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Announcing Let’s Catch!

Let's Catch - Bomber Catch

We’ve got a double shot of Prope and Yuji Naka today! In addition to Let’s Tap shipping out to retailers, we’re also announcing Let’s Catch! Let’s Catch is the second title from Yuji Naka’s Prope studio, and it’s available today for download from the Nintendo Channel store.

In Let’s Catch, players will experience a new twist on the game of catch in six different single and multiplayer modes to play. Excelling through good timing and hand-eye coordination, players will find themselves playing games that range from having players pass a bomb to other players before it explodes, test players’ ability to catch a fast ball, challenge players’ throwing accuracy and more.

Check out our trailer to see it in action!

YouTube Preview Image

For more screenshots, check out our Flickr set.