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Dr. Eggman Invades Sonic Dash in All-New Boss Battle

Sonic Dash is under attack from an old enemy! The latest Boss Battle update challenges you to score big by seeing how far you can run as Sonic the Hedgehog, and now you can also battle the ultimate boss… Dr. Eggman.

Starting today, you can take part in the ongoing struggle between Sonic and his arch-rival Dr. Eggman. This devious boss battle will test your reflexes as you dodge, dive and dash past an onslaught of explosives and deadly traps. If you beat the boss you’ll earn a massive score bonus to help get a step ahead of your own personal nemesis: your friends’ leaderboard positions.

Also, mark your calendars! The next Sonic Dash global challenge begins on February 21st and players will once again have to work together to unlock a brand new playable character who is sure to steal some hearts.

Sonic Dash is available for FREE and the Dr. Eggman Invasion begins today on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Google Play.

Boss Battle Screenshots

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Sonic Dash Out Now on Android Devices

The Sonic speed boost you’ve been waiting for!

Download now for Free from Google Play:

YouTube Preview Image

The long awaited, hit mobile title Sonic Dash is now available to download on Google Play. This free to play, endless runner is developed by SEGA’s Hardlight Studio, the creators of Sonic Jump. Get ready to feel the speed on Android like never before, as Sonic runs, jumps and spins his way through rolling hills, perilous temples and scorching sand dunes. Sonic Dash brings high speed, frenzied fun as players complete missions to increase their score multiplier and battle it out for leaderboard supremacy. With daily challenges, multiple playable characters, deep social integration and Sonic’s unstoppable dash ability, you can find out for yourself how far the world’s fastest hedgehog can run.

“Whenever we’ve talked about Sonic Dash, someone has asked when it will be released on Android,” said Hardlight CTO Chris Southall. “This level of enthusiasm made it very easy when deciding to create the Android version.”

To celebrate the release, Sonic Dash will be holding an exclusive Android score multiplier challenge event this weekend. From November 29th-31st, players taking part will receive a game-wide bonus to their score multiplier, giving them an edge to help rise up their friends’ leaderboards.


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Get the Latest Mobile Game from Our iTunes Storefront

We’re proud to bring you the SEGA iTunes Store, making it even easier to browse our full catalog of mobile games for iOS! Pick up the latest mobile game for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The only question you need to ask yourself: Which game are you missing from your ultimate, on-the-go collection?

Browse the SEGA iTunes Store

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Worlds Collide in the New Boss Battle Update for Sonic Dash

To celebrate the release of Sonic Lost World, SEGA’s Hardlight Studio are bringing the first ever boss battle to Sonic Dash. Prepare for the fight of your life as Sonic’s daily dash through peaceful green hills and sunny beaches is invaded by this deadly new foe. Zazz is the most unpredictable, destructive member of The Deadly Six and he is itching for a fight. Sonic Lost World sees this dangerous new group of enemies rise up against Dr. Eggman and threaten to destroy Sonic’s world.

YouTube Preview Image

Battle Zazz from Sonic Lost World

In this exclusive Sonic Dash boss battle Zazz attacks on his flying mech and you must get ready to dodge powerful, high speed projectiles. Defeat him as quickly as you can for a massive score boost. Be careful though, his relentless pursuit of Sonic could be the end of your perfect run.

Click on image to view full size

Deadly Six Card Card Collection Challenge

In addition to this menacing new update comes the Deadly Six Card Collection Challenge. Players across the globe must work together to collect a set number of character cards scattered across the Sonic Dash tracks. When enough have been collected by the whole community, those who took part will receive exclusive Sonic Lost World themed prizes.

Best get your running shoes on as this new content will only be available for a limited time!

Download Sonic Dash for iOS

Sonic Dash is a free to play endless runner available to download now on iOS.

Download from the App Store today!

About Sonic Lost World

Sonic Lost World is out now in Europe and North America as of Tuesday, October 29th exclusively on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Sonic must use his all new parkour moves and explosive new colour powers to take down the evil Deadly Six.

Official Sonic Lost World Site

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For all the behind scenes hijinx and a peek behind the curtain, make sure to like Hardlight on Facebook and follow @HLGames on Twitter.


The second Sonic Dash Global challenge begins today!

Sonic Dash

Important note! Please make sure to update Sonic Dash to the latest version to access the Global Challenge and resolve any game errors you may be experiencing from installing iOS 7.


Score big to unlock Blaze the Cat!

We said we had some hot prizes for you and we’re very excited to announce that the grand prize this time around is Blaze the Cat as a playable character in Sonic Dash! For this brand new global challenge we’re changing things up. Rather than being challenged with running 100 times around the world, we’re now asking you to aim for the best scores you can. Prizes will unlock at four stages of the challenge, but not only will the community have to reach a combined target; you will also have to reach a personal target as well.

Sound difficult? Well, they don’t call it a challenge for nothing!

Sonic Dash

We hope this new take on the Global Challenge really pushes your skills to the limits, you’re going to have to play hard if you want to win big!

The global challenge will be running until the 6th October so make sure to get dashing!

For all the behind scenes hijinx and a peek behind the curtain, make sure to like Hardlight on Facebook and follow @HLGames on Twitter.

Grab Sonic Dash here at the iTunes store. 



Sonic Dash Update: Introducing Seaside Hill!

Sonic Dash

Capture that summer feeling as we introduce a brand new environment to Sonic Dash! Filled with all new perilous hazards and obstacles, the beach will see Sonic and friends dashing along sandy dunes and rickety old piers. Bring all the high speed action and badnik bashing madness of Sonic Dash to the glistening sands and winding, underwater tubes of Seaside Hill!

Also in this update we are introducing a much sought after feature with the inclusion of iCloud support so you can now continue to play your game across all of your iOS devices, wherever and whenever you want!

Sonic Dash

Finally, we’re incredibly excited to announce that the second Global Challenge for Sonic Dash will be starting very soon. After the success of the first challenge where over 4 million of you worked together to unlock Shadow the Hedgehog we’ve decided to challenge the Sonic Dash community once again. There’s going to be a bit of a twist this time so stay tuned for more information coming soon and find out how you can win some hot prizes in Sonic Dash!

For all the behind scenes hijinx and a peek behind the curtain, make sure to like Hardlight on Facebook and follow @HLGames on Twitter.

Grab Sonic Dash here at the iTunes store.


The Big Indie Pitch @ Gamescom 2013

Once again, we teamed up with PocketGamer to bring The Big Indie Pitch to Die Kunstbar during Gamescom 2013! Check out the pics from last night and the incredibly talented indie dev team who won the SEGA media exposure prize.

Indie developers and fans alike came out to hang with us, play some of the latest SEGA mobile games, and pitch their best idea to a panel of judges.

As we networked, everyone had a chance to play the recently announced The Cave for iOS (coming soon). Mike Masuku, SEGA’s Head of Digital Mobile Marketing provided hands on demos and gave out some awesome swag.

Sonic The Hedgehog eventually made an appearance! It’s obvious that he is always a fan favorite.

Representing SEGA on the esteemed panel of judges, Neil Postlethwaite (far right), Head of Mobile Digital Development, critiqued each idea based on presentation, originality, creativity, fun-factor, and looks.

Taking a break from the pitches, attendees had a chance to win dinner with the SEGA team by participating in the Sonic Dash Community Challenge (download Sonic Dash for iOS for free here). No one was able to beat Sonic’s score…

However, no one left empty handed as everyone got a Sonic The Hedgehog hat! Amy White, SEGA’s PR Executive, wears one with style.

As the night progressed, the judges came across some of the most unique and innovative pitches. We want to thank everyone who came out and participated in the event! Alas, there can only be one winner. Congratulations to AHOiii for having the most creative idea! Be on the lookout for their game Fiete, developed by Karz von Bonin, Wolfgang Schmitz, and Sven Morawek (left to right).

Bringing the evening to an end, Sonic said “Hi!” to all his fans around the world. Check out this short Vine video!


Join Us at Gamescom 2013! Play Games & Win Swag

We are excited to venture to Germany for one of the biggest gaming conventions of the year kicking off next week, Gamescom 2013! Going to be there, thumbs in prime attack positions? We would love to have you join one of our events. Don’t forget to check out some of our games being showcased at our partners’ booths, too!


Whether you’re attending to play the latest game, snag some free goodies, or listen in on a panel discussion, we have something for every SEGA fan!

Gamescom General Information:

Open for Everyone from August 22nd, 2013 – August 25th, 2013
More Dates/Times information can be found here.

Purchase Admission Tickets at

Koelnmesse GmbH
Messeplatz 1
50679 Cologne, Germany

PocketGamer Mobile Mixer

Monday, August 19th from 18:30 – 21:30 CEST

Some of the biggest players in the mobile gaming arena will be discussing the current state and future of gaming on portable, multimedia devices.

Interested in attending? The first 25 fans to email will get VIP access into the panel, a SEGA Swag Pack (Sonic The Hedgehog plushie, Sonic Dash shirt, and a SEGA iPhone 5 case), and a chance to win dinner with the SEGA Community team! Note: This is not an online event. We must be able to confirm in-person attendance.

The Big Indie Pitch

Tuesday, August 20th from 17:00 – 20:00 CEST

We open the floor to the brightest minds in indie development and allow them to pitch their best game ideas to a panel of esteemed judges with one goal in mind – to win one of the most compelling prizes a game publisher can offer!

Interested in attending? The first 25 fans to email will get VIP access into the event, a SEGA Swag Pack (Sonic The Hedgehog plushie, Sonic Dash shirt, and a SEGA iPhone 5 case), and a chance to win dinner with the SEGA Community team! Note: This is not an online event. We must be able to confirm in-person attendance.

Sonic Lost World

Sonic Lost World will be at the Nintendo of Europe booth with all new playable levels, a newly minted trailer, and exclusive screenshots! Coming to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS on October 22nd, 2013.

Sonic Lost World Official Site

Total War: Rome II

Total War: ROME II will be playable at the Koch consumer booth. Stop by to get hands-on with the highly anticipated game from the talented development team at Creative Assembly! Coming to PC on September 3rd, 2013.

Total War: Rome II Official Site

The Cave

In the Business Centre portion of Gamescom, the Cosmocover booth will be featuring some exciting news surrounding Double Fine’s The Cave!

The Cave Official Site

Follow Us on Twitter for Your Chance to Win

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @Sega as we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with the latest to emerge from the show floor! As if that wasn’t enough… we’ll also be giving away an exclusive SEGA Swag Pack every hour (more details to come). And, feel free to join in on the fun by hashtagging your photos with #SegaGamescom.

@Sega on Twitter

The Hourly Giveaway SEGA Swag Pack includes:

– Sonic The Hedghog plushie
– Sonic Dash t-shirt
– SEGA iPhone 5 case


Events at Gamescom 2013:

– PocketGamer Mobile Mixer on Monday, August 19th
– The Big Indie Pitch on Tuesday, August 20th

Games at Gamescom 2013:

– Sonic Lost World @ Nintendo of Europe booth
– Total War: Rome II @ Koch booth
– The Cave @ Cosmocover booth

Twitter Hourly Giveaways:

– Follow us @Sega for your chance to win a SEGA Swag pack in our hourly giveaways
– Use #SegaGamescom when posting your photos to join in on the fun


Sonic Dash: Global Challenge Halfway Point!

Sonic Dash (Global Challenge)

We’re at the half way point for the Sonic Dash global challenge. It’s going to take every last one of you working together to unlock Shadow the Hedgehog. Keep on dashing!

You can grab Sonic Dash right here for free at the iTunes store.

About the Global Challenge (in case you missed it):

  • The challenge: Run 100 times around the world… 2,490,100.55 miles! Don’t worry, that’s not what you have to do all on your own — the entire Sonic Dash community is part of this effort!
  • Meet this goal and unlock a free character for everyone to dash with: the “ultimate life form”, Shadow the Hedgehog!
  • Everyone who participates by playing the game will receive the award if the goal is achieved.

Sonic Dash


Three Ways to Win Sonic Dash Gear

Celebrate the Sonic Dash Global Challenge with us! We’ve partnered up with three SEGA fansites/gaming news sites to bring you more than one chance to win some exclusive Sonic Dash gear.

Head on over to each of our partners’ sites for more details on how you can win a Sonic Dash t-shirt and iPhone 5 case*:


*Each giveaway is unique to each respective site. Please read each site’s rules in regards to eligibility and prize fulfillment.

Follow along with Hardlight Studio, the developer of Sonic Dash, as they keep you up to date with the worldwide progress on the Global Challenge!

Hardlight Studio on Facebook
Twitter @HLGames

Download Sonic Dash for FREE for iOS from the AppStore today!