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Daisy Fuentes in the SEGA Booth!

E3 Daisy Fuentes Signing

Although Daisy Fuentes Pilates is not showing at E3, that didn’t stop us from bringing Daisy in to sign autographs for waiting fans! There was a good sized crowd waiting for Daisy, who signed autographs for about 45 minutes. 

She was friendly and lively with the crowd, and happily posed for photos with waiting fans. Many people stood on the sidelines and took photos, too. 

We’ve got plenty more photos in our E3 set on Flickr. If you’ve got photos with Daisy, send them to us. We’d love to see them!


Alpha Protocol at E3 2009


Alpha Protocol is at E3 and damn does it look great. We arrived at the Sega Booth a bit early today and had a chance to walk around and take some photos of everything. As you can see, the section for Alpha Protocol is huge and has a real presence across the rest of the space. One thing that appears to play pretty heavily into our booth layout is the color schemes for each game, and Alpha Protocol really stands out with a darker red theme against a lot of blues and greens.

Alpha Protocol Demoed by Obsidian

The booth is being manned by a mix of Sega and Obsidian Entertainment members, with one key person running a guided demo. The demo is played out with two different perspectives, with one team member playing a stealthy, gadget heavy playthrough, and another going in guns blazing in a very aggressive playstyle. The demos have been extremely fun to watch, with a lot of unexpected plays by both demo team, such as interesting setups with the AI combatants, or a well executed stealth takedown.

Alpha Protocol

The Demo plays out across Moscow and players are given some key choices in how they want to take on the level. Right off the bat, players meet a key character of a different faction that you can decide to work with, or work against, depending on your playstyle. The thing is, the decisions you make in the immediate, also affect the long term. If you are the stealthy type, your best bet is to strike an alliance and let them create a diversion, you can then make your way through some key locked doors and get deeper into the level as the guards are distracted. If you are aggressive, you may decide to either side, or not to side with the new faction, and go in through the front door. This is riskier, but if you are playing a more aggressive character, you appear to have more tools to compliment this playstyle.

The demo is a great look at the upcoming world of Alpha Protocol, and a nice taste of things to come.  As a fan of RPGs and shooters, this is a perfect mix.  What really has me hooked is creating a world where it’s not about good and bad, right and wrong, it’s about the short term and long term consequences of your decisions in game.  If this sounds good to you as well, then we’re in for a great experience when the game ships later this year.  For now, enjoy the booth photos and look for more on Alpha Protocol from the floor.

Like what you see?  Let us know here or across the forums!


Aliens vs Predator at E3 2009

Aliens vs. Predator

I know that lots of you are excited about Aliens vs. Predator, so here’s the lowdown on what we’re showing and talking about in the booth.

You can play as the Colonial Marine, Alien or Predator in the game. Each of these are different single-player campaigns that intersect and interweave at different points through the game. You can use any of these factions as you play with online multi-player.

The Predator is the master of stealth. You’ll have several different vision modes to help you locate your prey. You can also use the Predator’s cloaking ability to stay hidden and sneak in a gruesome trophy kill. Trophy kills involve using your writs blades to rip the spine and head out of an unsuspecting enemy. You can also use the plasma caster to take out long-range targets.

The Alien is the ultimate instinctual killing machine, and you have methods you can use to maim and kill. The Alien can crawl anywhere in the game, including walls, ceilings, up trees, etc. This allows you to tail-impale Marines and ambush Predators for head bite kills.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of survival for the Marines. Use aggressive battle tactics, motion trackers, pulse rifles and smart turrets to survive.

Aliens vs Predator

In addition to the strong single-player campaigns, there is great online multi-player. You can play online as any of the three factions, and all play against each other online. Each race brings different tactics and weapons to the battle, which makes for fun and exciting play.

I hoe you’re as excited about Aliens vs. Predator as I am! We’ll have more AvP goodness in the coming months. If you like what you see, let us know here or head to our Forums!


SEGA at E3 2009!

Hooray for E3!

Somewhere between the massive digital screens, the loud noises, huge crowds and the hustle and bustle of the convention, I realized this certainly had to be an E3 closer to what the other guys in the industry look back on as the ‘good ol’ days’  (as they explained it to me when they talked about the show this year).

This was my first time at the show, so I was pretty excited to see it all in real life. Not just with the gigantic TV wall that SEGA has front and center at our booth (literally, this thing is MASSIVE!), but with lots of the stuff on the floor, and the press conferences coming from all the first parties. Tons of cool stuff going on, but none closer to heart than the fun stuff going down at the SEGA Booth.

SEGA staff and other industry members were inside at 10 AM, getting ready and preparing for the start of the show. At noon, the floodgates opened – and in came the crowds. It was like there was this big invisible wall just in front of the SEGA Booth, as whole groups would suddenly stop to take a look at the trailers playing on the huge screen out front. We’ve got a ton of great games on the floor, and today we’re going to be taking a special look at three of them: Aliens Vs Predator, Alpha Protocol, and Sonic and SEGA All-stars racing! Click a title or image below to check out coverage for the game:

Aliens Vs Predator

Aliens vs. Predator

Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol Demoed by Obsidian

Sonic and SEGA All-stars racing


Exclusive: SEGA announces an all-new community Podcast!

SEGA fans, this one goes out to all of you.

What’s it like to work at SEGA? With E3 just around the corner (quite literally), SEGA has just revealed an all-new official podcast where you can find out just that! Brought to you by the SEGA of America community team, the first episode – titled Genesis – is now available for free streaming and download online, and you can listen in for a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest and most time-consuming parts of E3: Namely, getting ready for E3.

SEGA Community Podcast – Episode 1: Genesis

Click here to stream, or right click and “Save as” to download.

Hosts and Special Guests

If you checked out our Sonic Unleashed podcast last year, a couple voices will sound familiar – the hosts include Kellie, Julian, and myself (Aaron), and in our flagship episode we’re joined by three special guests from the company:

  • Teri Higgins, Media and Event Manager
  • Aaron Palacios, PR Coordinator
  • Tim Ernst, Producer on Alpha Protocol

This is just the beginning for SEGA and all of our E3 community coverage – check back in on the SEGA blogs and forums tomorrow night for even more news from the floor, the opinions from your community team members, and a chance to win some sweet (and exclusive) E3 swag straight from the show floor!

Even if you can’t attend the show in person this year, we’ll be doing our best to bring all the big SEGA announcements right to your doorstep. Let us know what you thought of the show here and on the SEGA Forums – we’d love to hear what you guys thought!


E3 2009: It’s Happening in the SEGA Booth!

E3 2009 Logo

I’m heading to Los Angeles tomorrow with Julian (Clumsy) and Aaron (Ruby) so we can bring you all the latest news and happenings from the E3 show floor. We’ve got lots of stuff planned, including blogs, tweets, and photos.

But before we get rolling, I wanted to share with everyone some of the people you’ll see in and around our booth. If you’re coming to E3, please swing by the booth for these special events!

Daisy Fuentes

The former model and MTV VJ will be in our booth to promote Daisy Fuentes Pilates. She’ll be in our booth on Tuesday, June 2nd from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM signing 8×10 photos. Stop by our booth to meet Daisy and get her photo and autograph!


Gaming’s next big female icon comes to life as the beautiful but deadly Bayonetta graces the SEGA booth. Bayonetta’s elaborate costume has been meticulously re-created, right down to her trademark foot guns (don’t worry, they’re not loaded).

You can see Bayonetta in our booth on Tuesday from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM. On Wednesday, she’ll be there from 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM. Your last chance to catch her is Thursday from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

The industry’s two most popular rivals will be in costume at the SEGA booth in the area for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Tuesday – Thursday to promote this year’s mega holiday hit.

Alpha Protocol

Line up to get your photo taken with the ladies of Alpha Protocol! These three CIA agents will be sporting neon squirt guns and dark sunglasses Tuesday – Thursday to help promote the #1 RPG of 2009.

That’s all for now! We’ll have lots more coming up this week from the show.


The Conduit at E3 Preview!

The Conduit - E3 Booth Preview

E3 is just around the corner, and we are very fortunate to have a sneak peak at High Voltage Software’s booth across the E3 show. The booth, which is decked out from top to bottom with The Conduit, is fully realized in render form, as a preview of what will actually be shown on the floor.

The Conduit - E3 Booth Preview

Looking over the renders, you can tell someone who loves The Conduit had a lot of fun creating this booth. Amongst the demo kiosks scattered about the floor, you’ll also see smaller details, even some Drudge Code across the back! Plus, having seen these photos, I know where I’ll be taking my breaks – up top where there appears to be a bit of a bar, how convenient!

The Conduit - E3 Booth Preview

Hopefully this whets your appetite a bit for the E3 experience with The Conduit, look for shots from the booth on the actual floor of E3 next week. If you like what you see, let us know here, or at our Forums!


Bayonetta – E3 Trailer and Interviews

Bayonetta E3 Trailer

E3 is almost here and we are rolling in new trailers, info, and exciting updates from the pre-show. Thankfully, the rollout this year for updates has been feeding in a bit early, giving everyone a chance at some of the new details before stepping onto the show floor. I love E3 and am just really excited to see what the week will bring!

Bayonetta E3 Trailer

Bayonetta E3 Trailer

Kicking off (ha! a pun) the festivities for Bayonetta is an all new trailer showing off the over the top action from our upcoming game! If you haven’t yet seen Bayonetta in action, then this is an absolute must see. I predict we’ll be seeing a lot of Bayonetta from the show floor, it’s a fantastic and fun game that I can’t contain my own personal excitement for. Head on over to GameTrailers and check out this newest release!

Bayonetta Interviews with Yosuke Hashimoto and Hideki Kamiya

Bayonetta Interview at

In addition to this great new trailer, we also are happy to pass around some great interviews with the game’s Producer, Yosuke Hashimoto and Director, Hideki Kamiya. You’ll also find some new video footage spliced in too, so do check them out across GameTrailers and IGN. Additionally, has an interview and is covering Bayonetta all week. Check out the interview, or browse the other updates!

As always, tell us what you think, either across the blogs or in our Bayonetta Forum!


Alpha Protocol – New Trailer and Spy Dossier Contest at Gametrailers!

Alpha Protocol

An All New Alpha Protocol Trailer

E3 is nearly upon us and we’re really excited about all the fun stuff going out for the show. For me, the week before is when the excitement sets in, when new bits of info starts to either leak out or get rolled into one big release. One such big release that you might have heard about is the upcoming GameTrailersTV and Spike TV show previewing E3 with a few of the games to be seen at the show. One game we’re all very excited about here is Alpha Protocol and are very happy to see a huge new E3 trailer launching on the show. I won’t spoil anything on the trailer, it looks amazing and is something every Alpha Protocol fan should check out. Don’t miss it, the GameTrailersTV event airs at 11pm this Thursday on Spike TV.

Alpha Protocol - Spy Dossier Swag

Spy Dossier Giveaway

In addition to our huge new trailer we’re also running a special giveaway to award six lucky fans with one of our exclusive Spy Dossier packs. These limited run packs were only distributed to a few press sites, until now… The Spy Dossiers feature special collectors items for a huge Alpha Protocol fan, including some nice glossy photos, a spy pen, and a Leatherman all purpose multitool branded with the Alpha Protocol logo.

Info on how to pick up one of these packs will be available in the upcoming GameTrailers newsletter and across the blogs later in the week. To get the submission details as they are available, head over to and sign up for an account to receive the newsletter, it’s that easy. If you already have an account, go to your user control panel, go to the Account section, and confirm you are receiving the newsletter at the bottom of the page.