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Journey Into Fallen Realms

Fallen Relams

Prepare yourself for a journey into the heart of a once-mighty civilization — into the heart of Fallen Realms, an old-school RPG adventure you take with you on your Android.

Adventures have been exploring the Realms since the game’s launch several months ago, and the game has seen a steady stream of updates since then, as well. In the world of Fallen Realms, you step in to explore ancient ruins and uncover seven dark artifacts which may save — or destroy — the world.

You will also find yourself stepping back in time: Fallen Realms is a faithful adaptation of an 8-bit or 16-bit console-style adventure, complete with building your party and following quests that lead you through dungeons, along with a turn-based combat system.

Fallen Relams

Some features of note:

  • Designed for RPG veterans looking for a fun & portable adventure for their Android, or for new players looking for an easy-to-learn adventure where they can build a character and meet people.
  • The game is hosted on Papaya  — join 32 million gamers across tons of free games and interact with other Fallen Realms adventurers on Papaya’s social network.
  • Journey alone or add party members — including other Fallen Realms adventurers!

The game, by the way, is totally free to download and play. You will find your Brave (energy) allows you a certain amount of actions per day, and this will recharge naturally over time — even while you are inside a dungeon.

Check out these other updates for the game — now LIVE!:

Valentine’s Day Promotion

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, New Bonus quests have been released … In the name of Love, complete these quests and receive rare & powerful weapons!

Fallen Relams

NEW — PvP Battle Arena

Now players can fight one another in the Battle Arena! Earn BRAVE points for winning, and the best fighters will win exclusive items!

Fallen Relams

Free Giveaway for New Players

New players who install and create their character in Fallen Realms before February 28th will get cool free items!

A bonus Rookie Mace and Rookie Shield will be given to those who finish the opening tutorial — these will help send you on your way!

Click here to go to the marketplace page for Fallen Realms on Android, or just search for Fallen Realms on your Android marketplace!