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Sonic Boom 2013 Live Stream


Can’t make it to Sonic Boom 2013 tonight? Watch our live stream at!


Your Complete Sonic Boom Information Guide


We hope you guys are as excited about Sonic Boom 2013 as we are! To help you get ready for all the fun Saturday night, here’s what to expect at the event. Got a question that’s not answered here? Ask in the comments or check our event page on Facebook, as a lot of questions have been answered there.

About the Event

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Doors open at 5pm, event is 6-10pm

The Pageant – 6161 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63112

Get your tickets now from Ticketmaster!

Ticket price includes all activities listed below, a dinner buffet, and unlimited soda/water. Cash bar is available in the balcony section for those 21 and older who wish to drink alcohol. Ticket also includes one free bag of Sonic Boom exclusive merchandise per person.

Directions, Travel, and Parking

The Pageant is located in the Delmar Loop, which is a vibrant neighborhood with many restaurants, shops, music venues, and activities. Find out what else is in The Loop!

The nearest MetroLink station is the Delmar Loop station, which is right behind The Pageant.

FREE parking is available directly behind The Pageant. Additional free parking can be found directly behind The Pageant’s lot, in the Metrolink Delmar Station Park-n-Ride lot & Washington University lot. A lighted walkway will take you from the Delmar Station parking lot to the front of The Pageant. Limited street parking is available in front of The Pageant, on Delmar Blvd. Please note there are a number of private lots in the area which do not allow public parking. Also, City parking laws apply (parking in alley, on sidewalk, etc.). Please be mindful of these issues when parking your vehicle.

You can find driving directions, recommended nearby hotels, and more info on The Pageant’s website.

Event Information

The doors for the event open at 5:00 PM. Please have your ticket ready for The Pageant staff to check. This will help everyone get into the venue in a timely manner! Your bags may be searched by venue security on the way in. We’ve informed venue security that you are welcome to take all the photos and videos you’d like inside, so there’s no need to hide your cameras.

We will have Wii U and 3DS stations available for you to play Sonic Lost World. Please be patient if there is a line, and be courteous to your fellow Sonic fans by keeping the line moving when you’re done playing.

There will be a free dinner buffet available! The buffet will include:

  • Sliders – mini beef, chicken, and veggie burgers
  • Hot dogs – with or without chili topping (yes… we have chili dogs this year!)
  • Nachos
  • Toasted Ravioli (a St. Louis specialty!)
  • Dessert

There will also be free water and soda available for everyone. If you are 21 or older and would like to purchase alcohol, you can do so at the bar on the balcony level. (The balcony level is only available to guests 21 or older.)

Each guest will also get a free bag of exclusive Sonic Boom 2013 merchandise. The merchandise will be available in the cafe area next to the concert area. In addition, Crush 40 will have merchandise available for you to purchase.

If you would like to participate in the trivia contest, please go to the merchandise area to fill out a raffle ticket (one ticket per person, please!). We will randomly draw names from those entries, and six lucky people will get chosen to come on stage and answer trivia in two teams of three people. Make sure you fill out your raffle ticket early in the evening if you want to participate!

If you would like to participate in the costume contest, simply come on stage when we invite participants up. There is no pre-registration necessary.

Event Schedule

(Please note that times are NOT exact and will vary depending on the pace of the show. Please use this as a reference guide to the order of events only, not as an exact time schedule.)

5:00 PM – Doors open

6:00 PM – Crush 40

7:30 PM – Q&A with Iizuka-san and Hoshino-san

8:00 PM – Costume contest

8:45 PM – Trivia contest

9:30 PM – News

10:00 PM – Event is over :(


I’ve done my best to make this guide as complete as possible, but if you have any more questions, please ask them below and I’ll do my best to answer!



Sonic Team Artist Kazuyuki Hoshino at Sonic Boom 2013

It’s time to grab some Time Stones! For the first time,  Sonic Team artist Kazuyuki Hoshino will be joining us as a special guest at Sonic Boom 2013.

Kazuyuki Hoshino

Hoshino-san is the creator of Metal Sonic, and is also credited as the creator of Amy Rose. He is responsible for a whole host of design work across the ages including work on Sonic CD, Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes, just to name a few of the titles he has worked on across nearly 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog. NiGHTS fans attending should also be excited, as Hoshino-san was also a crucial character designer for the original NiGHTS into Dreams title, as well as the lead character designer for NiGHTS: Journey Into Dreams.

Hoshino-san will also be joining Iizuka-san on-stage to take part in a live Q&A session, and once again we invite you all to send us your questions! If you want to submit a question, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Write your question down in the comments section of this blog, or email it to us.
  2. We will look through all of the questions and select those we think will are the most interesting to pose to Hoshino-san.
  3. Be original! The more creativity that goes into your question, the more likely we are to select it!
  4. Respectful and sensible questions only please. Hoshino-san is a very much respected artist, and has taken time out of his very busy schedule to join us – bear this in mind when thinking of something to ask.

Sonic Boom 2013 is taking place on August 10th, 2013 at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster. You can also join our Facebook page for the event to meet other Sonic fans attending!


Takashi Iizuka Q&A at Sonic Boom 2013

Sonic Boom 2012

We’re pleased to announce that Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team, will be at Sonic Boom 2013! He’ll be participating in a Q&A session on stage, so now’s your chance to submit your questions for him. If you’ve got a question, email it to us at We’ll be sorting through all the submitted questions, picking our favorites, and asking them live on stage!

Sonic Boom is taking place August 10th, 2013 at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster, and you can also join our Facebook event. We look forward to seeing you there!


Play Sonic Lost World at Sonic Boom 2013

Sonic Lost World Wii U - Announcement Screens

Ready to get your hands on Sonic Lost World? You can play it for yourself at Sonic Boom 2013!

Sonic Boom is a fun-filled evening for fans to get together and celebrate the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. In addition to playing Sonic Lost World, you’ll be able to hear Crush 40 play live, participate in our costume contest, get some sweet merchandise, and more!

Sonic Boom is happening on August 10th, 2013 at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO. Tickets are $23 each and are on sale now.


Announcing Sonic Boom and Summer of Sonic 2013

Sonic fans… get ready for an amazing August!

Summer of Sonic

Summer of Sonic

We’re back, and this time we’re all powered up! We are pleased to officially announce the Summer of Sonic 2013 event. SoS 2013 will be held on Saturday 3rd August 2013, and will take place at the Westminster Central Hall in London, UK. Expect a full day’s worth of Sonic-based fun and entertainment… with a twist!

You might have noticed that Sonic is sharing the spotlight with another character on the Summer of Sonic website. That’s because, to mix things up a bit, we’ve decided to introduce a theme to this year’s convention. And the theme is – you guessed it – Metal Sonic & Badniks. The robotic doppelgänger of our speedy blue hero, and the collective metallic minions of Dr Eggman, have the spotlight to themselves for 2013. But what does that mean? Well, while we can’t give too much away at the moment, suffice it to say that many of our events and activities will be Metal Sonic or Badnik related.

Budding artists and cosplayers will be pleased to know our contests will be making a return, and we will reveal more details in the coming weeks…so get started on those costumes! Don’t worry, though, you won’t necessarily need a Metal Sonic or Badnik themed costume to enter the cosplay this year… although it might help!

We will soon release details on how you can snag yourself tickets for the convention, so until then, stay excited, and let’s enjoy the Road to Summer of Sonic 2013 together!

Sonic Boom


We’re so excited to announce details for Sonic Boom 2013!

Who: You!
What: Sonic Boom 2013
Where: The Pageant, St. Louis, MO
When: Saturday, August 10, 2013, doors 5pm
Why: Because you love Sonic!

That’s right — Sonic Boom is changing cities again, and we’re coming to the midwest this year! One of the things we hear from a lot of fans is that the cool stuff always happens in San Francisco, LA, and New York, and never close to them. As someone who grew up in the midwest, I totally remember how that feels. So we decided to have Sonic Boom in a different city this year, and we hope that you’ll join us there!

Many of the things you loved about last year’s event will be back, including the trivia contest and the costume contest. So get to memorizing Sonic facts and start making your amazing costumes!

We’ll have more details on tickets (cost, on-sale date, etc), hotels, event activities, and more in the weeks to come. For now, mark your calendars, get excited about Sonic Boom 2013, and keep checking here for more information.