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PlayStation Network Sale for Space Channel 5: Part 2

Space Channel 5 Part 2

Good news for fans of dancing … in space!

We have a PlayStation Network sale for you — Space Channel 5: Part 2 is on sale for 50% off (60% off for Playstation Plus members).  This sale lasts from now until September 11th. In case you are unfamiliar with the zany, rhythm/dance Dreamcast title, here’s a quick Q&A:

Q: Is Space Channel 5, Part 2 the infectiously fun action rhythm game that follows fan-favorite Ulala as she uses the power of dance to fight off the rhythm rogues?

A: Why, yes it is!

Space Channel 5-0002

Q: Why would she fight the Rhythm Rogues? What’d they ever do to her?

A: Glad you asked – the Rhythm Rogues kidnapped Space President Peace, beloved for his policies of non-aggression, along with thousands of other people, and forced them to dance until there is literally no tomorrow.

Q: Wow, that’s messed up. So why did you release part 2 instead of part 1?

A: Because Part 2 has Space Michael, that’s why.

Space Channel 5-0108

Q: Oh wow, that is awesome, and kind of crazy. Wait, I forgot. What’s happening again?

A: Space Channel 5, Part 2! On sale! 50% off on PlayStation Network (60% for PlayStation Plus members)! From now until September 11th!

Q: Dance?

A: Dance!

Space Channel 5 Part 2


Bass Fishing & Space Channel 5 Part 2 Return on PSN & XBLA!

SEGA Bass Fishing

SEGA Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5 Part 2 are now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network! Fans who have been waiting over ten years for the fish to return and to fulfill their passion for music and dance can pick up copies of these games for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99 / £6.29 / €7.99 / AUS $12.95 via PSN.

Space Channel 5 Part 2

In SEGA Bass Fishing, players can cast their lines at eight different fishing holes, utilising 14 unique lures while battling realistic weather conditions that affect fish behavior. Players also have the opportunity to master their angling techniques to catch as many fish as possible in four tournaments, where the best of the best cross fishing rods! In addition, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to get that realistic fishing experience right in your living room with the PlayStation Move motion controller. Cast off and reel in with a simple flick of the wrist.

SEGA Bass Fishing

In Space Channel 5 Part 2, follow Ulala, a dancer and reporter from Space Channel 5, on her quest to take down the Rhythm Rogues and their leaders, Purge and Shadow. The dancing Dreamcast diva must prevent them from creating the all-powerful dance-control weapon and ultimately end their pursuit of world domination. Along the way, enlist the help of Space Michael, based on the King of Pop himself, to prove Ulala’s prowess in rhythm and rescue Space President Peace!

Watch the Trailers!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Fans of the originals will be happy to see both games digitally re-mastered with HD 720p graphics! We hope you enjoy the return of these Dreamcast games and look forward to your feedback!


SEGA Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5 – Release Dates Confirmed!

Attention, all Anglers and Spacecats!

We have some dates for you: SEGA Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5, Part 2 are going to be available, digitally, over Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network — October 4th for PSN and October 5th for XBLA!

The games will each be available for either 800 Microsoft Points (same for all territories), or $9.99/£6.29/€7.99/AUS$12.95 on PSN.

Space Channel 5-0108
Space Channel 5-0010

Space Channel 5 Part 2 is the infectiously fun action rhythm game that follows fan-favorite and funktastically spunky newscaster Ulala as she fights off the Rhythm Rogues. These dastardly dance deviants have captured the noble leader, Space President Peace, and thousands of other innocents — and forced them to dance until there is literally no tomorrow.

Although there is considerably less dancing in SEGA Bass Fishing, it nonetheless runs with the Dreamcast spirit of being infectiously fun and engaging — perhaps bass fishing is not your idea of wild action, but this game has a unique charm all its own, and like the best of the Dreamcast era runs with a concept as far as it can, concerned both with being a great fishing game and being a great game on its own. Or put less dramatically: Fish!!!

Update: It is 100% worth mentioning that the PlayStation Network version of SEGA Bass Fishing supports Sony Move! The original was a fun game regardless of how you played it, but one of the neat features was, of course, the awesome Bass Fishing controller for Dreamcast. Now, you can use your Sony Move controller in your relentless pursuit of the big one!

To recap: Anglers and Spacecats! Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Bass Fishing! October 4th, PSN! October 5th, XBLA! Dance! Fish!!!

Bass Fishing-0010
Bass Fishing-0032


Dreamcast Collection Limited Edition Vinyl

Mark my words – those Australians get everything cool. Summer when it’s our winter, awesome beaches that defy description, adorable Koalas and other animals – and this … the Dreamcast Limited Edition Vinyl. Jerks, all of them!


Luckily, while we are not offering this for a pre-order bonus across the US, we do have a hefty batch in stock to pass out to fans and fansites for giveaway!

The Vinyl is a very limited pressing and is individually numbered, it contains five classic tracks from Sonic Adventure, Space Channel 5 Part 2, and Crazy Taxi. As you can see from the photos, the sleeve is designed to look like the white Dreamcast console, only blue – as that was the color scheme for the European territories. Inside, the record has the familiar Dreamcast swirl and comes in stylish white – perfect!

We’re going to be sending these around to our various friends across the web and will be posting updates to everyone shortly. For now, marvel at the fun swag that’s being produced for our favorite white console!


Space Channel 5 and Bass Fishing Incoming Soon!

SEGA Bass FishingSpace Channel 5 Part 2 Pack Front

You read that right, we’ve just today announced that two more Dreamcast classics are headed to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2011! I can’t contain my excitement for both games, as I spent a good deal of time playing both back when the Dreamcast was the only console I had plugged into my TV (ahh, those were were the days). From the ‘UP, DOWN, Chu Chu Chu’ of Ulala to the FISH!! (cue raging guitar) of Bass Fishing; these games are sure to bring us all back to a simpler time when the Dreamcast was bringing us all sorts of new and unique experiences. For those that aren’t familiar with the games, don’t worry, there’s a bit of info included that will clarify all (or at least enough to play along)!

Space Channel 5 Part 2

Space Channel 5 Part 2 follows famed reporter and dancer Ulala as she battles the Rhythm Rogues—a group of villains led by the mysterious Purge and his right-hand man Shadow—in a quest to rescue thousands of people who have been kidnapped and forced to dance. Players will need to help Ulala move and “chu chu chu” her way to victory over these evil-doers before they succeed in taking over the universe with their ultimate dance-control weapon. This is a true SEGA classic, oozing with style; a game you need to play to fully appreciate!

SEGA Bass Fishing

SEGA Bass Fishing on the other hand is perfect for cost-conscious outdoorsmen! Look forward to some intense living-room angling with this re-mastered release. Players may choose from fourteen lures and will need to keep a close eye on the weather conditions at eight unique fishing spots if they want to reel in the big catches! The joy of this game is in it’s seemingly simple premise that becomes increasingly more difficult and challenging as you learn the ins and outs of digital fishing. Fish!!

We’ve got more images of both games in our Flickr page, head on over for more Bass and Ulala goodness!