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We’re going to Tokyo! SEGA @ TGS ’09!

When I was younger, I used to dream of accomplishing at least a few big dreams in life – one of those, as the longtime blog readers here know, was working at SEGA. The second was one I’ve hoped for since Jr. High school, when I did two-day presentation on the country – and that dream was to one day go to Japan.

On Monday, that dream will become a reality as I board a plane bound for Tokyo and set off overseas. While there, I’m going to bringing you guys coverage from the Tokyo Game Show, a special visit to SEGA of Japan, and a daily journal about my travels. Whether you’re excited about our upcoming games like Valkyria Chronicles II or Phantasy Star Zero, the legacy behind classic SEGA games and arcades, or a mix of both like myself, you’ll be able to check back here every night (Tokyo time, that is) for new content exclusive to the SEGA Blogs!

Ask your questions to developers!

It’s your chance to ask a question to teams like the one behind this gem of a game – don’t miss it!

After TGS is over, I’ll be going to the SEGA of Japan offices to meet with some of their teams face to face – and that’s where you guys come in. Got a question you always wanted to ask a developer, but never had the chance? Send them my way, I’ll grab the best to include in my interview, and you might see your Q&A posted here on the blog! Post your questions over the weekend on this blog post, and let me know who you want to address it to. You can pose questions for:

  • Resonance of Fate (Tri-Ace)
  • Phantasy Star Zero (Sonic Team)
  • Valkyria Chronicles I/II (SEGA WOW)

So get to it! This is the first time ever that SEGA is offering our community front-row seats to both TGS and a special look at parts of our Japanese offices. We’re stoked to see it happen, and we hope you guys are just as excited to hear the news.

Until Monday then – have a great weekend guys!


We’re going to Canada! See you at the Toronto Fan Expo 2009!

Hello, Canada!

Next Friday, August 28th, through Sunday, August 30th, is the 2009 Fan Expo, one of Toronto’s biggest gaming, comic, and movie conventions – and this year, SEGA is going to be there too!

All of you who live up north and may not get to visit us at shows like San Diego or New York Comic con – you’re in luck! For the first time ever, SEGA community is coming to you – and, as always, we’re coming with all sorts of awesome goodies!

Play upcoming SEGA Games at the Expo!

At the show, we’ll have three unreleased games for you guys to check out – all of which speak directly to some of our core, oldschool SEGA fans. In attendance we’ll have an English version of Phantasy Star Zero, another full English version of Sands of Destruction, and the blazing-hot Bayonetta – all playable! If you hail the white and red maple flag, be sure swing on by the SEGA Booth, play the games, and then post back here and on our boards with your thoughts!

Even Canada needs free Swag

It wouldn’t be a SEGA community presence if there wasn’t free swag going out! I’ll be packing my duffle bags with as much special loot as I can pull from the office, including inflatable rappies from Phantasy Star Zero, Valkyria Chronicles figurines, and even rare 5″ SEGA figurines specially ordered from Japan!

Cosplay SEGA Style!

A special shout-out to Roxy from SDCC, who created this awesome Naja costume from Sands of Destruction!

Just like San Diego and New York, we’ll be posting times for Meet and Greets at the SEGA booth, where you’ll be able to say hi in person, chat about your favorite SEGA games, and talk / ask about anything else SEGA-related you want. (Yes, even Shenmue.) Anyone who shows up to one of our Meet and Greets in costume as a SEGA Character will be going home with something extra special! Bonus swag will also be given out to anyone who cosplays Valkyria Chronicles, Phantasy Star, Bayonetta, Sands of Destruction, or Sonic the Hedgehog!

Full times on the Meet and Greets will be posted here next week, so keep an eye out!

SEGA, Phantasy Star, and Valkyria Trivia!

We’ll be hosting three unique Trivia contests at the expo – one for general SEGA knowledge, one for the Phantasy Star fans, and one in celebration of our awesome dedicated Valkyria Chronicles community! The winners will all go home with rare swag specially selected for their trivia contest!

Convention Details and location

If you aren’t familiar with the Expo, you can find out all the details here, and likewise, the location here.

We’ll be posting even more news about the Expo, our Meet and Greets, and some of the prizes you can expect to see as we get closer to next week!

Until then, how many readers out there do we have up near Toronto? 😉


The SEGA Show: Episode 3 is now up!


The latest episode of our podcast is now live! This time around we’ve got interviews with people like Yasuhito Baba (Producer, Super Monkey Ball Step N’ Roll), Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games joins us to talk about Bayonetta, and even Matt Fraction (co-writer of the upcoming Iron Man II video game) is here to discuss what it’s like writing stories for video games!

A way-past-cool member of our PD department, Michelle, also joins us to talk about what it was like getting Daisy Fuentes Pilates ready and out the door. Add in fan music from Project Chaos, three mystery tracks with some real-life Sonic Gloves as the prize, a little something extra at the end, and you’ve got Episode 3 of The SEGA Show: The Next Level!

Right click here to download the podcast, or left click to stream directly! As always, let us know what you thought of the show, and feel free to drop any song suggestions, comments, or other random feedback right here on the blog.

Enjoy guys!


SEGA Podcast Episode 2 is now live!

The latest episode of The SEGA Show is now live! Our newest episode, E3 and Blast Processing, is a full recap of our time on the E3 show floor, some very cool interviews (including a special guest), free SEGA related swag, and more classic SEGA tunes!

Episode 2 Updates:

– Added SEGA Startup sound to the beginning of the show. SEEEGAAAAA!
– Less music during interviews, focused more during transitions and other segments.

Coming soon:

– Adding in SEGA Shout outs starting with our next Episode! More details coming soon.
– Adding in Fan Remix spotlight, starting in the August Episode! E-mail us your nominations:

E3 and Blast Processing – Episode Synopsis:

1:00SEGA Community: Our impressions from the E3 Show Floor
7:00Aliens V Predator – Interview with Rob Bartholomew from SoE
9:08 The Conduit – E3 Interview with a special surprise guest
16:20 Alpha Protocol – E3 Interview with Andy Alamano, Producer at SoA
21:47 Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing – Interview with Dan Gallardo, Brand Manager at SoA
25:58Planet 51: The Game – Interview with Jose Manuel, head of development at Pyro Studios.
35:04 Closing and New Additions to the August Ep
36:00Special Thanks

??: ?? Hidden Contest for special Conduit Swag! It’s in there somewhere – listen in and find it for your chance to win.

Click here to listen to the episode, or right click to download to your PC! We hope you guys enjoy the new episode – would love to hear what you guys thought!

Also, we’re totally serious about the Starbucks gift cards. 😉


Exclusive: SEGA announces an all-new community Podcast!

SEGA fans, this one goes out to all of you.

What’s it like to work at SEGA? With E3 just around the corner (quite literally), SEGA has just revealed an all-new official podcast where you can find out just that! Brought to you by the SEGA of America community team, the first episode – titled Genesis – is now available for free streaming and download online, and you can listen in for a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest and most time-consuming parts of E3: Namely, getting ready for E3.

SEGA Community Podcast – Episode 1: Genesis

Click here to stream, or right click and “Save as” to download.

Hosts and Special Guests

If you checked out our Sonic Unleashed podcast last year, a couple voices will sound familiar – the hosts include Kellie, Julian, and myself (Aaron), and in our flagship episode we’re joined by three special guests from the company:

  • Teri Higgins, Media and Event Manager
  • Aaron Palacios, PR Coordinator
  • Tim Ernst, Producer on Alpha Protocol

This is just the beginning for SEGA and all of our E3 community coverage – check back in on the SEGA blogs and forums tomorrow night for even more news from the floor, the opinions from your community team members, and a chance to win some sweet (and exclusive) E3 swag straight from the show floor!

Even if you can’t attend the show in person this year, we’ll be doing our best to bring all the big SEGA announcements right to your doorstep. Let us know what you thought of the show here and on the SEGA Forums – we’d love to hear what you guys thought!