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Happy Halloween – Tricky Treats from SEGA

Happy Halloween from all of us at SEGA!

We’re getting into the Halloween spirit with a some special SEGA themed treats. We challenged ourselves to create edible treats modeled after our SEGA brands and are happy to share them with you today. We pulled inspiration from our games, from the web, and collaborated on the following treats.

Did we nail it, or do they need work? Let us know in the comments!

House of the Dead Cupcakes

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

Don’t call them zombies! These mutant cupcakes are hit with the undead, dead, slightly dead, mostly alive, and, of course, the living. There are a ton of graveyard related cupcakes on Pinterest to draw inspiration from, so find the one you like best.

Nailed it!

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

Pro-tip: Find mutant themed cake toppers or find some gummy body parts to dress up your creation.

Sonic’s Golden Ring Treats

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

These special Golden Ring treats are easy to make and something the whole family could enjoy. Grab the recipe here and show us your own creations!

Nailed it!

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

These treats are easy to make and easy to enjoy, yum!

Crazy Taxi Cupcakes

SEGA Halloween - Treats!
Are you ready to make some Crazy Cupcakes? Here. We. Go!

Nailed it!

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

These cupcakes take a steady hand when making the details of the Taxi. Be sure to use gel frosting so it doesn’t drop off.

Super Monkey Ball Cake Pops

SEGA Halloween - Treats!
For Super Monkey Ball, we created some special Cake Pops from some online inspiration.

Nailed it!

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

We used dipping chocolate and could have used more oil for better coating. We also could have used a different color to make the skin and hair look different.

Puzzle Pirates – Pizza Treasure Map

SEGA Halloween - Treats!
All good pirates know ye need to make a map so ye know where ye buried yer treasure! Use yer favorite pizza recipe to create a gourmet guide!

Nailed it!

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

X marks the spot of flavor (and bell peppers).

Spiral Knights

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

The Royal Jelly is a massive gelatinous cube with a short fuse who loves to throw his weight around. Knights who venture into Tier 2 of the Clockworks know to run for cover when this boss goes into a royal Tantrum! Whip up some Jello to create a likeness of this regal jelly.

Nailed it!

SEGA Halloween - Treats!


Dragon Coins

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

Training to become a Coin Master begins with these basic monsters. Use your favorite cake pop recipe to create your favorite common monsterlet. This will be the tastiest Dragon Coins mission ever! Here’s a handy guide for cake pops:

Nailed it!

SEGA Halloween - Treats!

Send Us Your SEGA Themed Halloween Treats!

How did we do? Are our snacks delicious treats or terrible tricks? Think you can do better? Then show us your creations by emailing us at communityteam (at) sega (dot) com with your treat and it’s inspiration. If it’s good enough, we might just show it off for all SEGA fans to see.


Spiral Knights: Dangerous Prize Box Promo

Spiral Knights - Danger Prize Box

Attention, Knights!

We have a special dispatch from Lieutenant Desna and her Recon Rangers:
Are you ready to undertake missions – dangerous missions – into a zone of the Clockworks? A zone of considerable danger, or “danger zone”, if you will?

Well, get ready to jump off the track and shove into overdrive (after getting into the elevator, following a thorough gear & accessories check, and maybe getting a glass of water or something, because these mission are difficult, you should always be hydrated!): *All danger missions are available at once*, rather than only appearing through daily rotation!

Elevator to the Danger Zone

Spiral Knights

We repeat: From now through October 6, 2013, all Danger Missions are available at once!

As part of this promotion, Dangerous Prize Boxes are now available in the Spiral Knights Supply Depot.

Dangerous Prize Boxes feature items favored by Lieutenant Desna and her elite Recon Rangers. As the elite of the elite – there being no points for “second best”1 in the Clockworks (just in King Krogmo’s Coliseum) – the Recon Rangers gear is designed for maximum damage and intimidation. And while not all denizens of the Clockworks speak the same language, the language of intimidation is clear, for it involves putting spikes all over everything.

Recon Rangers are trained never to give up. Each Ranger is outfitted with a shield known as The Bitter End — the name serves as a reminder to all as to precisely when a Ranger is permitted to drop it in battle.

Take a Look into the Danger Prize Box

Spiral Knights

You know what they say: The further on the edge, the hotter the intensity. Just as true whether applied to aerial dogfighting or to promotional Prize Boxes, this ancient proverb symbolizes the awesome stuff you can get from a Prize Box – including the aforementioned Bitter End shield, any of the full set of “Dangerous” gear, and anti-personnel spikes!

For full info and odds on what you can get from the Danger Prize box:

Additional Notes²

Also available in the Supply Depot…

  • Shadow Keys are on sale for 1500 energy (usually 1800).
  • Stacks of 10 Sparks of Life are on sale for 180 energy (usually 200).

Last but far from least: As of today, you can now get the Spiral Knights mission DLC, Operation Crimson Hammer, via the missions screen for 3200 energy.

Patch Notes: We are now listing all Spiral Knights patch notes in the Announcements section on Steam, so you can check them right along with regular updates.



1This is technically not a quote from Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”, which is obviously the theme here. It’s from Cheap Trick’s “Mighty Wings”, which we hadn’t realized, and which throws into question everything we thought we knew about the Top Gun soundtrack.

2There’s no lyrics in “Danger Zone” that we could reconfigure to mean “additional notes for this week’s update”. Seriously, we looked. It would have been really convoluted, like an inverted 4G dive with a MiG28 Snarbolax.


Spiral Knights: In-Development Preview

Spiral Knights

(please note: none of the images featured here represent new content … we will post preview images whenever we have them!)

Attention, Knights!

Following some expansive changes to Spiral Knights, you may be wondering what the future holds … well, here’s a sneak preview at what’s in the pipeline for the planet of Cradle!

One of the things you’ll be seeing more of: advanced missions that help deepen and expand the story of the Clockworks, building out content to go along with deepened game lore.

Here’s a peek at what’s currently in development!

Arcade Redux

Originally designed as one of the main hubs of activity for Spiral Knights, the Arcade has become somewhat redundant, replaced in large part by the Ready Room. Now something of a dumping ground only for excess minerals following the Battle Sprite update, the Arcade has become not unlike the arcades of the 1980s: tragically empty lacking in purose.

Over several patches, we hope to change all this! Here’s some of what you can look forward to:

  • A sandbox-type experience: expect the unexpected! Or don’t, for obvious reasons.
  • A place where players can farm materials and items in-between missions
  • A feature that gives players some degree of control over the Arcade experience…

For now, you’ll have to make do with scant details … we are looking forward to filling you in with more info, though!

Rank Mission Campaign Updates

The Rank Mission campaign is going to be receiving an update that continues the story of the Artifact … and introduces a new primary antagonist for the Spiral Knights! The framework for this story will allow us to further expand Rank Missions post-Vanguard level.

Spiral Knights

New Tier 3 Boss

A new mission arc will be incorporated following the events of the Firestorm Citadel that will include a new boss monster for players to challenge!

Challenge Mode

Over the past few months we’ve built new features into Spiral Knights to expand the way you can play, particularly the Dash & Bash abilities and, of course, Battle Sprites. Now that your repertoire has been expanded, how about a new challenge to fit your new skills?

In addition to the exciting features we have planned for the Arcade and Rank Missions, we’re busy working on an all-new challenge mode that will allow players to work as a team in cooperative scenarios and compete with other teams for a high score, along with rewards for those who truly excel.

Spiral Knights

This isn’t all that we have in store for you, it’s just all we can talk about right now. Many more exciting features are on the way! Keep an eye out here on the Spiral Knights forums for details on the above projects, and more.

So as always, thanks for playing Spiral Knights!


Spiral Knights: Gourmet Prize Boxes & Battle Sprite Sale

Attention, Knights!

This week on Cradle: We have a sort-of-bake-sale and a definite battle sprite sale! Read on to find out more.

Gourmet Prize Boxes

Spiral Knights

Biscotti – beloved baker, celebrated chef, occasional infuser of dark matter with delicious cakes — has assembled a number of fabulous prize boxes! Almost certainly not containing any volatile monsters, these extra packages have been passed on to you, the knight-consumers of Cradle!

That is to say: Gourmet Prize Boxes are available in the Supply Depot, through September 8th! Each guaranteed to contain a chef-themed item as you play culinary master to the clockworks.
Plus: Each box contains additional items, including sprite food, confetti, and a chance to win Krogmo Coin Boosters, Heat Amplifiers, and Weapon and Trinket Slot Upgrades!

For a full list of available prizes and other more detailed info, the official rules can be found here.

Battle Sprite Sale

Spiral Knights

Owing to the recent reactivation and liberation of hordes of battle sprites, Knights everywhere now have faithful companions to train and take with them to battle.

After completing a series of missions and picking your companion, you can now complete your collection of Battle Sprites via the Supply Depot! Through September 8th, 2013, all battle sprites purchased from the Supply Depot will be sold at a 10% discount.

Yes: Starter Battle Sprites are now available in adorable pods, the preferred mode of transport for your tiny metal friend. Upon emerging, they will bond with the first Knight they see (read: the one who uses the pod), like some kind of adorable tiny metal duckling, if ducks also could shoot death rays and healing energy whatnots.

You can now complete your collection of battle sprites through the Supply Depot! Starter battle sprites can now be acquired in delightfully cute pods that are unbound upon purchase. Once released from their cozy, kennel-like pod, the battle sprite will bond with the first knight that it sees. (Specifically, the knight that opened the pod!)

Through September 8th, 2013, all battle sprites purchased from the Supply Depot will be sold at a 10% discount.

For the official release notes please check:


Spiral Knights: Kataclysmic Confrontation

Spiral Knights

Attention, Knights!

Moorcroft? Moor-cats is moor-like it.

More. Cats.

Yes, as these painful puns signify, it is the return of the Kataclysmic Confrontation event! As fancy zoologists will tell you, nary a magical grimoire gets written that is not hungered after by insatiable feline monsters – now, the Knights of Cradle must once again rally against the hordes! The hordes of book-eating magical kitty kats.

Also: Moorcroft Prize Boxes!

Event Overview

Kataclysmic Confrontation is an event that will run for a limited time, but will return again in the future! Meow! Books!

The goal of the event is to collect Ancient Page tokens for all-new kat gear in Moorcroft Manor. If you have participated in a previous Kataclysmic Confrontation and still have Ancient Page tokens, guess what! Those are still valid – because ancient arcane knowledge never goes out of style.
Black kats are monsters that focus on powerful curse attacks. They can randomly be found in place of any spookat-type monster in any Tier 2 and Tier 3 level level of the Clockworks (Missions and Arcade Gates). Black kats often, but no always, drop Ancient Page tokens (1 token in Tier 2, 3 tokens in Tier 3). Specifically, any ‘guaranteed encounters’ of black kats in a mission do not drop page tokens, though the mission guarantees them as rewards (once a day).

Ancient Page Tokens do not expire. Acquiring all the Kat gear will likely take multiple events.

Other things to know:

  • The event is available for knights rank 4-1 and up.
  • Event is scheduled to run until August 28th

Spiral Knights

Moorcroft Prize Box

After another surprise black kat attack, the ghostly occupants of Moorcroft Manor are exploring ways to fund a restoration effort for their damaged Archives. The denizens of Moorcroft Manor have reached out to those in charge of the Haven Treasury in order to sell their spectral wares and eerie accoutrements directly to knights who are looking to give their Guild Halls a bit of otherworldly character!

*From now until 12:00 PM PDT on August 28th, 2013, exclusive Moorcroft Prize Boxes will be available for purchase directly from the Supply Depot!*

Each Moorcroft Prize Box has a special prize inside. Possible prizes include wide array of ornate, Victorian-style furnishings, such as the velvet covered Antique Benches, faintly glowing Gaslamps as well as spooky Moorcroft items like the Skull Piles. Not only that, but a lucky few players may find the very rare Cursed and Mystical Tome Stands, a Curious Mewkat, or even a Zombie Bellhop to wander around your Guild Hall! Each box also has a chance to contain a piece of bonus equipment, such as a Slot Upgrades or a Heat Amplifier.

Remember: Moorcroft Prize Boxes require no key to open, and all items found inside a Moorcroft Prize Box are unbound, so share with your friends!

** For additional info on prizes and details on this event, please see the official release page: **


Spiral Knights: Free Companion Prize Boxes!

Spiral Knights

Attention, Knights!

In case you haven’t seen, there have been some major, exciting changes recently to Spiral Knights. To help celebrate, we’re giving away Companion Prize boxes … FREE, to every Knight, just for logging in!

In addition to the giveaway the Haven Treasury is also holding a weekend sale. Here’s the scoop:

From now until 12:00 PM PDT on August 14th, 2013, we’re giving away free Companion Prize Boxes to every knight each day just for logging in!

Each Companion Prize Box contains special sprite food for your new battle sprite, Sparks of Life, and a bonus chance for rarities! Items found inside Companion Prize Boxes are based on your knight rank. Companion Prize Boxes are delivered bound.

Supply Depot Sale

During the promotional period, the Supply Depot will have select items on sale as well as special items available for a limited time.

Sale Items:

– All Evo Catalysts
– Reset Star
– All Orbs of Alchemy
– Shadow Key
– All Heat Amplifiers

Limited Time Offers:

– Prismatic Dragon Wings
– Volcanic Dragon Wings
– Prismatic Valkyrie Wings
– Divine Valkyrie Wings
– Ghostly Aura
– Haunted Aura
– Divine Halo
– Prismatic Halo
– Divine Cat Tail
– Prismatic Cat Tail


Spiral Knights: Battle Sprites and Energy Overhaul

Spiral Knights

Hail, Knights!

Some major changes are now live for Spiral Knights — including some long-awaited features and some big-time changes to how you play the game itself! Let’s go ahead and get to the low-down.

Battle Sprites

A new companion joins the fray – the customizable, feedable, adorable, upgradable weaponized battle-bots arrive! We’ve previewed them before, and now you can obtain your own Battle Sprite via a new series of rank 2 missions upon reaching Haven.

Additional Battle Sprite Info:

  • Battle sprites acquire perks at most levels. Perks are selected randomly.
  • Battle sprites can continue to acquire perks after reaching level 100.
  • Battle sprite skill points and ultimate skill choice can be reset with an item called a ‘Reset Star.’ Reset Stars are sold in the Supply Depot. When using a Reset Star, a sprite’s level is retained.

Spiral Knights

Energy System Overhaul

We’ve taken a long look at the energy system, and made some major changes. The basics: Elevators will no longer require energy, enabling you to explore the clockworks to your heart’s content! Players are being compensated for existing elevator passes, as well as Mist Energy tanks, which are also being removed.

There’s more but we don’t have room to list it all here – please see the official patch notes for details:

Spiral Knights

Difficulty Modes

Customize the way you play! Find a mode that’s right for you:

  • Normal mode: A bit easier than the current mode; intended as an introduction. Lower droprates and crown payouts.
  • Advanced Mode: For players experienced with Spiral Knights – comparable in difficulty & rewards to previous Spiral Knights.
  • Elite Mode: Big money, big prizes – big danger! If you’re ready for the next level of Spiral Knights, then the Clockworks are waiting…

New Revive System

What’s that, you say? Energy was the means by which you kept your Knightly selves alive? Hold on, one moment! We totally didn’t forget about this.


There we go!

– All knights now have an Emergency Revive mechanism built into their armor that will revive them shortly after falling in combat once per floor. An ER only restores all the red health pips you have, but no more.
– If a knight is brought to an elevator dead, their ER will be instantly used at the start of the next floor.
– After falling in combat without an ER, the primary means of reviving is no longer energy. Players must use a ‘Spark of Life’ in order to revive in the Clockworks.
– Sparks of Life can be earned via missions, found in treasure blocks or purchased in bulk at a discount price in the Supply Depot. Sparks of Life cannot be purchased from the Supply Depot while in the Clockworks.
– If dead without a ER or Spark of Life, a Spark of Life can be activated for 50 energy. This price never escalates.
– Removed the ability to revive by sharing health as well as any heat sharing from reviving.
– The old ‘Spark of Life’ crafting material has been renamed to ‘Storm Chaser’, because of reasons.

Spiral Knights

Additional Changes

There’s too much in this update to list here: Please see the official release notes for a complete list of item changes and updates, including new materials, UI changes, alchemy and forge changes, general changes not covered above, and more!

Spiral Knights

More Surprises Ahead…

We look forward to seeing you raise your new battle sprites into powerful combat allies, forge powerful items and explore the Clockworks to your heart’s content.

But this is only the beginning! There’s new challenges ahead, as we move on into the mystery of the Clockworks itself …


Spiral Knights: Dash and Bash!

Spiral Knights

Attention, Knights!

Announcing two new powerful abilities to add to your arsenal – Dash & Bash! To celebrate, we also have a prize box promo with select energy sales … read on for more info!

Venturing into the Clockworks has always required mastery of the martial skills central to Knighthood: stab your enemies with swords! Bomb them into component pieces and extract the loot-y bits inside! Riddle them with lasers! And also block their attacks!

Perhaps a certain dynamism was lacking, though: Spiral HQ has implemented an additional training regimen: henceforth, all Knights will be able to utilize the powerful Shield Bash move, and become masters of evasion with the speedy Dash dodge!

Both new abilities have default mappings in each control scheme, or can be set via custom controls. Read on for the official training manual!


Spiral Knights

Executing a Dash move will provide you with both a burst of speed and limited invulnerability: this will allow Knights to evade enemy attacks along with traps and hazards. The move has a cooldown period, with a graphical timer just above the quickslot bar.

When used, a Knight dashes in the direction they are currently moving, or if standing still, the direction they are facing.


Spiral Knights

Bash – or more accurately, Shield Bash – is used to charge one or more enemies. It causes a small amount of damage and, more importantly, knocks them back and stuns them for a limited amount of time. To use Shield Bash, you need a shield at full power (so the move cannot be performed after absorbing attacks). Additionally, you will need to tactically deploy you bashing, as using the move drains some of the shield’s power. A shield bash will always be executed in the direction a Knight is facing.

Thunder(bolts) and Lightning: Very Very Frighting

From now until June 2nd, 2013, we’re giving away free stormy Prize Boxes with select energy purchases!

Each Stormy Box is available with select energy purchases in game. Possible prizes include unique Storm Helmets and Eyes of Fury along with a rare chance at Wings of Fury!

Each box also has a chance to contain a bonus item, such as a Slot Upgrades or a Heat Amplifier.

Remember: Prize Boxes require no key to open, and all items found inside a Stormy Prize Box are unbound!

Additional Notes

Coliseum: With the new moves available, we also have some additions to the Player v. Player arenas:

  • The Recon Cloak can now take multiple hits before breaking, much like the Guardian and Striker class abilities.
  • Dash can be used in Lockdown, but not in Blast Network.
  • Shield Bash cannot be used in either Lockdown or Blast Network.

Other Changes:

  • Item pills and icons have been updated with more detail!
  • The weapon selector wheel can now be disabled in Preferences.
  • Modifier keys can now be bound to keyboard, mouse, or gamepads. These can used as regular buttons.
  • Updated/changed various minimap icons for vendors.

For more info on prizes, items, and odds, and additional notes on this week’s update, click here to visit the Spiral Knights official site.


Spiral Knights: New Monster Type

Spiral Knights

Attention, Knights! We have an update today for Spiral Knights – including a new monster type, a promotion for a previous monster, and some updates to how control schemes are selected and used in-game!

Job Opening: Devilite Workforce Minion

Are you looking for an entry-level position in the exciting field of minion-ry? Does the idea of low pay, long hours, and high risk of being hacked to ribbons by industrious Knights sound like a great career path? If you’re willing to have your body transformed into a grotesque blob while staring hungrily from behind your one bulbous eye, and enjoy screaming in what we assume is either terror or rage at all who approach you then we apologize but the position has been filled.

We are, however, still looking for qualified Knights to come and do battle with the aforementioned miseries.

Introducing the Gorgos – the underworld workforce of the Clockworks has filled its need for cheap low-level labor by demoting their worst & dumbest upper management Devilites. You can find Gorgos alongside their Devilite bosses in any fiendish encounter within the Clockworks, and they come in the following flavors, which is just a metaphor, please do not actually attempt to lick or ingest Gorgos:

+Gorgo (aka, the plain / vanilla variety)
+Storm Belly

Spiral Knights

Fiends, Schemes, and Fixing Steam Things

Great Griefing Greavers

Reports from the Clockworks indicate the pesky fluttering fliers, Grievers, have leveled up! In a game without character levels this should not be possible, but that’s why they’re the bad guys: they don’t play by the rules.

To wit: Greavers are now classified as Elite monsters, much like Mecha Knights or Gremlin Twhackers.

Control Schemes

We’ve added a new way to set your controls in the options menu!
For new players, the option to choose a control scheme will appear after creating your character! For existing players installing the game on a new machine or for those who have never changed their controls, the option to choose controls will appear just after logging in.

If you’d like to change your controls at any time, you’ll find the new options under “Controls” in the options menu! Please note: choosing a new default control scheme will override any customized controls.

You can still customize your controls with the Custom Scheme option, as well – please note if you have any initial trouble with your configuration, you can just set it how you need this way, as well.

Bug fix!

The Steam mic icon no longer overlaps Party leader icon. Huzzah for icon elbow room!


Spiral Knights: The Compounds and Mini-Monsters

Spiral Knights

New this week for Spiral Knights: A new set of levels to explore and a new class of monsters to fight!

You Shall Call Them Mini-Monsters

Knights like swarms of things, right?

Much like mini-cupcakes are relatively harmless on their own but incredibly damaging in large numbers, Mini-Monsters – “Minis” for short – now roam the Clockworks! Most Knights will be able to deal with these wee beasts easily enough one at a time … but beware of swarms!

Mini monsters include:

  • Dust Bunnies: These beast-family minis are a hopping mad mess of fangs and fur. They are always hungry.
  • Glop Drops: The newest member of the slime family will slowly ooze their way toward their prey as a nasty blanket of spikes.
  • Grave scarabs: These undead insects are always on the lookout for fresh corpses. Their limited flight signals their attacks.

Minis will appear in select levels of the Clockworks and will eventually find their way into many more levels in future updates…

New Level Series: The Compounds

Spiral Knights

Deep in the Clockworks, Knights have forged into a new and dangerous area: The Compounds are the remains of some unknown and mysterious facility. Home to more intelligent monsters who have been harvesting the area’s resources, perhaps even working to power up the derelict machinery … while just outside the Compounds, hordes of mini-monsters await to swarm unwary Knights!

-Compounds are unique levels in that they will combine two monster families, and will only appear on Tier 2 and 3 of the Clockworks.
-Currently, Compounds levels will only appear in the Arcade but will be added to some missions in future updates.
-Please note, in order for the new Compound levels to populate the Arcade gates, it was necessary to shuffle current gates. We apologize for the inconvenience!


– Rockets will no longer sneak behind barriers in the Firestorm Citadel
– Fixed going ‘Back to Haven’ in Guild Halls

Please see for full patch notes and details.