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Satisfy Your Bloodlust: 26 Goriest Kills in MADWORLD


Even if you’ve played MADWORLD all the way through, chances are you haven’t discovered all of the different ways to kill someone in the game. In case you missed it, GamePro has you covered with their story “26 Most Insanely Gory Kills in MADWORLD”.

Some are kills you probably discovered already — how to snap someone in half, impale them on spikes, or smash them in the death press. But did you know you could flush enemies down the toilet, skin them with bullets, or deep fry them? Here’s an excerpt from the article to whet your appetite.

#4: Deep Fry

One of the most satisfying methods of extinguishing the lives of your enemies in MadWorld is by dunking their carcasses in Asia Town’s giant Tempura-frying vat. Throw an enemy in the pot of flesh-boiling oil and they’ll rise to the surface once they’re extra crispy. You can even pick up their deep-fried corpse and chuck it at other bad guys if you’re feeling extra evil.

When the urge for new and creative kills strike, try one of these.


MADWORLD TV Blooper Reel

MadWorld - PG Site Screen

Ever wonder what it’s like to present the news? They may seem like they never flub a line or miss a beat, but as anyone who’s seen (or been on) live TV can attest, bloopers can and do happen. The MADWORLD TV crew is no different, and we’ve put together a reel of the best bloopers from the taping of the MADWORLD TV trailers.

The blooper reel is up on GameTrailers now!

If you haven’t seen the previous MADWORLD TV videos, you’re in for a treat. These videos have been getting a lot of attention around the net — over 100,000 views and tons of comments. From GameTrailers:






Win a MADWORLD Hoodie from VGChartz


If you have some free time and some artistic talent, you could win a rare MADWORLD hoodie from VGChartz! Even if you’ve already entered to win one at Sega Nerds, you can hedge your bets by entering the contest at VGChartz by March 23rd. Here’s how:

Create something MadWorld-related in a black-and-white-and-bloody-red color scheme, using one of two methods:

1. For the more arts-and-crafts oriented, submit a photo of a physical art piece you’ve created, making sure that a sign with the text “VGChartz” and your username is visible in the photo.

2. For you Photoshop wizards out there, submit an image of fake MadWorld merchandise (ie. posters, cereal box, figurines, toys, etc) with the filename “VGC_MadWorld_your username“, replacing your username with your username, obviously.

In both cases, send your entries in .JPG format to with the subject line “MadWorld Contest” by 5pm PDT on Monday, March 23th. Finalists and winners will be announced later that week.

  1. Only VGChartz members are eligible. Sign up for free today!
  2. You must be 18 years or older to claim a contest prize.
  3. Any cheating or attempt at cheating will result in an immediate lifetime ban from all future contests. Contest entries must be original, not reused from previous activities.
  4. VGChartz staff members, including Site Admins, Moderators, GameDB Admins, Contributors, and Poll Admins, are not eligible to win prizes, nor are their relatives.
  5. By submitting a contest entry, you grant VGChartz the right to use and modify your entry for promotional purposes.
  6. Winners will be notified via a PM to their VGChartz username, so make sure you provide it in your contest entry! Winners will have 30 days to supply their full name and valid mailing address or they will forfeit their prize.
  7. The contest is open to entrants from anywhere in the world.

Best of luck to everyone entering!


MadWorld Hoodie Contest #1 – SEGA Nerds!

Alright folks, it’s time to give out the first of our three MadWorld Hoodies – head on over to SEGA Nerds (or just click the pretty picture above) for details on how you can win!

You don’t need a copy of the game to win, but you do need a little something we like to call creativity. 8)

Good luck!


MadWorld Merch: The amazingly rare MadWorld Hoodie

Yesterday, a box arrived at my desk that contained MadWorld Merchandise of such awesome quality that I’d feel guilty not showing them off. I’ll get straight to it: Ladies I gentlemen, I present to you the extremely rare, limited edition, and totally awesome: MadWorld Hoodie.

With the hoodie being black and white, all we needed was a little red…

Your head will now explode from too much awesomeness.

There are actually two versions – the black with white, shown above, and a black ghosted version (I had to make a trade with PR to get it, but it looks pretty cool).

Anyways, you can stop drooling now. Pay attention here, because this is important:

Because we love you guys, and you love MadWorld, I’m going to be giving you guys a chance to score one of your very own. To make this even more win-win, we’re going to hook up three of our Community Sites with one hoodie each that they’ll get to give away – meaning you guys get a total of three chances to win!

I’ll announce the sites and their contests soon, so keep an eye here on the SEGA Blog this week for the places you’ll want to visit! Remember that this is exclusive and extremely rare merch; these were originally given out only to Gamestop Managers who dominated the charts with MadWorld pre-orders. We figured you guys would love the chance to score one – especially when it looks so awesome. :)

More MadWorld news to come! Now that the game is arriving in stores, what do you guys think of it so far? Are the almost across-the-board 9/10 reviews the game is getting well earned?


MadWorld ships today, 9/10 review from IGN!

Today is a glorious day. Following a grand 9/10 + Editor’s Choice review from IGN yesterday, MadWorld is shipping out to stores across the US – and the graphic goodness is just getting started!

With the long wait finally over – or almost, if you’re waiting on the game to arrive at your local store tomorrow- MadWorld is set to redefine the kind of games offered on the Wii.

If you’re a gamer that enjoys quality mature games like The House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld, and The Conduit, picking up the game is your voice – not just to SEGA, but to the entire industry – that these are the kinds of games you want to see more of. Spread the word, tell your friends, and keep an eye out here on the SEGA Blog, too – we’ve just come in to possession of rather sweet MadWorld Merchandise, and we’re all about sharing… more info to come tomorrow!

Have a blast everyone, and try not to laugh too hard when you finish off the ol’ Cowboy. :) (You’ll see.) Hit us up with your thoughts and let us know what you think about the game!

Happy MadWorld day, everyone!


MadWorld Countdown #2: Creating a Unique Soundtrack

Continuing our MadWorld countdown, today we’ll be throwing a spotlight on soundtrack from the game, which is a far cry from your normal beeps and boops or your generic guitar-laden hard rock. MadWorld boasts a very impressive hip-hop style soundtrack, and many tracks are actually from unsigned artists in Tokyo and California!

PlatinumGames has the full scoop on the Soundtrack here, and our jealous regards to all of you readers in the UK and Australia who got that snazzy Soundtrack CD as your pre-order bonus.

The real question, as with Klondike bars: What would you do for a MadWorld Soundtrack? Would you throw a man on a Rose Bush? Take a CAUTION sign to his head? Make him the dart in a game of Man Darts? If you can think of it, we’d like to hear it.

Only one more day until MadWorld ships!


MadWorld Countdown: The MadWorld TV Ad!

MadWorld is only three days away! As gamers prep for the big Tuesday ship, SEGA has been blasting out commercials to promote the second in the hardcore lineup we’ve got going on for the Wii. You might just see it on some of your favorite channels, and just in case, here’s the full 30-second ad listed below, too:
YouTube Preview Image

Have any of you guys seen the MadWorld ads already? If so, which channels did you spot them on?


MadWorld rocks a 9/10 from Nintendo Power!

March has been a really sweet month for SEGA. Empire: Total War has blown out the door with amazing reviews and sales, the Phantasy Star series saw its latest rendition this week with Phantasy Star Portable, and MadWorld has just started getting reviews in – one of the first, from Nintendo Power, is an awesome 9/10!
Vacation of the Dead Contest

MadWorld will be here next Tuesday, so keep your eyes on the SEGA Blog for all sorts of cool stuff leading up each day until launch! How do you guys think the game will fare with the other reviewers?


MadWorld on X-play tonight!

Word has just arrived that MadWorld is going to be featured on X-play tonight (Monday)! The show will start at 8:00 PM  (about 15 minutes from the time of this post), so be sure to check it out to see the game in action!

Update: If you weren’t able to catch the show earlier this week, you can check out G4’s video coverage here:

G4 MadWorld Coverage – Part 1

G4 MadWorld Coverage – Part 2