armor system and selectable skins. A profile system gives players the choice of pre-mission weapon load-outs and suit upgrades, and in-game currency can be used to purchase new weaponry, armor, upgrades, and additional content.


Conduit 2 – A preview into Your Arsenal

Conduit 2 - Darkstar

Hi all you Sega blog readers! My name is Keith Hladik and I’m one of the Producers of Conduit 2. I’ve been here at ‘the Volt’ for six years and I’ve had the pleasure to work on titles such as the first Conduit and Tournament of Legends. It’s always exciting to reach out to our fans and pull back the curtain on some decisions made during development. Being a fan of the first game, it’s been an exciting ride to work on the series again.

As we approach our launch date I’d like to highlight some of the cool weaponry featured in Conduit 2. First Person Shooters are all about their weapon arsenal and for Conduit 2 we worked tirelessly at crafting new weapons, tweaking and refining old weapons, all while ensuring each is balanced for single player as well as multiplayer. We knew we wanted to bring back the majority of the guns, but as we started development on the second game we wanted to give each weapon a secondary feature to bring them new life. Human weapons now have iron sites or scopes while some of the Trust and Drudge guns received a major overhaul. The development team read tons of fan feedback, scoured the forums, and studied YouTube videos to determine which weapons ‘worked’ and which weren’t used all that often.

The TPC Launcher

Conduit 2 - TPC Launcher
Fans of the first game might recognize these first couple of weapons. First up is the TPC Launcher, a dangerous Trust weapon. In The Conduit its only function was to fire off energy grenades. It was a pretty powerful weapon and a fun gun to use online. For Conduit 2 we amped it up a bit; adding “sticky” proximity grenades as its alternate fire. What grenade launcher isn’t complete without sticky bombs!? Players can now press the ‘alternate fire’ button to switch modes (defaulted to Down on the +Control Pad for Wii Remote Nunchuk style controls). When the button is pressed, parts of the gun and grenade alter their color to red. Players can then plop down some grenades that explode when enemies get within range. This is perfect for protecting that capture or choke point. Another pro tip is that you can attach proximity mines to team mates and they can run around chasing after the other team! Sure, they might die in the ensuing explosion, but you don’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs!

In regular mode players can rapidly fire off 4 energy grenades that bounce and explode after a certain amount of time or when they hit another player. The TPC Launcher is now critical to any team when they need a good set of defenders.

Conduit 2 - TPC Launcher - Alternate Fire

The Hive Cannon

Now I’d like to move along to another original gun from the first game we retooled for Conduit 2. This is a huge favorite in the office for both its power and unique ability. I’d like to introduce you to the new and improved Hive Cannon!

Conduit 2 - Hive Cannon

The Hive Cannon is a powerful Drudge weapon that natively fires tiny insects that explode upon impact with enemies and objects. In the first game the firing cone of the weapon grew or shrunk depending on which way players twisted the Wii Remote. As this proved to be a bit cumbersome for players and truthfully not all that useful, we removed that functionality and added something we think is way cooler. With a press of the alternate fire button, the gun lobs a spherical ‘Drudge Pheromone’ that sticks to anything it touches. Now, there is a slight arc to the trajectory of the glob so players will have to carefully judge longer distance shots. Yeah, yeah… you’re probably wondering, so what? Well the really neat part is that anytime you fire the Hive cannon, the insects will home in on the pheromone, tracking its location. You can even shoot around corners if your unsuspecting victim runs for cover. With high damage value, large clip, and rapid fire, the Hive Cannon is a great weapon that provides players unique strategies when on the offensive.

YouTube Preview Image

The Darkstar

I’d like to end this weapon blog detailing one of our newest and probably least known about weapons, the Atlantean Dark Star. The somewhat maddening thing about our weapons in the Conduit series is that they go through 2, 3, and sometimes 4 different names throughout development. The Dark Star, which was once (and probably still is somewhere around the office) called ‘The Black Hole Gun’, ‘The Brahmastra’, or simply ‘The Killa’. We’re glad we settled on ‘The Dark Star’ as it evokes sheer terror once that thing is fired. So now that your interest is peaked I’ll describe one of the most powerful guns in the game.

Conduit 2 - DarkStar

The Dark Star, as with all of our weapons, has 2 firing modes, and the second mode is wholly dependent on the first. The primary fire shoots an energy ball that attaches to targets. The initial damage is fairly low, however once a player is hit with this they will continue to take damage over time (DOT). If they subsequently die while an energy ball is attached to them (either from the ball itself, another weapon, or from another player), you now have a Level 1 Dark Star shot.

You have options now, either press the alternate fire button to switch modes, or try to kill more enemies with the primary shot attached. Since you’re probably in the thick of things, most often you’ll probably want to switch to the Dark Star shot right away. When the weapon is transferred into Dark Star mode, its jaws open up in anticipation of the hell you’re about to unleash on your foes. Once you press fire, watch out! A piece of highly potent dark matter will launch from the gun and explode into a huge black hole once it collides with something, (or after a short amount of time), preferably an enemy! All nearby living things will get sucked into the black hole and die painful death.

“But wait, what if I kill someone with the regular shot again?” you ask. Well you’ll level up your gun to Level 2, and then Level 3 if you kill someone else with the regular shot DOT. Each subsequent level of the gun fires a larger and larger black hole, each with a larger gravitational pull. But you have to be extremely careful as you wouldn’t want to get sucked in yourself! Black holes aren’t choosey. Players also have to be careful as the Dark Star will revert back to level zero if you die while it’s leveled up. The Dark Star is a bit of a cult favorite here at HVS, and in the hands of a skilled player with the right suit upgrades, it is a very devastating weapon.

Conduit 2 - Darkstar

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this brief overview of some of the changes we did to weapons from the first game as well as one of our new guns. With over 20 weapons, Conduit 2 has a great selection of fun and unique weaponry to try out. And with our new loadout system, players can bring any weapon they choose into any single player level or multiplayer match!

I’d like to extend my warmest thanks to all the fans past, present, and future. I hope to see you all online when we launch April 2011 – don’t forget to pre-order to prepare for the fight on day 1!


Conduit 2 Multiplayer Trailer!

I don’t even need to set this one up – just watch and enjoy – we absolutely cannot wait for people to get their hands on Conduit 2!

YouTube Preview Image

Great job High Voltage Software! We’re looking at you April 19th for the day our online lives change for the better!


Conduit 2 – Hands On Multiplayer Event this Thursday!

Calling all Conduit fans! We are throwing the doors open and welcoming 10 lucky fans to play some Conduit 2 with this Thursday, January 27th. We’ll have Eric Nofsinger and Matt Corso on hand from High Voltage Software to walk you through the game and show you all the new features, updates, new maps and modes within the game. Come on out and get some early access and bone up on the skills you’ll need to own the competition when the game releases in March.

Conduit 2

Where? When? How — Sign me up!

The event will be held inside the SEGA offices in San Francisco. As noted, we have spots available for up to 10 people, so you’ll have to act fast to participate. Simply post in the comments below and we’ll email you tomorrow to confirm you in the event – eays!

When: January 27th at 12pm – 2pm
Where: The SEGA Offices in San Francisco
How to Attend: Sign up and express your interest in the comments below!

We hope you can make it!


Conduit 2 – Creating the Intro Cinematic

As part of our regular blog series, we’ve got another update from the good folks at High Voltage Software – this time discussing the crafting of the intro cinematic for Conduit 2. Enjoy!

My name is Damion Davis; I’m the Studio Director at Red Eye Motion Capture Studio and I lead in the creation of the full motion cinemas featured in Conduit 2.

Damion Davis

One of our primary goals in creating the intro sequence for Conduit 2 was to establish that our game was taking a huge step forward in presentation, graphical quality and cinematic scope. Lead Artist Joe Hamel and his team did an amazing job of creating some of the highest quality visuals ever produced on the Wii, and our opening cinema needed to reflect that. We wanted the cinema to begin where the first game left off – with Michael Ford escaping via conduit from a collapsing bunker in Washington DC; and to end with him emerging from the conduit to begin the new campaign. We had complete freedom to choose whatever imagery we wanted during the journey through the wormhole. Since we were using hi-resolution versions of the actual in-game models, we had a ton of amazing new worlds and never before seen creatures to pick from.

YouTube Preview Image

We knew that hardcore fans of the first game would want something meaty to sink their teeth into, so we packed our cinema full of hidden hints and clues that will reveal themselves as you play through the game. Visually, we wanted to give a few things away but save a majority of the experience for game play, so we focused the action around Atlantis and the Oil Derrick. We give glimpses of a few of the interiors of Atlantis and reveal that it is actually an enormous submerged spaceship. We also provide a sneak peak at the Leviathan, the enormous beast which we follow up to the surface of a storm tossed ocean. There we finally reveal the location of the games opening level, an offshore oil drilling platform. Finally, as the orchestral score reaches it’s pulsing climactic crescendo, we marvel at the blinding brilliance of the CONDUIT 2 logo treatment created by Colin Craig.

Conduit 2 Intro

We needed to convey that the Leviathan was super huge, which seemed simple, but proved to be a little tricky. In early versions of the cinema we were using the exterior of Atlantis as a backdrop to establish scale. Since we were intimately familiar with the material it seemed obvious to us that Atlantis is a gargantuan spaceship, and we sort of forgot that it wouldn’t be obvious to our audience. We eventually realized that anyone unfamiliar with Atlantis might not realize that it was super huge, and as a result the size reference with the Leviathan would be ineffective. Our solution was to throw some immediately recognizable objects into the scene to establish a clear and intuitive sense of scale. We placed a few aircraft carrier shipwrecks and downed jetliners into the foreground and suddenly both Atlantis and our monster looked adequately enormous. Brilliant!

In the end, I think that we succeeded in providing a really interesting and impressive backdrop to the narration, as well as establishing a mysteriously ominous vibe. It was a team effort and we are really happy with the results.

Conduit 2 Intro

All of the modeling and animation was done in 3DS Max 2010. Our video guru Colin Craig used Adobe After Effects for editing, compositing and effects. He also animated the swimming leviathan, and did a huge amount of the environmental rendering, including that crazy rolling ocean effect. Animation support was provided by Jeremy Chapman. Joe Hamel was the Lead Artist, and the environments featured in the video were created by Thomas Barmore. Roland Herran modeled and rigged the Michael Ford character, and the Leviathan was modeled and rigged by Chad Thelen. Concept art was created by Eugene Negri and Andrew Johnson. Mike Metz did an amazing job with the sound design and final audio mix. We used Red Eye Studio’s state of the art, 16 camera, Vicon T160 motion capture system for Michael Ford’s animations in the collapsing bunker.

Thanks for reading and absorbing all of my amazing insight! I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Now go out there and pre-order CONDUIT 2!


We hope you enjoyed the blog and big big thanks to Damion Davis for taking the time to craft the it!  We’ve more in store for everyone on Conduit 2, so stay tuned!