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New Resonance of Fate Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

Developed by tri-Ace who has enjoyed critical acclaim for Star Ocean, Resonance of Fate is SEGAs newest RPG for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PLAYSTATION® 3 computer entertainment system. Resonance of Fate will be released in North America in Spring 2010.


SEGA Announces Resonance of Fate!

Just announced – quite literally – a few seconds ago, SEGA of America and SEGA of Europe have revealed that Resonance of Fate, known as End of Eternity in Japan, will be making its way to the west in Spring 2010!

The game’s developers, Tri-Ace, are a name you should be familiar with if you know anything about your JRPGs. This is actually the first time in history they’ve fully partnered up with a publisher other than Enix/Square-Enix, and their past roster of games – like Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile – are a very good benchmark for the quality of games their team pumps out.

What’s the story behind Resonance of Fate? Curious fans will have to wait just a bit longer (or read Famitsu) to get into the real meat of it – but until then, we’ll let you entertain your imagination with a few screenshots to couple with the announcement.

The game will be releasing for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, so all you next-gen console owners are set. You can also check out the full set of initial screenshots here on our Flickr page.

How do you guys think the game looks so far? Are you fans of any past Tri-Ace titles?