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Phantasy Star Portable Launch date moved to March 3rd!

Today is one of those rare times when we get to confirm a rumor that’s been floating around  – as of right now, it is official: Phantasy Star Portable has had its ship date moved up, and will be releasing on March 3rd!

Having played (and now beaten) the English build of the game, this makes the Phantasy Star (ph)an in me really happy. This is also a rare instance, as most Phantasy Star followers know that we generally get state-side versions of the games later as opposed to earlier.

So rejoice! Phantasy Star Portable will be here before you know it, and this is just the start of a special SEGA Blog series about all the new features and improvements that Phantasy Star Portable brings to the table. More coming soon!


Four awesome reasons to attend the NY Comic-Con

If you’re a SEGA fan in or near New York City, this February is going to be off to a very nice start. Both Kellie and myself are going to be at the NY Comic-Con this Feb 6-8, and SEGA will be bringing four of our upcoming titles for everyone to play! The line-up includes:

#4: MadWorld

Ah, MadWorld. One of the most anticipated Wii games of the year will be playable at the SEGA booth, present in all of its groundbreaking and most-definitely-M-rated glory.

#3: The House of the Dead: Overkill

Zombies are pretty much awesome any time of the year, and now you can get in on the B-movie fun – we’ll let you blast away in the upcoming House of the Dead: Overkill, just as long as you don’t shoot any real-life zombies that will also be on the scene. (I mean, we realize you want to, but the paperwork would be a total mess.)

#2: The Conduit

By far one of the most promising looking FPS games for the Wii, The Conduit will be on the floor and guests will get to check it out in full force!

#1: Sonic and the Black Knight

Surprise! Previously unmentioned in our last community blasts, we’d like to announce that Sonic and the Black Knight is also going to be making a showing at next month’s event! This will be one of the first times the public has actually seen the game, so if you’re a Sonic fan or want to see how the game is looking, you can swing by the SEGA booth to see it firsthand!

Finally, I’m going to be bringing along some Phantasy Star goodies to celebrate the upcoming release of Phantasy Star Portable and newly-announced Phantasy Star Zero! If you can find me at the event and know the answer to either of these trivia questions, I’ll hook you up with some exclusive Phantasy Star swag!

February is going to be an exciting month, and we’re looking forward to meeting up with everyone at the event! Hope to see you there!