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Valkyria Chronicles II picks up Best RPG and Best PSP Game of E3 Awards from Gamespot!

E3 is home to a ton of awesome games each year – and this mass flurry often means that some of the best go overlooked. Thankfully, it looks like Valkyria Chronicles II won’t be among the overlooked this year, as Gamespot’s Editor’s Choice Awards have given VCII the picks for both Best RPG of the show and also best PSP game!

You can check out the video with all the winners by clicking here, (or on the image above!) and jump to 5 minutes in to see the awards.

As many of you have probably already heard, the game’s ship date has also been confirmed – it will be arriving here in the states on August 31st!

Let’s hear it for Valkyria Chronicles II!


E3 2010: Awards & Nominations

E3 Logo 2010

As the E3 2010 show comes to a close, I’m happy to report the nominations and awards that SEGA games have received this year. It’s been a great gear for SEGA and SEGA games. If these awards and nominations are any indication, it’s going to be a great year for SEGA fans.

If you have seen any E3 nominations or awards that are not on this list, or if your site has given us an award or nomination that is not on this list, please let us know in the comments. We’ll keep updating this list as the show wraps.

Shogun 2: Total War

Best Strategy Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best PC Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Strategy Game (nominee) – 1up

Best Strategy Game (nominee) –

Best PC Game (nominee) – IGN

Best Strategy Game (nominee) – IGN

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I

Best iPhone Game (nominee) – IGN

Best Platforming Game (nominee) – IGN

Reason to Live Award – Gamesradar

Best Downloadable Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Sonic Colors

Best DS game (nominee) – 1up

Best of E3 Award (DS version) – Pure Nintendo

Best DS game (nominee) – IGN

Best Wii game (nominee) – IGN

Best Platformer (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Conduit 2

Best of E3 Award – Pure Nintendo

Yakuza 4

Reason to Live award – Gamesradar

Best Action Game (nominee) – IGN


Best of E3 award – The Bit Bag

Game of the Show (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Shooter (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Multiplatform Console Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Graphics (technical) (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Reason to Live award – Gamesradar

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Best Strategy Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best PSP Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Handheld Game (nominee) –


E3 2010: Guinness World Records

E3 2010: Guinness World Record

The nice folks from Guinness World Records just stopped by to give SEGA 2 world records! Pictured with the awards above are (L-R) Darren Williams, Mike Hayes, and Haruki Satomi.

E3 2010: Guinness World Record

The first award (pardon the glare) is for Valkyria Chronicles. The award is for best strategy RPG for the PS3! Valkyria Chronicles won Game of the Year, Strategy Game of the Year, and achieved average review scores of 86% and 86.38% in 2008.

E3 2010: Guinness World Record

The second award is for Virtua Fighter. We received it for being the first fully 3D fighting game to employ polygon graphics as opposed to animated sprites in 1993.

E3 2010: Guinness World Record

Here are Darren, Mike and Haruki with the people from Guinness World Records.

Speaking of awards, I’ve just been told that a few more E3 nominations and awards have come in. We’ll have a full update on all the nominations and awards in a future blog post. It’s been a great E3 for SEGA games!


E3 2010: Dreamcast Shirts!

dreamcast shirt

To celebrate Dreamcast classics Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure coming out on XBLA & PSN this September, we’ve got these great Dreamcast t-shirts at the show.

If you’re at E3, come to the Sonic Adventure/Crazy Taxi area of the SEGA booth and find Ben, the guy in this photo. Tell us your favorite Dreamcast memory and you’ll get a shirt!

If you’re not at E3, we may have some to give away after the show, so stay tuned.


E3 2010: Tournament of Legends

Tournament of Legends - E3

Tournament of Legends is on the show floor, and it’s been really fun to watch people pick up and play the game. From the second that people pick up the controllers, they start waving their arms and getting into the fight. One of the unique things about Tournament of Legends is that you can use two weapons at the same time with the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck. There are 10 weapons sets (including the battle axe, katana, roman sword, mace, and gauntlet), so there are a lot of possible combinations for the 10 characters in the game. There are also unlockable weapons, so you can choose what works best for your gameplay style and for your character. Defeat a legend of the same class in battle and earn their weapon! In addition to the weapons, there are also 50 magical attacks including a thousand arrows, a man eating lion, Thor’s fury, and venomous snakes.

Tournament of Legends is developed by High Voltage Software, and powered by the Quantum 3 engine. It will be available July 6, 2010 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.


E3 2010: SEGA’s Booth

E3 2010 has just rolled out of the gate! People are streaming in to check out all of the cool games we’ve got going on and it got pretty crowded pretty fast. Before the show floor opened this morning, I snapped (and tweeted) some pics of our booth setup. Here’s a more thorough tour of where we’ll be spending the next 3 days.

Video wall & front desk

This is what you see when you approach the booth from the front — our front desk underneath a massive video wall. Trailers for the games we’re showing off will be playing here, and I can tell you that this photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s huge, high-def, and amazing.

Shogun 2

Heading to the right from the desk, you’ll see this Shogun 2 chap on your left. Shogun is being shown off in a private room, so people can sit down and really immerse themselves in the demo of the game.

Sonic Free Riders

From there, a slight turn to the right greets you with some familiar faces – Sonic and Jet. This is the room where Sonic Free Riders is being shown off.

Sonic Free Riders Demo - E3 2010

The game is being demoed in a semi see-through room, so you can watch the player twist, jump, throw, and lean to interact with the game.

Sonic Colors

If you did a 180 turn from the Sonic Free Riders demo area, you’d be staring at Sonic Colors. Obviously, this photo was taken while we were still setting up, but the game is now running on these monitors and looking fantastic.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I

Another 180 turn and a slight shift to the right brings you to the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I lounge. In this space, players can sit down in a Splash Hill Zone-themed area to immerse themselves in the game and the game’s experience. I sat in one of those chairs this morning as I tweeted up the photos, so I can attest that they are comfy.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I

Just outside the lounge is this cool area for photos. I’ve already seen people posing for pictures with Sonic. Either this statue is exactly like the one that’s in our office lobby, or it is the one from our office lobby.

Conduit 2

Alright, we’re halfway around the booth now. This is the area for Conduit 2, where some fine folks from High Voltage Software are helping us to show off the game.

Tournament of Legends

Just behind that is another High Voltage Software game – Tournament of Legends. We’ve got some HVS folks helping out here as well.

Crazy Taxi

On the outer edge of the booth, we’ve got some great digital titles. After Burner Climax, Football Manager 2010, Super Monkey Ball 2 Sakura Edition, Crazy Taxi, and Sonic Adventure are all represented here.

Yakuza 4

On the inside, a 180 degree turn from the digital games, is Yakuza 4.

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Just to the right of Yakuza 4 is Phantasy Star Portable 2.

Valkyria Chronicles Booth

The next place further to the right is Valkyria Chronicles II.

Vanquish Booth

Finally, rounding out our booth is Vanquish. It’s opposite Valkyria Chronicles II and Phantasy Star Portable 2, just next to the digital titles.

ClumsyOrchid with Vanquish soldier

If getting your photo taken with Sonic was not enough for you, you can get your photo taken with the Vanquish soldier, just like ClumsyOrchid did.

We’ve got lots more coming over the next few days, so stay tuned! E3 2010 has just begun, and much awaits.