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VGChartz Spotlight: Win free SEGA swag by posting your favorite upcoming SEGA game!

Hooray for free stuff!

If limited edition SEGA Swag has your interest, this contest is one you won’t to pass up. We’ve teamed up with the guys over at VGChartz once again to offer our communities some special prizes, including:

  • Resonance of Fate T-shirts
  • Infinite Space T-shirts
  • Phantasy Star T-shirts
  • Sands of Destruction Sweatbands
  • Valkyria Chronicles DLC Codes

To enter, all you have to do is drop a comment on their contest page letting them know which upcoming SEGA game you’re most looking forward to.

You can enter their contest here, or by clicking on the picture above.

Good luck guys, and enjoy the swag!


Penny Arcade East Wrap Up

PAX East

Recently, we set out to Boston to visit a the Penny Arcade East convention and show off some of our titles and one of my favorite games, Alpha Protocol. It’s always a bit of a downer to be back in the office after a fun event, especially such an active event like PAX, but the added bonus is to post all the fun photos from the show for those that couldn’t attend. If you haven’t been to a Penny Arcade and you consider yourself a gamer, you have to come; it’s great. Penny Arcade is just fun and it’s filled with people that love games; from the costumes, to the attire, to the smiles and good-natured conversations. I’m a fan.

PAX East - Bayonetta T-Shirt

One of the joys of coming to an event like PAX is meeting die hard Sega fans and fans of our games. One of our favorite things is when we can walk over user feedback to our teams and relay conversations and opinions back to the Sega. Fans are passionate, we’re passionate; it works out great. So in walking the floor of PAX, I have two pictures of fans I met that make me smile and a brief description of each. The first is a shot of someone rocking our Bayonetta Penny Arcade T-shirt. I love the photo because you can tell how proud he is to have it and be at Penny Arcade. I was equally excited to see him with it on!

PAX East - Sonic Fan!

The second image is of a Sonic fan, Max, who I met at the booth. We talked about Sonic 4 and how it wasn’t on the show floor (boo) and general discussions on the Sonic series. We had a small number of shirts to pass out to mega fans, costumed fans, and general supporters and Max wanted one and I wanted to give him one. Before we could pass along a shirt, I asked him jokingly to prove how big a Sega fan he was and man, did he come through and reveal his Sonic pride. First a shirt, which was enough for me, but then a wallet, keychain and even pulled out a NeoGeo pocket to reveal a Sonic cartridge, nice. It was awesome and a shirt well earned.

Cosplay – Two Bayonettas

PAX East - Bayonettas
One thing that always catches me off guard is costumes. I love them. I’m thrilled when people take the time to create them, and I love the attention to detail in the outfits they create. While at the show on Friday and Sunday, I had the good fortune of meeting not one, but two Bayonettas! Both looked the part perfectly, complete with expert hairdos, attention to detail, and both very tall. Enjoy the photos of their efforts, including a surprise visit by Luka. The costumes were amazing and one of the unexpected highlights of the show for me, thanks for being awesome and coming by the booth!  More photos are available on our Flickr of the costumes, head on over to check them out.

PAX East - BayonettaBayonetta and Luka

Sega Classics

PAX East - Classic Gaming Room
Penny Arcade is a celebration of all things gaming, which includes not only current releases and big booth spaces, but also smaller rooms for table top gaming and a whole section devoted to old school / classic gaming. The classic section held a good deal of games ranging from a variety of systems and Sega stuff was very prominent. For your general enjoyment, you can walk in, grab a Dreamcast game of your choice and relax with a gem you haven’t played in a while – all free of charge and for the pure enjoyment of the activity. Walking through, I saw Sonic Adventure DC, Streets of Rage 2, ToeJam and Earl, and a big crowd around Bomberman on the Saturn.

PAX East - Classic Gaming RoomPAX East - Classic Gaming Room

Alpha Protocol – Demo and Panel

PAX East - Alpha Protocol Panel

So why did I travel all the way to Penny Arcade East to spend most of my time off the floor? We had a very special limited demo for some the gaming press to show off Alpha Protocol. The game, as you may or may not know, features a high degree of choice and reactivity, which we did our best to show off to the people in attendance. The real challenge in demoing is in the reactivity, rather than the choice elements. Choice is something people understand, while reactivity is subjective to what you, as the player, do throughout the game. Reactivity in Alpha Protocol is what makes a custom experience, what makes one scenerio play out differently than before, and ultimately shapes the choices you make (both obvious and subtle) in the long and short term of the game. The demo featured, in part, how one conversation in one small part of the world could play out, depending on how you treated a key character in the game up until that point. Unlike other games of the choice RPG genre, the two outcomes we offered are only two extremes outcomes of many – play the section of the game again and you could hit a completely different outcome, that’s just how Alpha Protocol works.

PAX East - Alpha Protocol Panel

To help further illustrate the heavy emphasis on freedom of choice and overall game reactivity, Obsidian Entertainment was on hand for a Penny Arcade Panel, “But Thou Must”, which looked at the history of choice in games, a look at how Alpha Protocol will change choice and reactivity in games, and the importance of Apple Juice in the development community. On hand for the talk was Joseph Bulock [Cinematics Designer, Obsidian Entertainment], Shon Stewart [Lead Cinematics Animator, Obsidian Entertainment], Matt MacLean [Lead Systems Designer, Obsidian Entertainment], and Chris Avellone [Lead Designer, Obsidian Entertainment]. The panel was completely packed and for good reason, Obsidian Entertainment has made a name for themselves in creating excellent games with excellent choice mechanics. The panel went great, informative, and funny. The best part is we got the entire thing on tape and we’re working to get it out and uploaded for everyone to view. I won’t spoil any of it, except to say it was a great presentation and well worth the trip to Penny Arcade.
PAX East - Alpha Protocol PanelPAX East - Alpha Protocol Panel

So there you have it! Be sure to check out our flickr page for a few more photos from the show floor and as always, leave us your comments!


Infinite Space and Resonance of Fate launch today!

Today brings us the arrival of two legendary RPG’s – Infinite Space and Resonance of Fate. Whether you’re on the road or sitting at home, we’ve got your RPG needs covered!

Infinite Space

Infinite Space is an RPG for the DS that is all about exploring the vast expanses of space, building your own ship, and finding and promoting your very own crew. Think of it sort of like Skies of Arcadia on the DS, with a more anime-styled feel and with even deeper ship and crew options.

The ship battles are also worth noting – you won’t just be fighting ship V ship, one at a time, the entire way through – you’ll actually be building entire fleets, and engaging in massive battles with a slew of ships on each side firing. The sheer amount of customization is massive, and for an RPG on the DS, we’re quite sure you’ll be impressed.

Infinite Space, developed by Nudemaker, is also the third title to release from Platinum Games, who have previously worked on MadWorld and Bayonetta. So, if history is any indication, Infinite Space is already on the high quality runway – and those long road trips will never be boring again.

While you’re waiting for the game to arrive, you can also check out a ton of info in our new Infinite Space Commander’s Guide! The tips and details here are crucial for any new Zero-G Dog, and I highly recommend checking it out. Speaking of things to check out, we’ve also just put live our launch trailer for the game – I’ve included it below!

YouTube Preview Image

Resonance of Fate

You may have also heard of another legendary RPG Team known as Tri-Ace. Today also marks the launch of their latest game, Resonance of Fate, here in the US – and it’s one of the most entertaining and exciting console RPG’s I’ve played in a long time.

Resonance is out on both the XBOX 360 and the PS3, and besides boasting a fantastic voice cast for the English track, we’ve also included the Japanese audio for those of you who’d prefer to listen to it in its original state. Win-win? We think so.

Resonance is a very cinematic RPG with a unique and entirely rewarding battle system, this time built on guns and not your generic swords and magic. It took me a few hours to really get into, but since then I’ve been exploring the depth of how the combat flows and how different items change battles entirely, and it’s quite a blast. I also love the dialogue, and the playful way the author and director chose to move the story forward.

Oh, and check these out: As of today, we can reveal one very special piece of merchandise: A Resonance of Fate branded iPod Touch!

Stay tuned to the blogs for info on how to win of these in the near future!

(Author’s note: I seriously wish I could steal one.)

2x the RPG goodness, 2x the swag

With both games coming out at once, we realize many people are probably wondering which of the two to pick up first. We’d like to go ahead and answer that question with a simple: Both of them. If you’re an RPG / Anime fan, these are two titles I’ll vouch for firsthand. (They’re that good.)

To celebrate, let’s get some swag going out! This week on Free Stuff Friday we’ve got a ton of merch to give away, and right here on the blogs today we’re going to give away even more! Drop us a comment here letting us know which part of either game you’re most interested in, and you might score yourself a random bit of RPG swag to enjoy.

We hope you guys enjoy both games – from exploring the reaches of space to the gear-like confines of Basel, these two RPG’s have it all – including soft serve Ice Cream.


Infinite Space Gameplay Trailer #2

YouTube Preview Image

The latest trailer for Infinite Space has arrived! Take an in-depth look at combat, crew members, and everything in between as you traverse the sea of stars. Also: melee battles.


Meet SEGA, play unreleased games, and win swag in San Francisco this Friday!

If you’re in San Francisco – or can get here – by this Friday night, you’re in for a treat. SEGA has teamed up with the New People Center in Japantown, San Francisco, to offer an evening of Japanese gaming to our fans and press alike. I’ll let the invitation do the talking:

(Click for the full size invitation)

Once more, everyone is invited! Besides playing the games, you can also talk to some some of our community team about the upcoming games, recent SEGA news (including, most definitely, Yakuza 3), or reminisce about simpler times when we all tied up our phone lines playing Phantasy Star Online for hours on 56k dial-up.

Also, the first 50 people that enter the building for the event will receive a special Resonance of Fate T-shirt! The T-shirt is real life swag that is actually based on a shirt in the game, making it an excellent piece of collector’s merch. It’s also one of the best looking game related shirts that I’ve seen in some time.

To attend, just post your details in a blog comment below! Friends and Family are welcome – we hope to see you there!


Infinite Space – Yuri’s Blog

Infinite Space is coming up quickly, and we’re sure at least a few of you out there are wondering if you’ll be hearing any more info or news on it before it ships. That answer, first, is a most definite yes – and today, we’d like to offer a new look at what the game is about through three blogs, written by Yuri.

You can check them out by clicking the link here, or the image above.

The blogs explore the ships that are a large part of the game, the gate systems that bridge the worlds of Infinite Space, and the reality of what traveling through space – and subsequent changes in gravity – would really be like.


A new Infinite Space Gameplay trailer has arrived!

Needlemouse isn’t the only title getting some love today – below is our brand new Infinite Space gameplay trailer, which has just gone up on YouTube!

YouTube Preview Image

Anyone else excited by the major Skies of Arcadia vibes coming from this whole Ship / Crew customization?


Infinite Space Anime Short #2 – Swords, Organs, and Ship Battles

The second English anime short for Infinite Space has arrived! This time, following the ever-cliche line at the opening, you’re in for a treat as just about everything starts exploding, Yuri busts out a katana, and what could very well be a pirate is heard doing voice work for one of the villains. Yarr!

YouTube Preview Image

New Infinite Space Anime Short – Now with 100% more English

Consider this your official nod of the head that we are indeed fully localizing those epic anime shorts for Infinite Space that you guys saw from Japan! As of today, the first has gone live – I’m personally quite impressed by the voice acting. Sit back, hit play, and relax as you take your first look into the world of Infinite Space. Enjoy guys!

YouTube Preview Image

Infinite Space is making its way to the DS in Spring of 2010. Until then, keep an eye to the blogs for all the latest news – and more snazzy anime episodes. 😉


Infinite Space takes #1 in Japanese Game Sales

The game may still be a ways off here, but some pretty cool news regarding the upcoming Infinite Space – Gamasutra reported earlier that the game sold through 38,000 units last week, placing it at the #1 spot for those seven days. Good news for Japan!

Bad guy on the left, good guy on the right.

Here in the states, the release date for the game is also getting closer by the month. We’ll have more news and info for Infinite Space here on the SEGA Blogs as it arrives!

Whta do you guys think are the most interesting parts of Infinite Space? After so much Skies of Arcadia, the fully customizable crew roster seems like a great return of one of my favorite game elements.  (Of course, the cutscenes and the Japanese anime look pretty sweet too.)

That’s all from this end before we head out – have a great weekend everyone!