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Super SEGA Deals on the Steam Summer Sale!

SEGA Steam Sale

It is that time of year, where the desert heat beats down on gamers everywhere, driving them mad — mad for summer savings, which is a serious disease that we take very seriously, and you shouldn’t joke about it.

And this is indeed no joke: For the duration of the Steam Sale all SEGA titles — excluding Call of Heroes 2 and pre-orders of Rome II — are 50% off!

Seriously though I love the Steam sales, I think I bought another 10 things just while typing this, and in addition to the 50% off you can look forward to Flash Sales and more on SEGA games: we’ll be posting on Facebook and Twitter as soon as they’re live, so stay tuned!

Here’s some of what’s on sale — browse at your leisure and stay tuned!

SEGA titles on Steam

Sonic the Hedgehog (Steam)

All SEGA published/developed titles: All of them. All of them! From Alex Kidd to Wonder Boy, from Condemned: Bloodshot to Ristar, from Total War to Bass Fishing.


All the SEGA.

Sonic Hits Collection

Sonic Franchise (Steam)

All of the Sonic: Sonic? Sonic. Sonic Sonic Sonic. Sonic!

Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic CD, Sonic Generations, Sonic Spinball, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I & II. Sonic the Hedgehog.

You may also like… Dreamcast Classics: They’ve got the Dreamcast on computers these days! That’s just crazy. Crazy Taxi that is. Also: Sonic Adventure! Space Channel 5 pt. 2! Fish!!!

And if you like that era of SEGA, you might like: Jet Set Radio and the inimitable NiGHTS into Dreams — two games with art & play styles that to this day look and feel like nothing else.

Dreamcast Collection (Steam)


Genesis Classics

SEGA Genesis Collection (Steam)

Genesis Classics: Look. This is my childhood and adolescence. It’s here. This is me, right here. I once spent $72 for the cartridge of Shining Force II, and you can have it for $1.49. Streets of Rage II is worth purchasing for the soundtrack alone. I don’t know what to tell you. This is me.

The only thing not in this collection is the Genesis Classics Pack V, which notably includes Phantasy Star I – IV. Phantasy Star IV in particular is one of the very best 8 or 16 bit RPG games, and still immensely fun. And plus PSIV by itself is $1.49 and if you want to prove me wrong then the cost of playing it and doing so is now set at $1.49. That’s a pretty great price to call me a liar.

Total War

Total War Grand Master Collection (Steam)

Total War Grand Master Collection: Look at all the Total War! Just look at it! Do you have any idea how many hours of incredibly detailed tactical strategy are in this collection?

Okay wait, more than just hyperbole, you know what’s really neat here? Shogun II is integrated with the Steam Workshop, so you can easily add and remove player-made content to the game. If you are a fan of the Total War series then you know player-created mods have always been one of the coolest things about the games, and the mods and the games themselves have grown up together. I love the Steam Workshop, and seeing it integrated with Shogun II is particularly awesome.

It’s SEGA Steam Summer Sale savings: because alliteration this good only happens once a year.


Spiral Knights: New Monster Type

Spiral Knights

Attention, Knights! We have an update today for Spiral Knights – including a new monster type, a promotion for a previous monster, and some updates to how control schemes are selected and used in-game!

Job Opening: Devilite Workforce Minion

Are you looking for an entry-level position in the exciting field of minion-ry? Does the idea of low pay, long hours, and high risk of being hacked to ribbons by industrious Knights sound like a great career path? If you’re willing to have your body transformed into a grotesque blob while staring hungrily from behind your one bulbous eye, and enjoy screaming in what we assume is either terror or rage at all who approach you then we apologize but the position has been filled.

We are, however, still looking for qualified Knights to come and do battle with the aforementioned miseries.

Introducing the Gorgos – the underworld workforce of the Clockworks has filled its need for cheap low-level labor by demoting their worst & dumbest upper management Devilites. You can find Gorgos alongside their Devilite bosses in any fiendish encounter within the Clockworks, and they come in the following flavors, which is just a metaphor, please do not actually attempt to lick or ingest Gorgos:

+Gorgo (aka, the plain / vanilla variety)
+Storm Belly

Spiral Knights

Fiends, Schemes, and Fixing Steam Things

Great Griefing Greavers

Reports from the Clockworks indicate the pesky fluttering fliers, Grievers, have leveled up! In a game without character levels this should not be possible, but that’s why they’re the bad guys: they don’t play by the rules.

To wit: Greavers are now classified as Elite monsters, much like Mecha Knights or Gremlin Twhackers.

Control Schemes

We’ve added a new way to set your controls in the options menu!
For new players, the option to choose a control scheme will appear after creating your character! For existing players installing the game on a new machine or for those who have never changed their controls, the option to choose controls will appear just after logging in.

If you’d like to change your controls at any time, you’ll find the new options under “Controls” in the options menu! Please note: choosing a new default control scheme will override any customized controls.

You can still customize your controls with the Custom Scheme option, as well – please note if you have any initial trouble with your configuration, you can just set it how you need this way, as well.

Bug fix!

The Steam mic icon no longer overlaps Party leader icon. Huzzah for icon elbow room!


NiGHTS into Steam

NiGHTS into Dreams...

Our favorite loop-the-looping purple guy flies his way — today, now! — onto PC Digital Download via Steam!

You can go right now to check out the game’s download page:

The digital download of NiGHTS into Dreams has enhanced HD graphics and widescreen capability, along with online leaderboards — there’s also an option to play the game in its original SEGA Saturn form!

And, as it is a glorious conjunction of reason and season, we are please to remind you that NiGHTS comes equipped with the “Christmas NiGHTS” playable content featured from the classic bonus content bundled with yuletide Saturns of yore.

A merry Christmas to all, and to all a good …NiGHTS!

NiGHTS into dreams...


Viking: Battle for Asgard – Now Available for Steam

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Steam is Total War, Day IV: Shogun 2 and Fall of the Samurai

Total War Weekend

It’s Sunday — day four of the Total War weekend invasion of Steam. Two more games are up for the Daily Deal, and we’re featuring more Spiral Knights and Team Fortress 2 items.

Total Recap

The short version of what’s going on: the Total War series is on sale all weekend, including the Total War Master Collection on sale for 75% off. Each game featured will also automatically grant players access to free items in both Valve’s incomparable Team Fortress 2 and SEGA and Three Ring’s own Spiral Knights.

Steam Daily Deals

All Samurai all the time: Total War: Shogun 2 and the stand-alone expansion Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai are 75% off!

Total War: Shogun 2: Take on the role of one Daimyo, the clan leader, and use military engagements, economics and diplomacy to achieve the ultimate goal: re-unite Japan under his supreme command and become the new Shogun – the undisputed ruler of a pacified nation.

Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai: The standalone expansion to the award-winning Total War™: SHOGUN 2 explores the conflict between the Imperial throne and the last Shogunate in 19th century Japan, 400 years after the events of the original game. A dramatic clash of traditional Samurai culture with the explosive power of modern weaponry.

Featured: Spiral Knights and Team Fortress 2 Items


Owners of Total War: Shogun 2 or Fall of the Samurai will also receive the Shogun Veil in Team Fortress 2 and the Shogun Helmet in Spiral Knights.

The rest of the featured Team Fortress 2 and Spiral Knights items featured this weekend are still available, as well.



Tune in each day until October 1st for additional deals!

Once again: Special thanks to Steam community members [WDZ] The Ronin,BANG!, and Svdl for making this possible with their awesome collaborative work designing these Team Fortress 2 items and helping with the promotional artwork.


Steam is Total War, Day III: Go Battles or Go Medieval

Total War Weekend

Total War’s weekend invasion of Steam picks up full steam power! Today, that means two more games on tap for the Daily Deal, and more Spiral Knights and Team Fortress 2 items to feature.

Total Recap

The short version of what’s going on: the Total War series is on sale all weekend, including the Total War Master Collection on sale for 75% off. Each game featured will also automatically grant players access to free items in both Valve’s incomparable Team Fortress 2 and SEGA and Three Ring’s own Spiral Knights.

You can gain access to the items any time during the weekend and with any game you buy (or if you already own them). And! If you should purchase the aforementioned Master Collection, you also get a unique weapon for the Heavy class in Team Fortress.

Steam Daily Deals

Total War Battles: SHOGUN and Medieval II: Total War are both on sale today — 50% off for Battles, and 75% off for Medieval II.

Medieval II is the 2006 strategy game featuring 21 factions across a startlingly detailed 11th – 16th century Europe. Battles: SHOGUN mixes accessible combat style with depth of tactics for a unique Total War experience.

Featured: Spiral Knights Accessory

Spiral Knights

From Heavenly wings and Stygian spikes to heavily armored cats and rabbits, the Knights of Haven have long strutted their stuff through the Clockworks in style. But sometimes, a Knight’s just got to be a Knight. Go old school with this crusader-inspired armored look for your headgear.

The Medieval War Helm is available with either Total War Battles: SHOGUN or Medieval II: Total War.

Featured: Team Fortress 2 Item

Total War and Team Fortress 2

(editor’s note: please read the following in a psychotic Scottish accent for greatest accuracy)

Demoman’s Journal

There I was, holed up in the shelled and bullet-pocked remains of some backwater 2Fort. Blistered fingers from detonating remote sticky bombs were the least of my troubles. I’d been raining explosive death into every nook and cranny for a fortnight with nary dent made in the lot of ’em when I realized, for once in my life, the answer wasn’t more explosives. I shook off this momentary yet severe existential crisis and realized that to blow them up, I first had to show them up. That’s when I reached for my King of Scotland Cape and Crown, available with any purchase of Total War Battles: SHOGUN or Medieval II: Total War. One size fits all Demomen.


Tune in each day until October 1st for additional deals!

Once again: Special thanks to Steam community members [WDZ] The Ronin,BANG!, and Svdl for making this possible with their awesome collaborative work designing these Team Fortress 2 items and helping with the promotional artwork.


Steam is Total War, Day II: Steam Workshop and Daily Deals

Total War’s weekend invasion of Steam continues! In addition to the Total War Master Collection on sale for 75% off, we have additional Team Fortress 2 and Spiral Knights items to highlight … and some awesome news for fans of Total War mods!

Total War: Shogun 2 on Steam Workshop

Total War: Shogun 2 Final Logo

One of the lasting features most-loved by our Total War community has always been the ability to mod the game and create scenarios, tweak historical accuracy, and create wholly alternate ways to play. Now, the ability to share and manage mods for Shogun 2 is available on Steam’s Workshop!

The Steam Workshop is a recently introduced feature allowing Steam community members to upload and organize mods for a wide variety of games — Total War’s long history of community support made it a natural addition and we are proud to have it there!

Daily Deals: Empire & Napoleon 75% Off

Right now, both Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War are 75% off!

Empire was a technological leap forward for a series that has always combined deep tactical gameplay with breathtaking technical depth, particularly on the real-time strategy battlefields. Napoleon helped refine these ideas and allows the player to put themselves into the Napoleonic Wars that tore Europe apart in the 19th century.

Keep checking back through the weekend, there’s more Daily Deals on the way.

Featured Spiral Knights Accessory: Tricorne Hat


Whenever you buy any of the Total War games featured on Steam, you’ll get a corresponding accessory item for Spiral Knights. Today’s featured item — buy either Empire: Total War or Napoleon: Total War and get the ever so dashing tricorne hat!

This hat might as well be made of Blue Velvet because it is seriously suave. According to Wikipedia, the tricorne hat fell from its peak popularity around the year 1800, but that is bogus, because at no time is this thing not dashing. Just look at it!

Featured Team Fortress 2 Items: Distinguished Ascot / Sniper Shako

Total War - Team Fortress 2 Promo Items

Speaking of suave and distinguished, if you are one of the high society types of 18th or 19th century empire-making nations, why not also accentuate your favorite wild and crazy class-based shooter with a little haute couture neck warmer? Keep your physician in fashion and you spy supplied — in the latest style, so long as that style is this fancy neckwear. That is to say: if you buy (or happen to already own on Steam) Empire: Total War, you will receive the “Distinguished Ascot” or “Foppish Physician” accessory, usable for both the Spy and Medic classes.

Those who purchase (or already own) Napoleon: Total War, meanwhile, will arm their snipers with a jaunty stovepipe shako. If you like to put stylish things on your head and then shoot people who never even see you, this is absolutely an accessory you might want to consider acquiring.

Click here to see the items featured yesterday — they are available all weekend! Tune in each day until October 1st for additional deals.

Once again: Special thanks to Steam community members [WDZ] The Ronin,BANG!, and Svdl for making this possible with their awesome collaborative work designing these Team Fortress 2 items and helping with the promotional artwork.


This Weekend Total War Comes to Steam

This weekend the Total War series invades Steam! This includes Daily Deals as well as the entire Total War pack on sale until October 1st. But wait, there’s more!

In partnership with Valve’s own Team Fortress 2 and our own Spiral Knights, we are also supplying you with hats and accessories all weekend, to celebrate the games of the Total War franchise!

Spiral Knights - Total War Promo

Here’s what’s on deck for the first day of the Total War sale invasion:

Total War Master Collection

The entire Total War collection on Steam includes seven Total War games and all promotional items for Spiral Knights and Team Fortress 2. This includes the unique weapon for Team Fortress 2’s Soldier class, THE FREEDOM STAFF. It is in all caps like that because FREEDOM should always be all caps. The staff is solid gold and has an eagle on it, because that is what FREEDOM looks like when you bludgeon someone with it.




Steam Daily Deal

Rome: Total War Gold is on sale for 90% Off! Get the epic game voted Best Strategy Game in 2004 by IGN, GameSpy, and Gamespot. 90% off means it can be yours for next to nothing. This is the “Gold Edition” of the game, meaning it includes the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack.

Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights

Behold, the Golden Laurel accessory! Like the Caesars of yore, cross the Rubicon and into the Clockworks in style with olive branches adorning your Knightly brow. Olive branches of solid gold, that is; regular olive branches are for chumps. Equip it in your accessory slot in Spiral Knights and show those plebeians who’s boss!

Team Fortress 2

Total War TF2 Hat

For the Heavy class, the growling animal ferocity of ferocious animal growlingness: the K-9 Mane! Nothing says heavy weapons obliteration like wearing a helmet taken from nature’s own damage dealing class, the wolf. While technically part of the Warpath campaign from Empire: Total War, we are giving away this item as part of Rome’s daily deal; it is the sort of thing a Barbarian Invasion might have, and anyway, are you going to argue with an enormous man wearing a wolf hat?

How Do I Get These Things?

To get these things you simply need to own Rome: Total War; that will give you access to both the Team Fortress 2 hat and the Spiral Knights accessory. THE FREEDOM STAFF is available only with the Master Collection.

Stay tuned – there’s more on the way each day for Total War!

Last thing: Special thanks to Steam community members [WDZ] The Ronin, BANG!, and Svdl for making this possible with their awesome collaborative work designing these Team Fortress 2 items and helping with the promotional artwork.